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Why is football the most popular sports؟

Idk what your talking about, but SOCCER makes me fall asleep.

God Damn.. Again..

God Damn.. Again..


I don't know if you're trolling or not, but I'll just assume you're not.

You do realize, we used the term "football" in American football, LONG before we knew anything about Association football (soccer).
Football is a general term for a sport that is played on foot with 2 targeted goals on each end of the field.
Depending on your culture, you can call it football, but it won't be the same name elsewhere.
Gaelic football, American football, Rugby football, Association football, Canadian football, Australian football.
So, whether you like it or not, it will forever be called "football" in the the US in terms of American football.
While the term "football" is already used, we can't call the sport Association football the same thing, so we have a solution,
soccer was first appeared in the British Oxford dictionary as an abbreviation for "association" related to Association football.
So, we and other countries like Canada, Austalia, all call Association football "soccer".

Hope you learned something today, it's great to have a new education sports.
I can go into further details if you would like.

-Two teams of usually between 11 and 18 players; some variations that have fewer players (five or more per team) are also popular.
-A clearly defined area in which to play the game.
-Scoring goals or points, by moving the ball to an opposing team's end of the field and either into a goal area, or over a line.
-Goals or points resulting from players putting the ball between two goalposts.
-The goal or line being defended by the opposing team.
-Players being required to move the ball—depending on the code—by kicking, carrying, or hand-passing the ball.
-Players using only their body to move the ball.

All of these rules apply, they can call it football, depending on their culture.
In the US, American football was called football because it was the first sport in the US to follow these rules.
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Chill, Everyone knows that America has trolled Europe in the matter of "Football"

America: Europe plays "Football" with their foot, We'll play it with our hands! ::coolface::
*Meanwhile in Europe*
Europe: Americans are playing "Football" with their HANDS!!!! HOW CAN THEY CALL IT FOOTBALL IF THEY USE THEIR HANDS!?!?!?!::rageface::
America: ::coolface:: UMAD BRO?

We are having a meaningless discussion about "Football".
Chill, Everyone knows that America has trolled Europe in the matter of "Football"

We are having a meaningless discussion about "Football".

To be honest, I have a real issue with those who do not accept the fact that "soccer" means 100% the same thing as association football.
OnTopic: Football is the most popular sport because it's easy to understand and fun to play/watch :)

Most stupid country Vote Poll:

59% (355) America
7% (47) France
0% (4) Japan
17% (104) Irac
5% (30) Canada
8% (52) China
If you find it boring to watch football, it's because you don't understand the beauty of the game.

Get a black and white ball, kick it around, block a goal with your face, causing 300 physical damage on your face, and you downgrade to level 7?

I don't really watch soccer, but I played fifa13, I'm complete shit at it so I assume that means that's why I don't like it. American Football isn't very exciting to me but I can get together with friends/family to watch football, if there are good teams playing.

I watch a lot of basketball, mainly because that sport is just more entertaining to me.

Btw, baseball is definitely the most boring sport I've ever seen. I would consider watching paint dry more entertaining.
Everybody have their own opinion.

Exactly, people grow up in different cultures.
I happen to grow up not being interested into soccer, but American football.

Speaking of American football, the cheapest Super Bowl tickets are now on sale for $2,000.