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Would you play an server 8.7 with old features like in 7.4 versions?

Would you play a 8.7 server with old 7.4 features? client with hotkeys or without them

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Mar 21, 2015
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Hello to everyone in the Otland Community

Im making this thread because i want to know if people would play or if people of this community would be interested in play an otserver with these characteristics.
The server would be based on the protocol 8.7. So it would includes addons, mounts and hotkeys (im thinking about the last point)
I know that im talking in a hypothetically. But in fact i have already started to work on this. Im taking care of any aesthics details and mechanical too.. what i mean with this , taking care of get every sign with it text on it, every lever,chest, actions, movements etc working. Also npcs, books, houses, quests , etc etc
i think i have 70- 75 % of the done

The old characteristics that this server will handle, would be:

-Old Npcs Talk Behavior
- Bring Me To Function On Boats
-No Pz Locked to travel between cities ( carpet and boats)
-Lure Monsters All Over The Map
-UH Trap
-Parcel Height Stack Block
-Open other's corpse monsters
-Old outfits would be included ofc
-Old Outfits 7.x
- im thinking in use or not Hotkeys
-maybe 7.4 old sprites too but im not sure about these because i get sick of those sprites XD let me know what you think about this too)

Newers features would be

-Mounts (for certain outfits, because old outfits doesn't handle mounts)
-Addons ( for certains outfits, because old outfits doesn't handle addons)
-Up To Date Map ( thais, venore, carlin, ab'dendriel, kazzordoon, edron, darashia, anrakhmun port hope, liberty bay,svargrond, yalahar , zao and like 5 custom cities )
  • im thinking in use or not Hotkeys
  • i will keep runes and potions stackables simce its a nice feature

PS : As i stated above i don't know i the server / client would handle hotkeys or not, what do you think about this?

PS2: if you know an old feature that i didn't menthiones let me know it, please

The server would be using otclient, latest otclient, tested its working pretty good with the latest fixes



Feb 17, 2018
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Yes, if on this server will be old spell cooldown and damage system.