WoW BFA - Guild for everyone in Stormscale Horde <Purrfect Cats>


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Jul 6, 2012
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Hello, I got a guild that is open to everyone if someone is interested, its pretty new and we need members :D , so i thought i would write about it here since this community should be pretty nice for it :).

<Purrfect Cats> of Stormscale - Horde are looking for players to join our community through Battle for Azeroth and beyond!
We will always look at all applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you are free to do nearly anything, then we encourage you to apply.

About us:
Formed 1 year ago, and now continued. We are one of the most open-minded guilds on Stormscale. We want to become one of the greatest guilds ever seen! And not only a guild but a family. Together we will stand as one!

What we offer you:
  • A guild where everyone are welcome regardless of age, sex, religion and anything else..
  • A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies.
  • A guild where everyone are as equals.
  • A guild that will do events, raiding, mythics, pvp , and even transmog and achievement runs!
  • A guild where you can have as many alt characters as you want since we even have specific alt ranks.
  • A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in and we will always try to help eachother.

What we want:
  • People looking to be part of a guild for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their WoW career here hopefully.
  • We want each and every one of our members to enjoy the time here with eachother. We will always aim to be the 'good guys' of the server.
  • English will be used in guild chat and on our discord server unless there is only people from one country online.
  • People that will speak up about any issue or questions they have :)

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message me.

We wish you the best in your guild search!

Shade ~

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Jan 9, 2015
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If BFA wasn't so boring right now I'd definitely join! Might make a comeback when 8.2 releases. :p