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    [BRAZIL] [Custom - 10x] Thoria PvP-RPG

    I'll surely give it a go now. Good luck!
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    Legends of AROS

    Lovely project, it seems like. The proposal looks awesome and different than the usual. Promising. I do wish to play it in the future! Don't give up, Skeleton!
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    Lua Equip item only if you have certain storage?

    Is there a possibility to equip an item only if you have a certain storage? Like, I wish to make a colar that regenerates mana only if you got a certain storage. How can I declare that in the item script? TFS 036 CryingDanmson
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    Lua Website stays online for small amount of time

    So, I'm using Gesior as my website. But I've got a very disturbing problem. When the site stays online for some minutes - maybe 15 minutes or something like that - then, when I clean my cache and try acessing it again, the loading time takes FOREVER. I mean, the site may load, but with a lot...
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    Lua Change minimum level to post in forum GESIOR ACC MANAGER

    Where do I change the minimum level to post in forum in gesior acc manager? I tried changing in config.php but its not working.
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    Lua Problem with storage and party

    Is there a way to make it not not to work when a player is too far distant of his party companion?
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    Lua Rope script help

    Hello! So, using this rope script right here I cant use the rope If I'm over the rope spot. Is there a way to make me use the rope spot while I'm over in the rope spot? local spotId = {384, 418, 8278, 8592} local holeId = { 294, 369, 370, 383, 392, 408, 409, 427, 428, 430, 462, 469...
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    Lua Problem with OTCLIENT Spr and Dat

    Translation: "It wasnt possible to load the file DAT/SPR, please add a valid archive in /things1074/Tibia" Do you guys know why is that? My OTclient is configured to use 8.60 version only, heres the script: Module name: te,eros_login description: TemerisSoft Gameserver Login author...
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    Windows Cant Open Ports

    Well I dont know what the hell I did, but its working now - not in those sites for port checking though. But the matter is that I was able to add my server in otservlist and a friend of mine connected. Andjelo, thank you! I tried everything. But reseting the modem, typing the IP instead of just...
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    Windows Cant Open Ports

    @Luka Trklja I did that: not working! What the hell is this... @Imfreezing Yes, I did it indeed. @andjelo96 it worked, but I'm not willing to pay for the software. There has to be a way. What in the world does this program do to open ports?!
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    Windows Cant Open Ports

    Thank you! Tried that, but the error still exists. :( EDit: I will do what Homeslice said. I'll let you guys know if it works. I tried! Not working too.
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    Windows Cant Open Ports

    Hello. I've trying to open ports so I can put my otserver online: but its not working. Heres my modem interface where I'm supposed to add the port: And here's "" to check the disponibility of the port: So I've activated the port but its not working. Does anybody has ever...
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    Lua Problem with storage and party

    Hey! Thank you so much, it works like a charm. Thanks! Script is perfect now!!
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    Lua Problem with storage and party

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    Lua Problem with storage and party

    Looks like there's a bug in this script where you have to kill 10 trolls. But theres a bug in the storages there. Let me explain. I was with the storage value in "18". My friend was with it in 19 (where you are supposed to start killing the trolls). I needed to talk with an NPC to receive...