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    [France] [Custom / 8.0] Kasteria | ELOTH TEAM | NEW ANTI-BOT CLIENT| 4 JUNE AT 18:00 CEST

    Great server. One question though, are there going to be any reset in the near future?
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    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    @coma XD nice post <thumbs up>
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    [France] [Custom / 8.0] Kasteria | ELOTH TEAM | NEW ANTI-BOT CLIENT| 4 JUNE AT 18:00 CEST

    The server itself is not that bad but after lvl 80 it's getting so boring and easy...... in my eyes this is server for noobs, no offence but this is how it is.
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    [USA][7.6][CUSTOM] Tenth-Planet Reborn

    what the %[email protected]# is this? exhausted delay its like 0.5 sec? this is a joke...
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    [Poland][Custom / 7.7] Zanera - New old school server start 18th of august, 14:00 CET

    Come on, I cant understand why no one playing good ots anymore. My eyes bleeds when I see otservlist full of orsh otservers filled with more players Those players who play orsh ots should play similar OTs to Zanera then instead of playing orsh servers
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    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    I do play here often.. but for me there is something wrong with this distro and something is missing... that's why I want to compare to it. I remember playing original RealOTS was a lot better than @e.e version
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    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    No need to release files or so… I would like to see a RealOTS online back again with his original state and base Please run it, I want to see how it's running compared to other server. I'd like to prove something to myself and to one other guy something...
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    [CA] [7.6] Eternus | High Rate | PVP | Open [28.08.2018][19:00 CET]

    Looking forward to it This looks very interesting on pictures but I hope gameplay will be even more interesting Everything depends on game mechanics and engine
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    [France] [7.4] Realesta RealMap Mid-rate START [14.09, Friday 18:00 CET] USA, BRA Proxy!

    Can't you all understand that Punio is better from some players and that everyone wants to hunt him down? Stop this jealousy for yourselves, suckers. It is a video game which should bring you a good chance to spend free time or competition, of course I can understand a frustration from crowd it...
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    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    Is there any Chance you could open server just for test phase or to see how the server is running comparing it to other?
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    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    I am extremely sorry but I have to write that. This server is not a reflection of realots server. It resembles some aspects but it is not a server on which I was given to play a few years back. It is such a pitty that there is no more server like RealOTS 2.0 or 3,5