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    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    Never used OTClient before. I can't get it to read my custom .dat/.spr - any ideas? I get the error "Only clients with 10.00 protocol allowed".
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    Voltage OT || Discussion Thread - BETA coming soon!

    Hey, thanks for the interest. I’m pretty busy with life atm, recently relocated cities and started a new job. This is more of a hobby for now so I don’t have a timeline. As a progress update, the server is pretty much done just needs some serious bug testing and a few loose ends tied. If you...
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    Change OTClient .dat/.spr

    Hi, I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the .dat/.spr codes for specific client versions in OTClient. I'm talking about these values: dat="44BA" spr="583D78E9" otb="57" If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
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    Team Team to do a BR server to beat aurera. Shivera. Etc.

    So basically you need everything? lol
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    Voltage OT || Discussion Thread - BETA coming soon!

    Appreciate your concern but all items in the shop are obtainable from doing dungeons ingame - and it's not going to be like a 0.00001% chance. As for the server - progress is slow now due to holidays and other interests. I can't give a definite release date but at some point you'll see it online :)
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    Programmer Offering programming job

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    Mapping services

    Done lots of maps for me, highly recommended
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    Webdesigner Looking for a Webdevelopement or WebDesign job [$5 /hr]

    Send me some too please
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    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    Im at work right now, I'll message you later
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    [CANADA] Niverus - Custom Evolution | 10.9+ | Low Rates | F2P & 4FUN OTS

    So in other words you want to defer players to your server? Your server sucks. This one is better :D
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    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    If you're making good money off donations you may be able to hire a spriter and make 7.7 style sprites. If you need money for hosting, I'm sure I can find you some scripting work.
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    Looking freelance job Scripter/Web Designer

    I have a website I need modified with new features and better design. Please PM with examples of work, I pay well.
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    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    7.7 and then start adding your own custom content. Custom sprites, maps, quests etc. I feel this is the best way to gain a popular older version.
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    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    Sounds like a good plan! If you need an investor for hosting, you know where to find me. I don't mind helping people out