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  1. Chriss

    [USA] [10.77] Call of Darkness - Starts 5/4/19

    Hello my name is GM Alucard and in previous years I have operated a hit OT server that some classic players may remember as Call of Darkness. If you are looking for a hardcore PVE with PVP than this is the server for you. Under active development, considering all player feedback. Hardcore...
  2. vakacjus

    vakacjus | Mapping Thread

    Hello Everyone! Starting my own showoff to get some second opinions on my progress. Mapping my own City. For now nothing big just a simplemapping thread. Everyone who's mapping knows that from opening RME to release a server is long and hard way ^^ maybe some day. Parts wont be fully detailed...
  3. robson746

    Some ideas ...

    Hello, I have some ideas to create a new server, but i don't know which I will make progress. If you liked any of these 2 types of servers, please give me your opinion. HighExp (10.99 - 11.00) PVP/WAR server, balanced custom EQ, pvp arena, pvm arena, custom quests and more. Ingame...
  4. N

    Boss Spawns

    Hello! I would like to change the spawn rate and time for all bosses. Also I would like them to stay until they are killed. Could somebody please help me with a script or something? I use this package https://otland.net/threads/10-77-tfs-1-2-orts-a-real-map-project.204514/ Thanks!
  5. O

    [Mexico][10.77] Huatson OT Norah map with 7 new vocations and 2 factions (like wow)

    -Vocations: Elementalist (mage), Necromancer (Mage), Priest (Mage), Archer(Paladin), Fighter (Knight), Tank (Knight), Assassin (Knight+Paladin) <<< high dmg low health almost like mages -Mid Rates -There are 7 vocations and each faction has an exclusive one. -The factions have almost free pvp...
  6. robson746

    Rookgaard Project [BETA]

    I'm developing a project with the Rookgaard map, on client version 10.77 ... The beta test is online, I ask everyone to come in and help test the server. Server running on IP rookgaard.otsoft.net. Client 10.77. Here you can download a 10.77 client, and Here an IPChanger. Below have a list of...
  7. Lundrial

    [10.77] "Custom" Map

    Well This is the map Im gonna use in my custom proyect atm, I'll probably add more things later but I think this is already good enough to release to public, I used the Halfard Shape and made the little starting city and used lots of other maps parts, It is a bit overloaded since I didn't want a...
  8. Apollos

    [10.77] Terramite Cave

    Enjoy! Size - 61kb Custom 2 Floor Terramite Spawn Version - 10.77 Map Dimension - 2048x2048 Download Link: MEGA Tips and feedback appreciated.
  9. Apollos

    [10.77] Yielothax Spawn

    A custom Yielothax spawn I made, no tower, cave only. Size - 54 kb Custom Yielothax Spawn Version 10.77 Map Dimension 2048 x 2048 Download link: MEGA Let me know what you think!
  10. Apollos

    [10.77] All-in-one Hub

    My creation of an all-in-one ship/depot/shop/trainers/teleports or simply the hub. Map Info: Size - 55 kb Custom All-in-one Hub Rathleton-ish Theme Version 10.77 Map Dimension 2048 x 2048 Download link: MEGA Enjoy!
  11. Apollos

    [10.77] Lockout

    My Halo inspired Lockout map. Map Information: Size - 106 kb Custom Lockout Arena Space Theme Version 10.77 Map Dimension 2048 x 2048 Nothing too fancy, just a map I made of a custom lockout, could be fun for arenas. You can either go through the teleport to jump across or you may walk off...
  12. Peonso

    [10.77] Map Draft

    10.77 Map Draft Trying to boost TFS 1.1 popularity I'm going to post a selection of maps I downloaded here and at some other opentibia communities, all converted to version 10.77. You can and should use Remere's Map Editor 3.0 to open and edit these maps. At first I will stick with maps that...
  13. Rydan

    [10.77] - Dawnport

    [10.77] - Dawnport Map Version: 10.77 Remere's Map Editor: v3.0 Dropbox mirror: [10.77] - Dawnport.rar
  14. U

    [10.77] TFS 1.1 - Cast System

    Downloads: TFS 1.1 (v 10.77) - Download | Projeto Executável 32 bits - Download | Scan Executável 64 bits - Download | Scan Cast System: Execute query in DB: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `live_casts` (`player_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `cast_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `password` boolean NOT NULL...
  15. Printer

    [10.77][TFS 1.2] ORTS, a real map project

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to release my server. Information: client version: 10.77 map version: 10.76 server emulator: forgottenserver 1.2 map: real map quests: annihilator, demon helmet, wrath of the emperor, the inquisition, what a foolish, the djinn war, the ancient tombs, pits of...