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  1. bolibompa

    [France] [7.4] [Inferna] [High EXP] [Custom RealMap] [PVP-Enforced] Start: 27-12-2022 18.00 CEST🎅

    Welcome, newcomers, Website--> https://inferna.online/ Inferna Online is the project that was started in the beginning of October 2020. From this date we focused to create a stable server without crashes, tests where people participated. The end, or rather said the new beginning, will have a...
  2. G

    OTClient Loading custom .dat file

    Hello. I'm trying to run 7.4 OTS with custom .dat file, and i get this error (from console): Failed to read dat '/things/740/Tibia.dat': corrupt data (id: 101, category: 0, count: 255, lastAttr: 38) Also, when I'm trying to connect to their server with classic .dat file from tibia 7.4 i get...
  3. Competitibia

    [Poland] [Custom/ 7.4] Azura Retro [Real-Map] [Long Term Sever] Starting 21/05/2021 18:00 CET

    Azura Retro Official Website 21/05/2021 What is Azura? Azura is a 7.4 World which is gonna expand itself with later versions of content added into 7.4 In Azura you will experience the gold era of tibia and 7.4 version all of systems are gonna be adjusted to behave just like real tibia. We do...
  4. piraten

    7.4/7.6 RealMap (not ready to run) (need edits before run) Happy New 2019

    Hello everyone and happy 2019 to everyone Today i want to share some files i bought from a guy some years ago remember this files are not 100% done and not ready to run you should take a look before planing to advertise the server. why do i share those files? i don't see the point of taking...
  5. xKrazyx

    [USA] Waropolis.online- 7.X PvPE Realmap - War Oriented Mid-Low Rate- April 7th, 2018 - Brazil World

    Introducing our new USA/Brazilian server. Waropolis.online Launch: April 7, 2018 >>World Information Here << Staff DOES NOT PLAY Only 2 original Admins this season. Listens to all criticism, positive or negative. THIS IS A PLAYERS SERVER You will NOT get banned for criticizing here. You...
  6. xKrazyx

    [France] Waropolis - 7.X PvP-E Realmap - HR - Relive glory - April 20th, 2018

    Waropolis RPG 7.4-7.72 Hybrid Real Map Launch: April 20th, 2018 Waropolis.net Waropolis.net 7.4-7.72 Real map Only a few custom quests exist. This is Retro Realmap, no revamped sprites! NORMAL CLIENT! NOT OTC Location:Germany Actively developed by old-school hobbyists since 2013. Leaked...
  7. xKrazyx

    7.X Waropolis.net PreAdvertisement Discussion Thread- Launch March 9, 2018

    I'm posting this here as it's not the 7 day max requirement for advertisement thread yet. Now's the time to discuss if you would like to see certain features/changes we can add for you all! Waropolis RPG 7.4-7.72 Hybrid Real Map Launch: 3/9/2018 Waropolis.net Waropolis.net 7.4-7.72 Real map...
  8. xKrazyx

    [USA] WaropolisRPG Real Map 7.4 - FREETOPLAY!! Good wars,Nonspoof, antibot,win$$, Good ping SA!

    Waropolis RPG 7.4 Real Map LAUNCH DATE: SEASON 1 BEGINS ON 1/1/2017 Waropolis.net 7.4 Real map Only a few custom quests exist. This is 7.4 Realmap! NORMAL CLIENT! NOT OTC Miami host.. Better ping than New York for South Americans. Activly developed by old school hobbyists since 2013. WE DO...