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  1. PuszekLDZ

    [Germany] [8.54] Felancors - Polish OTs

    We want to welcome You to Fleancors OTS - custom 8.54 server From today we will give You opportunity to play and test our server. Final start will be at 21.03.2020 - 16:00 CET Join our discord channel! https://discord.gg/qR7BvJR Server Info...
  2. M

    BUG RUNES otx2/v8.54

    When I go to use the rune it ends up using all of them.
  3. pawlo6540

    Make client for me

    Hello. I am currently playing on kasteria.pl and i saw a few people using elfbot 8.54. Can someone make me client that i can use with elfbot? Obviously i will pay for that :) PS: If you got any questions about this server, i will answer with pleasure ;D
  4. P

    TFS 0.X Proboscis Monkey NPC Bug.

    Hello again. Now i have problem. My npc is not Police Officer xd local npc = getNpcCid() doCreatureSay(npc, string.format("%s rolled a %d.", getCreatureName(npc), random_rollval), TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1, false, 0, dice_pos) Help :(
  5. losots

    [France][8.54] LoSots [START 15/06 18:00]

    Hey, we would like to introduce you to Legends of Shinobi - an Open Tibia Server based on popular anime series - Naruto. The server is build to present to you the unique climat of Naruto, while retaining core gameplay mechanics from Tibia. Official start: 15.06.18 18:00 (UTC+2) IP:Losots.pl...
  6. C

    [Poland] Dragon Ball Inferno (wodbo) 8.54 ENGINE

  7. Don Daniello

    [8.21][8.54][8.62] 1337/RoxOr Server (Peak 386)

    I am not the author of this release. This thread is archiving content released by multiple users on Otland already and by probably original authors on their website: xroxor.webs.com We (the staff) of the Open Tibia server known as 1337 or Rox0r has decided to release our server, with all...
  8. Syryniss

    Bynacam 8.54

    Hello. I am looking for Bynacam for Tibia 8.54. If someone has it, I would be grateful if he uploaded it and provided a link. Thanks!
  9. H

    A old one map

    Hello guys ! I have tried my skills in maping 1 or 2 years ago. I have found on my dropbox only 1 map, but if someone maybe would like to use i just share it. I know it's not a lot but maybe someone will want to continue what i've started :] There is some pics: (I'm sorry, im so lazy and i...
  10. Qbazzz

    OpenTibia Effects Packet Patcher 8.54

    Hello again guys. This time I'm releasing small patcher made in DUP2. What it does? This patch changes packet 0x83(effects) in client 8.54 from default: msg->AddByte(0x83); msg->AddPosition(pos); msg->AddByte(type + 1); to: msg->AddByte(0x83); msg->AddPosition(pos); msg->AddU16(type + 1)...
  11. ontit

    DovuX Map 8.54

    First of all, all credits goes to @Nux I had this map many years ago, i saw that many people want someone to upload the map again, so i thought it wouldn't be bad to share this map again. Images can be seen in here, as well. Realse DovuX Map 8.4 [RpG} here is the downloads...
  12. Solaris Eclipsa

    [8.54] Inquisition

    As the title says, it is the Full inquisition. The monsters are not set but the map is the real tibia map. Might help some people, me personally, I have used it so why not help others. I dont think it needs any screenshots because its just the map. Enjoy.
  13. Rik123

    Cathedral Quest [8.54]

    Client: 8.54 By: Rik123 Ingame name: Docter Mengele NOTE: The TP's are based on MY OWN DIRECTIONS, so you'll have to change them probally. Also, if you are copying it, check all floors real good, cuz there are some hidden floors (1 above the TP at the lava crap) and on top of the ruin, those...
  14. Rik123

    Vip Town for 8.54 By Rik123

    Client: 8.54 Screenshots: (dead screenshots removed) Hope you enjoy it :)
  15. Van Bolter

    [8.6] Custom Dark Torturers and [8.54] Dragon Lord's Maps

    Hello, today i give here two maps for download ^^ Tibia 8.60 - Dark Torturers.otbm Tibia 8.54 - Dls.otbm Screens: (dead screenshots removed)
  16. Raliuga

    [8.54] OTFusion incomplete map

    Hello everybody, this is the last map that I made, it is incomplete but... hey, there are good pieces to borrow... This is the minimap: I didn't take the pictures, I don't have map editor and really don't want to download it, if you want to complete the map or borrow some pieces you are...
  17. J

    [8.54] Jikoe evolutions 200 teleports many features

    Some pictures : minimap (part) : thanks! Jikoe add me rep if i helped y
  18. M

    [8.54] Map from the server MemsoriaOT

    I have the honor to move the map from the server MemsoriaOT. I worked on this server and decided to share this map.It is processed into map Evolutions. New Exp have been added for VIP and Super VIP. There are a few bugs on it, so have a nice editing and processing the entire map. >> Here are...
  19. S

    8.54 Eternal Kingdoms Download Full RPG map

    Credits for VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner ;)
  20. Thorge

    [8.54]Hydra's Mountain

    Hi Otland! It's mountain for hydras, but you can put here any monsters ; ) Hope you like it. Screenshots: