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  1. N

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a magic healing spell. Like Exura Mana.

    So, i want to make the spell "exura mana" wich obviously heals mana, only for mages so they can heal themselves some mana like a knight would do with exura ico. Thing is i don't know how to, or where to begin with. If someone could help me with this script i'd be very thankful :(. If this is the...
  2. N

    how to make 8.6 NPC's .lua files? can anyone help me with this? :D

    So i'm quite new with this. I downloaded the NPC XML File Creating Softwate and it's very helpful, but it only gives me the .XML file and not the .Lua. So.. i want to learn how to make my own Npc's .Lua, if anyone can help me it would be aaaaaaaaaawesome. Please. :D
  3. A

    Lag on 8.6 servers on old client? ( top end pc)

    Hey! Ive been having issues with lag on the old client 8.6. Since i love elfbot and want nostalgia I dont want to play on the new OTclient. I have been reading some threads about this but have no direct answer if there is any solution. Anyone up to helping a fellow brother out? :)
  4. Rezoria OTS

    [Poland][8.6] Rezoria - [12.04.2024 - 18:00]

    Welcome! Today I present to you the server Rezoria.eu ! This is an EVOLUTION | MEDIUM EXP | 4FUN/PVP server. Rezoria.eu boasts a really excellent PvP balance, which has been specially tested by those involved in beta testing and willing to cooperate, We can also boast of interesting and unique...
  5. zdolny

    Looking for help

    Hi guys, for as long as I can remember I have always dream to create my own Tibia server. However, I don't know much about it. That's why I'm writing this post in search of someone who could help me with SQL and so on. Actually, I just want to help with install an engine with a database. I know...
  6. Kiman

    [FRANCE] [8.6] - Grimhaven OT | Start 15th December 18:00 CET

    Prepare yourselves for the ultimate Tibia 8.6 PVP-E OT-Server experience at Grimhaven! Our server is not just a game; it's an adventure waiting to be conquered. What Makes Grimhaven Stand Out? Unique Randomly Generated Dungeons: As if that's not enough, brace yourselves for our unique...
  7. G

    Lua Erro Script

    hello everyone I got Erro There otx-8.60 [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:onAdvance Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:60: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:60: in function...
  8. chucky91

    TFS 8.60 with Cast System

    I modified this project to compile on Windows without using cmake's automatic configuration, however it is not compiling on Ubuntu in cmake. The original project does not compile on Windows or Ubuntu. If someone more experienced in Linux compilation could look into it. It's a good server with...
  9. VitoxMaster

    [TFS 1.5 8.6] STAT_MAXHITPOINTS problem with multiple items

    Hi everyone! I've been working on resistance upgrade system recently. I'm working on TFS 1.5 Nekiro downgrade to 8.6 and I've experienced weird condition behaviour. I have to mention that I've implemented ability feature from tfs-1-3-item-abilities-via-lua-v2. This 'weird behaviour' is...
  10. K

    Losowy item z pudełka tibia 8.6

    Witam. Z góry mówię że jestem świeżakiem i próbuje postawić swój pierwszy ots evo 8.6. Potrzebuje pomocy przy dodaniu komendy dla goda „/randomitem” która miałaby działać tak , że po wpisaniu komendy, gracze (tylko ci którzy są online) otrzymują w pudełku 1 z 10 wybranych losowych itemów Pytanie...
  11. N

    Lua [Tfs 1.5] tibia 8.6 Wall problem

    Hello. ive got a little problem with all walls when ive want throw rune diagonal of any wall. With spells ive got the same problem. Tfs 1.5 downgraded by nekiro. look here: https://gyazo.com/098ecf992f29c73951a494c399c9377a
  12. VitoxMaster

    TalkAction [TFS 1.3+] Player statistics in text dialog

    Hi guys! I've been here for quite some time and I decided to share my last small talkaction implemented for my server. Since my server is based on 8.6 (Nekiro downgrade TFS 1.5) and I use official tibia client I have no possibility to simply implement new window on user interface. That's how an...
  13. kingsnopp

    [POLAND] [8.6] Alpheria Online - Custom Map, planned start 30.07.2023!

    Welcome to Alpheria, an innovative OTS focusing on new solutions in the old style. We are an EVO style server with a completely redesigned map that we hope will attract many players with its design. The map was created based on the classic EVO so that none of the players would have problems...
  14. R

    RME can't load tibia.dat 8.6 from Nto server

    Hello, I wonder if someone could help me with this issue. Recently, I downloaded the datapack of Nto Hard and I am trying to figure out why I can't load the map. The datapack contains all the resources to open it so probably I am missing a configuration, here is what datapack contains. What I...
  15. dnmk

    [8.6] Problem with OTB version

    Hi. I am working on Emporia 8.6 data pack released here a long ago by Ceejzor. I am not fully familiar with OT, dont even know why there is "compiling" and not .exe everywhere. I was familiar with everything back in 8.1 and XML times, but now a lot of things has changed. Back to the topic: The...
  16. cioker

    [USA][8.6] Tanaros Online Custom 8.6 F2P Project - [03.06.2023 - 20:00 CEST]

    03.06.2023 20:00 CEST - JOIN US! SITE: TANAROS.ONLINE CLIENT: AVAILABLE 01.06.2023 Greetings fellow Tibians. We would like to introduce you our OT project Tanaros 8.6. Totally F2P server focused on gameplay kept in oldschool style. We have made our own map inspired by old Evolutions. Here are...
  17. 5

    TFS 1.X+ database problem

    Hello, I have this problem namely my database does not refresh. In the game I have, for example, 214 level and in the database it still writes that I have, for example, 100lvl the same on the website. How to set it so that the database refreshes, for example, every 3 minutes? Is anyone able to...
  18. Gomgom

    [UK] [8.60] Xonia Beta | Real Map | Staged Exp | Events | Custom Features

    Xonia - Real Map Website: Xonia - Latest News IP: xoniaot.zapto.org | 7171 Protocol: Tibia 8.60 A refined and polished complete real map with 3 extra cities. The first fully-functional auction system ever to be created on a Tibia 8.6 server. Four major events (Capture the flag, Desert event...
  19. J

    Ubuntu 20.04 I can't turn on engine tfs 0.4 HELP

    Hello Everyone ,I have problem I want start with my Ots,but when I want turn on tfs ./tfs is error like that libmysqlclient.so.18: cannot open shared object file no such file or directory an I dont know what I must do I cannot find problem Ubuntu 20.04 ,tfs 0.4 rxxxxxxx:/home/ots/tfs#...
  20. S

    [Brasil/Canada/EUA][8.6] Orion Retro Open PVP

    RELEASE 05/03 10:00 (GMT -3) Hello Tibia adventurers! It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our Tibia server called Orion. Our server is a Retro Open PVP on version 8.6 with its own client, a global map planned to be a low EXP rates server, and offers several features for...