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  1. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] Mirage | v2 | PVP-E | Ustrike | Sunday 22th Dec 13:00 GMT+2

    Dear Players, We announce that Mirage 8.6 v2 is going to start a new era at Sunday 22/12/2019 - 13:00 (GMT +2) with many updates and new things. Lets talk about the coming era information, We added almost 35 updates since the start of the first era. We added new items, quests, hunts, systems...
  2. I

    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Classic Server

    After long time we've decided to come back for serious! EXODIS STARTING! WHEN? - 13TH OF DECEMBER WHAT TIME? - 6 PM! (account creation: ON!) Server: Website Facebook: Fanpage Some basic information: IP: EXODIS.EU PORT: 7171 MAP: CUSTOM(50MB) WORLD: PVP WAR SYSTEM: YES CASTLEWAR: YES GAMEPLAY...
  3. Unspecified

    [Sweden] [8.6] | Edited Evo | LAUNCH FRIDAY 18:00

    We are proud to announce the comeback of great old GhostOT! We are back as PVP-E Server! - OFFICIAL LAUNCH 2019-11-15, 18:00 CET! *Website: GhostOT.zapto.org *IP: ghostot.zapto.org *Client: 8.60 *Port: 7171 Cool events & wars can be found on ghostot aswell as custom quests & custom hunts -...
  4. Lurk

    8.6 roshamuul

    I've seen some 8.6 server with roshamuul, of course it's the 8.6 version with some other tiles and stuff, does anyone have that?
  5. Deatthraz

    [USA][8.60] MarlboroWar - NEW START 15 MAY 14:00 (GMT-5) - NEW YORK (BETTER PING FOR EU, BRASIL)

    Server will start at 15 may at 14:00 GMT-5 (Countdown on website) Welcome to our server! Marlboro Wars it's a server well-known on North and Latin America, so feel free to create your account. About the server: A good war server type "High Level" - out of the ordinary, a place where you can...
  6. Nekiro

    Feature Elfbot auto attack prevention

    Hi, I wrote that code for someone, but that "someone" said it isn't good enough, so I release it. The main goal was to prevent players from using attack 200 elfbot command or something. I don't know, if thats useful or not, but decided to share it anyway. Enjoy or not. Some gif: Code...
  7. W

    Please help-me otx not compile

  8. R

    Debug when wanna open hotkey window 8.6 (1.3 downport)

    Hello i have a problem. Cant open hotkey window. even when i using clean tibia client still debug assertion. Any idea? SOLVED:clean hotkeys from other tibia.
  9. wa$yll'dbk

    [Poland] [8.6] BezeOTS

    Hello! I would like to invite you to the new edition of BezeOTS, we start on Friday (02/08/2019) at 17.00. http://bezeots.eu World Type: Open-PvP with xp from PvP Ip: bezeots.eu / bezeots.pl Port: 7171 Client Version: edited 8.60 Map of Beze is a combination of several old...
  10. GM Blade

    [Germany][8.60] NOOBWAR [Best Low-Level-WAR OTS] [Start: 29.06 12:00 CET]

    Hello, we would like to introduce you an epic server, which used to be very popular - NOOBWAR! For people who didn't have the pleasure to play on it yet - this is a low-level-war server where you start with level 13, experience for monsters is very low (from 0.4x at level 13 to 0.02x at level...
  11. Fifflaren

    Mounts 8.6

    I would like to ask if mounts in 8.6 would be possible and if it is wich it should be (with the right skills) and would it cost me something like a liver to pay for that script :P this is just a quick little question for you guys :*
  12. Phemus

    [Mexico][8.60] Zarex Online | Custom-RPG - START June 21, 2019

    •Ip: www.zarexot.com •Accounts: Zarex - Createaccount •Version: 8.60 •Port: 7171 Site: Zarex - Latestnews E-mail: [email protected] Forget all the hundreds of Real map servers now and welcome back the old and epic Evolution map servers! Zarex OT is the best and renovated Evolutions map...
  13. W

    [8.6] homesickness OLD ENFORCED WAR 8.6 COM Teams CHANGE MAP

    Long ago I look for an otserv war like the ancients who exchanged the map for the global cities and organized the teams to balance, for not finding any for version 8.6 I decided to create this one with the scripts I had in my hands! I enjoy it! ITEMS VIP FOR SHOP INT ITEMS.XML , NAME = VIP...
  14. H

    Create custom evo 8.6 [no noob]

    Hello I create a new evolution server. Map: 60-65% done [~26Mb, no water zone, 29.04.2019] Editing monsters: 60% done Npc: 40% done Scripts: 30% done Start time: 2-3 months No super mr/uh, no infinite ammunition/runes/potions - like no noob play Oldstyle spell formula (like old tibia...
  15. Phemus

    [USA] [8.60] Zanera Online - START APRIL 20

    After months of hard work, we can finally say Zanera-Online will open doors this April 20th. Website: www.zanera-online.com Port: 7171 Email: [email protected] facebook: facebook.com/ZaneraOnline Features: Global map 100% All Tibia cities New hunt islands Daily automatic events New Items...
  16. M0ustafa

    What makes a real map different from others or better than others?!

    I am not a heavy real map player, I only played 2-3 real map servers since I started Tibia but when I started to work on my own server I thought a lot and I decided that I need to create a real map server because I am a (shit mapper) I can't even map a temple that looks good, so I started...
  17. falls13

    change this name

    client.lua local musicFilename = "/sounds/startup" local musicChannel = g_sounds.getChannel(1) function setMusic(filename) musicFilename = filename if not g_game.isOnline() then musicChannel:stop() musicChannel:enqueue(musicFilename, 3) end end function reloadScripts()...
  18. DaBlauwk

    Compiling TFS 1.2 8.60 compiling

    Hi I´ve made some source edits for gold nuggets and dual wielding and I have 3 errors while compiling. It worked when it was just the gold nuggets so the problem must be the dual wielding. https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-crystal-coin-gold-nugget.253866/post-2462745...
  19. DaBlauwk

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Compiling 8.60

    Hi Had to rebuild because I made some changes for crystal coin to change into gold nugget but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 with boost 1.66.0 and tfs-sdk-3.2 Failing rebuild OUTPUT 1>c:\psychoactive\src\connection.cpp(119): error C2440...
  20. Senzation96

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 [8.6] Client Crash

    Hello! This is the "Error Report" I get after the crash! ( Just Standing in the temple / dp) Anyone got any ideas what might be the issue? "Floor Above DP/TEMPLE" is hunt tps room if that matters? Crash only happens in the temple! No errors in TFS 1.3 Console Window [GOD CHARS DO NOT CRASH...