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  1. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Skeleton Cave

    Skeleton Cave (8.60) Can be used for Rook map or Rpg map, Enjoy. Mediafire mirror: Skeleton Cave.rar
  2. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Nature House

    Nature House (8.60) Can be used for a house in the nature, or a Rpg map, enjoy. Mediafire mirror: Nature House.rar
  3. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Rat Sewer

    Rat Sewer (8.60) Could be used for a low exp rate RPG or a rook map, Enjoy. MediaFire mirror: Rat Sewer.rar
  4. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Necromancer Spawn

    Necromancer Spawn (8.60) Map is a bit buggy, but if your a mapper you can easily fix :) enjoy. Mediafire mirror: Necromancer Room.rar
  5. Zatacka

    [8.6] Pheonixia-OT v2

    Here i give u Pheonixia v.2 Because some complained alot on the first version :) Enjoy it guys and please make sure you do new upgrades to it and and publish it on otland when u are done! and if you start hosting it keep the name Pheonixia as a credit for my work! i'd be greatful for it. Here...
  6. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Quest Room

    Hello and im here to release a Quest room, i was inspired to make it from this server [France] Qumora | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Free points | Unique Events | Opening 28/2 18:00 CET i just hope it will be useful. Mediafire mirror: Quest Room.rar
  7. 33263648

    [8.6] • Baiak RPG CLASSIC - A RPG MAP! (8.60) •

    • Baiak RPG CLASSIC - A RPG MAP! (8.60) • Baiak server made by Lula and Edited by me Hey guys I am here to present Baiak Classic RPG, I worked a l0t in this server. This server is one of the most Innovative Baiaks he still have a stable distro. So, what you waitin? Check out now! • Cities: ├...
  8. Zoom Iker


    Hi, today I will release this map because i'm cleaning my computer and maybe some of you need this ;) This is my old files i found on my old laptop. (dead screenshots removed) Mediafire mirror: Remapped EVO.rar
  9. feeniiix

    [8.6] [YurOTS] Baiak Infernium

    Adicioano NPC Santa Claus at Temple 8:54 Sell Items !new Itemsnew Outifitsnew Hunts And Much More .. Added was a new Town Called Baiak City One Fixed Account Mananger . Added VIP System Added 5 New Portals Vip Added New Bixos was Vip , Vip Warlock , Medusa Vip , Bossing of Baiak .. It was New...
  10. G

    [8.60] Temple ;P

  11. Gandh1

    [8.6] Encoria - base of Xenoria.pl, derivative of Tiberia.pl

    Hello. I'm uploading today this server - orginally was started about one year ago, but has been "hacked" in the "top secret military logistics operation". Now it will be really public, not only for one team. Server is based on Tiberia.pl, but almost tuned, now team of Xenoria is basing on this...
  12. Oldschool'er

    [8.60] Grim Reaper Spawn

    Grim Reaper Spawn (8.60) Enjoy. Mediafire mirror: cave grim reaper by breno mapper.rar
  13. G

    [8.60] Medium exp Temple

    8.60 client
  14. G

    [8.6] For fun temple :)

    8.60 map
  15. This Is War

    (8.60) Kalima OT

    Found this on my computer, Thought id share it. I take no credit, All credits go to SmoOkeR Download http://www.mediafire.com/?415ldyslwc283iw
  16. This Is War

    [8.60] Nature Island

    Hello and im releasing my first small map piece :) hope you like it. If you liked it, Liking this post wont hurt :p Mediafire mirror: Nature Island.rar
  17. A

    [8.60] Evolera.se Temple

    That's Tempel It's Nice Who Play Evolera.se Know This Temple 8.60 :D:D:D:D:D
  18. knighters god

    [8.60] A Island I want to share with you

    So I wanted to share a hunting spot for my ot to everyone and I would really like if you said what you think about it too so I know if I should continue to map this way or not. Mediafire mirror: Island.otbm
  19. bybbzan

    [8.60] Bybbzan Teleport Room

    Hello there! I found my old teleport room, i aint using it anymore so i will share it with you guys. It's nothing special but feel free to comment and download :p Mediafire mirror: tp room bybbzan.rar