1. Acrenactive

    [8.60] Evolution Map By Acrenactive

    Hello, I was bored so I mapped this.
  2. GodSebbe

    [8.6] Senja

    Hello. This is a piece of Senja tracked from the real Tibia map. Hope you enjoy it. Pictures: Let me google that for you Mediafire mirror: Senja.otbm
  3. vTune

    [8.60] Mundo map by vTune

    I hosted this project months ago and I will probably never use this map again so I thought I might aswell release it. Someone might want it as a base on their own map our just use it as it is. Feel free to do what every you want with it! Here's some information about the map: Type: Its an...
  4. Cornex

    [8.60] Godiskungen's Evolution Style

    Hello. I start mapping this evolution just for fun. And i will release it here everytime i update it. Hopefully someone will use it for anything! Feel free to give feedback! Atm it is nothing really speciell, but with the time i hope it will be something cool :) Screen 1# Mediafire mirror...
  5. Chestnutz

    [8.6] Basic Evo

    Hello! I have this old 8.6 Evolutions data folder here.. Features: Its a basic Evolutions map. So its same quests, tps, trainers, games and events that you see again and again. This is just a clean data folder without many aditions, so a decent starting point to make your own server out of...
  6. Eazy M

    [8.6] Veterana Server Data Pack

    Owner of this server scammed me long time ago, so here ya got it. There is some errors, fix them if you wan't to use the server. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?y7yx25ads4p9u31 Remember, this server was NOT made by me, don't hate on me. Rep++? :huh:
  7. Delvire

    [8.6] Tales of Heroes Data Pack

    Hello people! I'm releasing the data pack from ToH (Tales of Heroes). I am in the OT community since 2005, and worked solo in ToH since 2006 until 2011, so I can say that almost everything I learned about Open Tibia was applied into this server. There's a lot of scripts. Some noobish, some...
  8. H

    [8.6] Repigera

    Map name: repigera Map size: 32 mb~ Author: HolmaN Number of citys: 4 Quests: Outfit quests, Annihilator, PoI, INQ, DHQ and many custom quest. Client version: 8.6
  9. Luffy

    [8.6-9.6] All my maps

    I've put all my maps (finished or not) in one file, deleted the maps that were sent by other people in private. Couldn't give a shit how the maps are named or any of that, just enjoy I guess... (it has my absolutely-not-secret-project in it that's about 2mb big) I'll make use of this thread to...
  10. Snuggles

    [8.6] Framework City

    Hello, here is another city I've been working on. I have no use for it so I'll release it here. :) Don't forget to Rep if you like it! Enjoy!
  11. BDG

    [8.6] Interesting pieces of maps

    Hi I would like to share with you the tibia maps ... I am not the author of everything here but definitely useful. Tibia 8.6! Mediafire mirrors: Download mountains Download frost Download orc Download mino
  12. Alex

    [8.60] Euforia The Best Fun Real Map with events and systems and cities GENGIA etc

    Euforia - The Best FUN REAL MAP Towns -Carlin -Venore -converted Thais -Ab'dendriel -Edron -Ankrahmun -Darashia -Liberty bay -Svargrond -Yalahar -Edited Gengia -Oken -Pyre -Farmine/ZAO -And the city which will be a nice surprise for you ALL REAL QUESTS WORK Contact: PM (OTLAND)...
  13. kingsley666

    [8.6] Real map + quirefang + gnomes

    Hello comunity i downloaded this map with quuirefang and added the new zone of gnomes here is it hope is useful for you :) Credits: Amy Azzkaban RaikØx Mediafire mirror: azzkaban + warzones.rar
  14. Loney

    [8.6] Cave with some monsters

    Hi, I created a small cave (220 kb) with some monster like cycs, minos, ghosts, ghouls, etc Minimaps: (dead screenshots removed) Map Position: x: 1600, y: 1600, z: 8 Some images: (dead screenshots removed) Regards, Loney.
  15. Crypton3

    [8.6] MoonOTS v1, v2 and v3 - Official release!

    Hello, I decided to release my work from 2010 :) Server was online for over 330 days and it had 3 editions. I know that it was already released somewhere, but this time it's official release. Main differences between versions are: - Vocation balance - Look of city and exp room - Exp stages (I...
  16. Snuggles

    [8.6] Map suitable for a boss

    Hello there, this is a small boss map I made but you may use it for whatever you want, but the idea behind it was to have sort of an oken boss there. Screenshot: I've had some inspiration from Neon when I made those wooden things on the ground. If you like it don't forget to rep me and leave...
  17. lol94

    [8.6] Hunt Island Map

    Hello Everyone! Im going to release a map that takes me around.. 2 hours to make.. I really hope you enjoy it <3 Minimap: IMAGES! Map by Lol94 I really hope you like it, leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? :)