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  1. Lurk

    [BRAZIL] [8.60] UnclearOT Custom baiak high exp

    Hello, I'm here to present to you a high exp, reset based server on a fully edited baiak map Reset system (as well as custom vocations along the way) New Vocations and spells for each one as well as bonus attack speed War system with shields -> type !war to know more Daily events (castle, dota...
  2. ralke

    [Chile][8.60] Greed OT

    Hello OtLand, today I want to publish my server. •·.·´¯¨·.·• Greed OTServer •·.·´¯·.·• Greed OT is a dedicated server of Open Tibia, it is open 24 hours all day, our rates are magic (x3), skills (x6), loot (x2). You can join the server by creating an account at Latest News - Greed...
  3. Krzysiek0

    [POLAND] UnitedOTS V7 2020 [8.6] [REBORN] [UNIQUE]

    STARTED 1 MAY 2020 Seventh fixed edition of one of the best servers 4fun! UnitedOTS - multilanguage server. You can choose polish or english language! IP: unitedots.pl PORT : 7171 Version : 8.60 Offical forum 0 - 20000 x 200000 20000 - 70000 x 200000 70000 - 200000 x 200000 200000...
  4. ralke

    Greed OT Movie(s) - Multimedia Gallery

    Hi!, I want to share a little movie i've made for my server, with a custom quest golden helmet quest I made, please vote on poll to give me feedback... 😄 I'll probably be updating this post with more videos. Regards, thanks for watching! Verminor's Hellgate Quest} Team: Pipeskunk (ek 196)...
  5. Lurk

    [BRAZIL] [8.60] UnclearOTGlobal full global map

    Hello, I'm here to show you guys my server, unclearot.com.br. An 8.6 full rl map with roshamuul that started 30/05/2020 Full map + All quests All raids Roshamuul full Daily events Hosted in France Free bless until level 150 War system Cast system Experience stages (easy to around level 200)...
  6. eyteew

    [Poland] [8.60] TibiaOnline | Long term RL map, upgrading system, fun events

    We are glad to announce that TibiaOnline 8.60 Open Tibia Server is launched today! Extended real tibia map (+ Pyre, Oken, Gengia) working quests, item upgradins system, fun features and events! Join the journey on the long term OTS - TibiaOnline! ===================== Server IP: tibiaonline.net...
  7. D

    [8.60][TFS1.2] Roxor

    Hello i want share my project, orginal Roxor1337 map edidet by me. I added many new exp&quests, also fixed all what i find broken. Have fun. Still have few bugs. If you have any questions ask here. Screens:
  8. ralke

    [8.60] Greed OT based on Tfs 0.4

    Hi, I want to release all my datapack in thanks for everything I've learned in this forum. It contains 32 hunt teleports (with more teleports in its interiors), 27 quest teleports (more countless quest to explore), task systems, training dummy, pvp reward, among many others. If you have any...
  9. GM Blade


    Hello guys, we would like to introduce you the second edition of NoobWar - The Best Low-Level War Server with private accounts! What will you find on Noobwar? Guild Points System (Guildpoints - NoobWar (http://www.noobwar.net/?subtopic=guildpoints)) Guild Wars System Epic balance of items...
  10. mRefaat

    [Netherlands] [8.60] Mirage Server - | PVP-E | Ustrike Map

    Welcome to Mirage Server online Small introduction: Let me tell you some information about mirage server, It is based on ustikre map with many editions in map to make it more suitable for pvp, map has many traps and narrow places for better pvp. Also we made it pvp-enforced to give you more...
  11. V

    Tibia OT 8.60

    So, I've been trying to make this server for a whole week. Now I'm asking for help. I'm literally looking for a working 8.60 Version of TFS as well as a version of Gelsior that I can use for my server. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)
  12. M0ustafa

    Real map datapack 8.60

    I am looking for original real map datapack 8.60 without any edits. I have searched for quite long time and all the real maps I found are outdated, full of bugs, missing areas, missing quests/npcs/monsters, not even close to real tibia spell formulas or fully modified. I am just looking for a...
  13. dami1310

    [FRANCE] [8.60] NoyOT | Custom Evolution | Level Rewards - Free Points | Start 12.04.2019 - 18:00 CEST

    General Information: Client: 8.60 IP: noyot.net Port: 7171 Website: Latestnews - NoyOT (http://noyot.net/) Uptime: 24/7 Map: Custom map based on evolution Rates: 1 - 8 level, 500x 9 - 20 level, 250x 21 - 50 level, 200x 51 - 100 level, 150x 101 - 150 level, 100x 151 - 200 level, 75x 201 - 250...
  14. Nekiro

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport.

    I just downgraded the latest forgottenserver 1.3 and will keep it up to date to master branch. If you want to submit issue (bugs), do it in github repo, not here. Repository: https://github.com/nekiro/forgottenserver/tree/8.6-downgrade
  15. Gahenna

    [USA][8.60] Bletya-baiak [Openning 15.02 BR 20H/ PL 23H / USA 18H]

    Bletya-Baiak.TK ## VERSION: 8.60 - PORT: 7171 INAUGURATION THIS FRIDAY DAY 08.02 TO 20H OF NIGHT. Information: Dedicated 24 hours without delay, need no tunnel. QUICK PUSH. Casting System Innovative Map Fast Atk Moderate! 24 hours online SHIELD WAR SYSTEM Casting System System Addons Dodge...
  16. B

    Solved delete plz

    Delete post
  17. Gahenna

    [USA] [8.6] Diamond Baiak [Open 08.02.19 20H]

    Diamond-Baiak.TK ## VERSION: 8.60 - PORT: 7171 INAUGURATION THIS FRIDAY DAY 08.02 TO 20H OF NIGHT. Information: Dedicated 24 hours without delay, need no tunnel. QUICK PUSH. Casting System Innovative Map Fast Atk Moderate! 24 hours online SHIELD WAR SYSTEM Casting System System Addons Dodge...
  18. Asheex

    [GERMAN] [8.60] Sarah OTS Evo Start 03.01.2019 on 18:00 CEST

    Signup for the SarahOTS server! 8.60 Evo Custom OTS High EXP Website: Latestnews - Sarahots.zapto.org The server start is scheduled for January 03. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login untill the server launch. Game Features: Many...
  19. Eryn

    Roxor Edit By DenZ (ME)

    Don't have balance vocations
  20. Deatthraz

    [USA] [8.6] MarlboroWar ~ WAR SERVER ~ THAIS~ HIGH LEVELS

    NEW START SATURDAY 29/09 4PM GMT-5 Welcome to MarlboroWars server! Here are a video from our server: Connection Info IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com Port: 7171 Version : 8.60 Server Info This a high level war, you start at level 300 and if you play hard you can even reach level 3000+ We...