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  1. Engradiel

    [Brazil][8.60] New Fast-Baiak 400x

    - > New Fast-Baiak 8.60 OPENING 06/05/2024 < - New Server with New Features • BR low ping server • Infinite ammunition/runes • Fast-attack • High exp/rates • Balanced vocations • Updated items and creatures from version 13.30 • Several new systems • Map with over 1 year of development...
  2. N

    [POLAND] [8.6] | MYTHICA.EU | Custom Evo | 150+ Quests | 300+ Hunting Places | Start 30st April 19:00 CET

    Grand opening of Mythica.eu server coming soon! Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the magical world of Tibia 8.6? Mythica.eu is the place where endless adventures, puzzles, and excitement await you! SERVER LAUNCH: Apr 30st, 7:00 PM CET! Create account and join to us! Join our...
  3. R

    [POLAND] [8.6] Alebania RL MAP+CUSTOM START 20.04.2024 19:00 (GMT +@2)

    Alebania.com.pl - Your RPG Kingdom START >>> 20.04.2024 (SATURDAY), 19:00 (GMT +2) alebania.com.pl * Custom RL Map | Client 8.6 + OTC Embark on a journey in our magical world, where you'll uncover a unique, individually crafted map and adventure on protocol 8.6! * PvP Enabled + nPVP City -...
  4. Apollos

    [USA] [8.60] Almyria Online (Beta)

    ~ Currently In Beta Season Phase ~ We're excited to announce that Almyria Online is now open to everyone for beta playthrough! Dive into a unique gaming experience with a map that's a nostalgic mashup of three classic worlds – Evolutions, Yurots, and Armonia. Game Details Client: 8.60 custom...
  5. S

    TFS 1.X+ Downgrade Cliente 13x+ for 8.60

    [PT-BR] Salve rapaziada, Estou voltando a mexer com OT agora, depois de alguns anos parado, e estou usando o TFS 1.5 na versão 8.6. E pensando aqui em colocar as sprites de 13x+ no cliente já vi que é possível adicionar, mas gostaria de saber se há alguma forma mais rápida pra adicionar no...
  6. G

    Lua Auto loot-No Limt-mods

    hello my Script is working good but no limt for player with Cap, he get cap 0 and still collect how add limt player dont drop items in floor OTX-8.6 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <mod name="Loot System" version="1.0" author="Vodkart And Mkalo" contact="none.com" enabled="yes">...
  7. G

    Lua Advanced/Script effect level up

    hello every one some one can help me i got erro in the script (otx2-8.60) [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:onAdvance Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:39: attempt to get length of local 'data' (a nil value) stack traceback...
  8. douglasscherner

    [Brazil] [8.60] Baiak | New Styller Custom

    IP: baiak.warzera.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Brazil Website: Warzera - Latestnews (https://baiak.warzera.com) Exp rate: 25x Map: Baiak Custom Runes: Normal charges and prices Loot rate: 5x Server type: Pvp-Rpg. 20 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban...
  9. blokerzinha

    TFS 1.X+ Problem implementing an event in creaturescripts

    Hey guys, I'm sorry for the bad English because it's not my native language so I'm using the translator, but I have a problem and I don't know where to turn. firstly, the basis of the problem for me to arrive at this script was the following, I have an 8.6 server with sprites from 12.xx...
  10. L

    [France] [8.6] Baiak-Illusion [June 2, 18:00 CEST 2023]

    Welcome to baiak-illusion 8.6. Baiak-illusion has been a fully tested and optimized Baiak server (based on Yurots) for the past few months and has been 100% converted to English. You can already register for an account here:Baiak-illusion - Createaccount...
  11. K

    Lua Request item that unequips after X seconds and goes back to bp

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone could help me with an item I need to make (actually there are 3 items, but if you can help me with any amount I will be immensely grateful) I've already added the item on the server and everything else, I put its ID and put it as ring, however, I would...
  12. Sotomayor

    Sprites outfit with mount 8.60

    Hello i was looking for some people who made sprite outfits with mount to use on 8.60, contact me thanks! i pay for job.
  13. lucasjadson

    JadShow 8.60

    0 ~ Dragon Silence 1 ~ Temple Of Infinite Encounters 1659095101 3~ Mango Cave
  14. ralke

    [Chile] [Custom] GreedOT | (Starting 5 November 2022 (7:00 a.m GMT-4 Chile))

    General Information → IP: greedot.net → Client: Own client → Uptime: 24/7 → Hosted in: ZGH (Chile) → Website: GreedOT → Exp rate: Custom stages → Map: Greed (made from sratch) → Server type: PVP/PVP-E → Skills, Magic Rate & Loot: 4, 3, 3 Welcome! Greed Online is a custom server built on TFS...
  15. C

    [Brazil][8.60] ClashOT - LowRate - Starts on 4/5-2022 at 19pm (GMT - 3)

    New server! Start on 04/05/2022 at 19 pm! You can already create your character but server access will only be available in the above data. Custom Client We do not accept any type of bot, because of this, we have our own client to avoid using it. Cities Carlin, Venore, Ab'Dendriel...
  16. A


    What can this error be happening in the function? tfs1.3 Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: (Unknown scriptfile) data/lib/lever.lua:131: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index' data/lib/lever.lua:131: in function...
  17. F

    [Germany][8.60] Real OTS 29.04.2022 17:00 GMT+2

    Hello, today I like to advertise my and Shakra take on 8.6 RL Tibia server. For the past 2 years, server was developed by Shakra as project PandemiaOTS. He fully downgraded 10.77 map to 8.6, repaired a lot of bugs, optimized and implemented ton of stuff. Fully list can be found on...
  18. mRefaat

    [Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | RPG/PVP | NEW EVO

    Hello OtLand community, I would like to announce that my OxygenOT is going to start next Saturday 29-5-2021 at 12:00 PM GMT time. I hope you like changes and things i have done with it. I was working on it to change and update many things for more than 3 months. Let me share some information...
  19. godwar33

    [USA] [8.60] Baiak Hight Rate, PvP , [24/01/2021] [14:00pm]

    Website: Baiak Kzirot - Latestnews (https://kzirot.online) It is possible to download our client on the website, already including MC. IP: kzirot.servegame.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: USA, server vps. EXP STAGES: 1-200= 999 201-250=350 251-300=250 301-350=150...
  20. MrVilhelm

    10.98 Custom openworld MappingThread

    Hey! :D Ehm so I started mapping a little while back and personally I feel like Im not developing anymore. So I thought that I would post some of my work for you guys to judge 😁 Be meme dont be mean 👉👈 Just joking, Im hoping on getting some notes on what I can work a little extra on 😜 Heyy...