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  1. potinho

    [vBot_4.8] Stop cavebot if mana is low

    Hello guys, There's a script or something for OTCv8 cavebot who stops char if mana is less then X%? And after mana > value, cavebot continues?
  2. zbizu

    I made a discord bot specialized in ot support

    Hello. I want to introduce you to NiMBUS - a niche, multilanguage beginner user support. Nimbus is a discord bot that was trained specifically to provide support with OpenTibia related questions. As a trained model, he understands the differences between old and new engine scripting standards...
  3. N

    BLACK - Client protection

    BLACK Background Everyone knows how Tibia cheating works. It is insanely easy for even the most unskilled of cheaters to, well, cheat. Two major clients are currently being used in the OpenTibia scene: Cipsoft's client, and OTCv8. Both of them are very vulnerable. Anyone can just use a public...
  4. potinho

    OTClient OTCv8 Updater - Update bot config files

    There's a way to update OTCv8 bot config files in updater? I changed a file but isn't downloading by updater. Specifcly modules\game_bot\default_configs\vBot_4.8\vBot\eat_food.lua
  5. A

    Tibia 7.4 Bot Development

    Guys, I on way to develop my own bot for tibia client 7.4 since the actual bots are pretty expensive (like riftbot, for example). At this moment i can handle playerinfo like mana, health, cap, name and so but i'm pretty stucked on more complex things like how to handle Backpacks, use...
  6. S

    Conjure Diamond Arrows

    Hi Guys, Im having some trouble with my macro for making diamond arrows. What i wanna do is let the macro check how many arrows I have left en when i get under like 200 arrows it will cast the spell. My only problem atm is that he keeps spamming the spell even tho i have enough arrows in my...
  7. K

    BOT for edubart otclient

    I would like to know if there is a way to put a bot in edubart's otclient ( GitHub - edubart/otclient: An alternative tibia client for otserv written in C++11 and Lua, made with a modular system that uses lua scripts for ingame interface and functionality, making otclient flexible and easy to...
  8. K

    Tibia 12+ OT bots working 2022 ?!

    hello folks am searching for tibia client 12+ bot for OT ! is there any recommendations ? up
  9. T

    Real tibia healbot?

    Guys fast question. Is there available healbot for real tibia client? Im looking for something like tibiacombat. If you know something like it let me know guys ofc i can pay for it.
  10. S

    OTCv8 function for changing targeting for chasing mobs

    Hi, I'm looking for some kind of function in OTCv8 that allows me to change the "TargetBot" so when I'm in one part of my cavebot I can bot luring mobs and in other part of the cavebot script I just chase the mobs, because they are bosses and I don't want to skip them I couldn't just write the...
  11. struzck

    [ITALY] [10.98] Hesperia - Test server | WAR | BOTs | Starting 19th December 12:00 CET

    Inspired by Warots, Hesperia is a war server with ready-to-play characters and custom map with RL locations adapted to war environment. We would like to invite you to join the test server, which will launch on 12.19 at 12:00 CET and will last until 12.26! IP address: Web...
  12. T

    Kingdom Swap BOT

    Hello everyone, I'm here to share with you guys a Kingdom Swap BOT. Its the official client that comes with a integrated bot, full light option, hotkeys and much more. Since every player on the server uses it, I just want to make things a bit more equal... well, feel free to download it using...
  13. mar173

    [LIB] [FIXED] Grid Layout

    Why does not it stick together? All sides should be equal. Blue Green has more width than Blue Pink Orange Red. Where is problem? In my code or otclient? local cell_count = 0 local Row local Grid local Column Column = SDK_Class() function Column:__init(args, parent) self.rows = {}...
  14. joncis

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    Hello! I'm old tibia player but i'm one of them botter type of players! I came back to tibia a year ago. I realized they have made changes and almost completly removed all bot,botters. All i wanted is just to have some old fun,so i searched for "tibia bots 2021" i realized they are easy to make...
  15. potinho

    OTClient Remove OTCv8 bot

    Hey guys, I removed from my OTClientv8 the bot module folder. However some players have added it again and are using it. Is there any way to inhibit this?
  16. neBel

    [BOT] NST for Medivia

    first of all, I assume it's permitted to post this kind of software, and it's posted in the right forum, if not, please remove or move it correctly, thanks! Hello guys! Lot's of time since I logged in here :)! Due to the recent changes on Medivia, mostly the runes at the coin-shop, I decided...
  17. Silba

    How can we discourage botting?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to open a discussion about botting and how to discourage it. I see many servers, especially oldschool that are "anti-bot" but the reality is that these servers thrive because of bots and the relevant people are usually quite stupid in their enforcement. Yes that's a bold...
  18. kuhi

    Kuhiscripts now opensource

    Hello everybody! As I'm out of time but I always wanted to improve my projects, I just decided to open source them. I hope this helps someone and maybe the community wants to keep an eye and improve something. This is the link to github: Kuhicop - Overview (https://github.com/Kuhicop) There...
  19. Hover Design

    Sarosots eu / I need client who work with xenobot

    I need client saros who work with xenobot sarosots.eu tibia 10.95 ip :
  20. T

    Windows Opening a Private Tibia Server

    Hello fellow Tibians. I have a (possibly) rather unusual question. Because of time limitations and no possibility of botting in real Tibia, I wonder if it is easy to open up my own Tibia server just for me to bot on. I think botting was the most fun at Tibia 10.3, so I would like to use the...