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  1. Sanzenkai

    TFS 0.X PVP Zone Bug

    Hello, it seems that my source has the same bug as this guys source, can somebody help me? his post have the correct answer i guess but its not the same version, mine is source TFS 0.4 (8.60) My PvP Zone on the arena of my server keep making people get PZ Locked, i would like to fix that...
  2. potinho

    TFS 0.X Unexpected Crash

    Hello guys, everything good? My server has had no crash problems for over a year, but today I had one and I am not able to interpret the generated GDB. Could you help me to fix it? #6 ServiceManager::run (this=0x7fff81299fd0) at server.cpp:249 it = {px = 0x5599ac4a6310, pn = {pi_ =...
  3. potinho

    TFS 0.X [C++] Player does not get PZ after attacking PK

    Good morning everyone, today I realized that my server is behaving (I don't know if expected) but unwanted, let's think about the following scenario: Player 1 Attacks Player 2 (and takes White Skull) Player 2 attacks player 1 back and manages to enter a Protection Zone (shouldn't/would't) After...
  4. Zerox009

    [C++] Item.xml skills negative

    Hello, I'm working on a project, which is that depending on your weapons you can have a certain ability in the game, but I noticed that when a condition such as the attribute of an item becomes negative, it becomes positive, causing it to automatically turn positive Example: <item...
  5. K

    C++ [c++][1.5] Function only applicable to OTC

    How can I make an if function so that it can only be seen in OTC(if I don't have player or creature as argument)? networkmessage.cpp in this example void NetworkMessage::addItem(const Item* item) I don't have the creature or player argument my goal is that void NetworkMessage::addItem(const...
  6. C

    Help with attribute of IncreaseMagicPercent

    Hey guys, good night, good morning or good afternoon! I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator. So guys, I would like some help from you. I'm using nekiro's tfs 1.5, downgrade 8.0 to use as base for my 7.92 server. In this version, there is an attribute on the item called...
  7. K

    C++ [src] Angles of the block missiles

    Hello, good afternoon. Nekiro 1.5 downgrade 8.0 I think I have a problem in c++ with respect to the angles of the block missiles I rule out that it is the .dat because the "block Missiles" is selected. How can I make the angles of attack more restricted? At some angles it should return...
  8. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] Doubt in a verification inside the function combatChangeHealth from game.cpp

    Hello there I have a doubt in the following verification inside the function Game::combatChangeHealth from game.cpp: if (damage.origin != ORIGIN_NONE) { const auto& events = target->getCreatureEvents(CREATURE_EVENT_HEALTHCHANGE); if (!events.empty())...
  9. Addams

    C++ Life leech chance using decimal numbers

    TFS version: 1.4.2 How can I make chance accepts decimal numbers? I am trying to use from 0.1, 0.2, 0.02, 5, 7, 30, etc.. and up to 100 like it is. I tried to divine chance / 1.0 and then multiply it below * 1.0 but that didn't work. if (casterPlayer->getHealth() < casterPlayer->getMaxHealth())...
  10. Manigold

    TFS 1.X+ Help with protocollogin piece of code tfs 1.2

    I am trying to convert some old code from a multiworld system to tfs 1.2, but I am stuck at the last part. I tried all day but every attempt resulted in the client crashing. It is only the protocollogin.cpp part that is very different from the one I am using(mine don't have addWorldInfo...
  11. Sarah Wesker

    Feature [TFS 1.5] Talkaction on/off Old Magic Wall

    Changes: Old Magic Wall Talkaction Go to your config.lua and set the clientId of the wall you want to change: magicWallId = 2129 -- magic wall Add the clientId of the old magic wall: oldMagicWallId = XXXX You can change the storage value where the ON / OFF state of the command will be saved...
  12. Obito

    Custom Memory Allocation in C++

    Is it possible to implement a custom memory allocator in C++ that performs better than the default allocator provided by the standard library, in terms of both speed and memory efficiency, and if so, how might this be done?
  13. Error 502

    C++ change your stats percent // Points

    1.5 Nekiro downgrade. I don't have much experience in C++. I come to ask how to do an IF function without dying trying xd I want to know if the way of coding in c++ is correct, especially the storage Context: how to change the way to display HP and mana according to storage , changing them...
  14. K

    Add more attributes in doItemSetAttribute

    *I'm using tfs 0.X (0.4 or 0.6) *Client 8.60 I would like to know how I can add more attributes to doItemSetAttribute, for example: doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxhealth", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxmana", 700) doItemSetAttribute(item, "speed", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item...
  15. D

    TFS 1.3 8.6 MOUNT SYSTEM

    Hello, I'm looking to use the tfs 1.3 downgrade 8.6 mount system I already have a sprite added for testing, but when I use outfit.lookMount = ID it doesn't work. Can anyone shed some light on how to resolve this?
  16. F

    Downgrading TFS 1.2

    Hello, I'm downgrading tfs version 1.2(10x) to 854, I have no errors in my client's terminal and no errors in my server's terminal, the client is just "Connecting to the game server...", I changed the settings .cpp, protocollogin.cpp and items.cpp, I'm out of errors and out of ideas to follow...
  17. Addams

    C++ Boostpercenthealing attribute by Nekiro

    I have added those attributes to TFS 1.4.2 But I have an issue that I cannot solve by myself. Attribute boostpercenthealing isn't working, That is a known bug and has an issue opened here, but it's been long enough and no one tried yet, so I decided to try finding a solution here.
  18. Addams

    C++ Boostpercentmagic attribute by Nekiro

    I have added those attributes to TFS 1.4.2 But I have an issue that I cannot solve by myself. Attribute boostpercentmagic is stacking the damage. It increases the total damage instead of the player's primary damage. Example: If I am dealing "1000 damage" and use an item that increases 20% of...
  19. El Man

    TFS 0.X Monsters looking ahead

    When startup server all monster looking ahead like . How i fix it.? TFS 0.4
  20. W

    C++ Weapon give two skills

    Hello I would like to make 1 weapon give two skills, e.g. set the weapon as a sword but give the sword and club skills. I don't really know how it works in the C ++ case Weapons.cpp Player.cpp