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  1. Yan18

    C++ [TFFS 1.3 - Source] Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)'

    Hi folks! I need help with a error in the source, it is being headache 😂. I tried to figured out the problem at the internet, but I didn't understand the issue yet. The issue is: Console Error List: Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)': attempting to...
  2. 3688599

    C++ monster spawn in different place not on players

    HELP ! i have problem when monster spawn he goes down in the same place where the player is standing .. all just i need when the monster comes down it descends in a different place than the place in which the player stands I turn : allowBlockSpawn = false : to spawn and there are people in...
  3. glapa93

    [C++] Prevent generating number below 20 with function rand() twice in a row

    I execute this script every second and I do not want the message "I must be only once in a row!" to display more than once in a row. It can be displayed multiple times but never one after another one. // int x = 1; int chance = uniform_random(1, 100); if (20 <= chance)...
  4. Yan18

    C++ [TFS 1.3] - How to Get When a Monster use Melee Attack (Basic Attack) and When the Monster uses Spell in Monster.xml in Tag <attacks> from C++Source?

    Hi Guys, As the title says, how can I get in the source when a monster uses melee attack (Basic Attack) and when the monster uses a Spell attack contained in tag <attacks> in the Monster.xml ?
  5. potinho

    C++ Server respect outfits.xml

    Hello everyone, I have an OTX 2 server (TFS 0.3.7) 7.72 protocol, where I define the outfits range in the sources, as below in protocolgame.cpp: Im using OTCv8 as client. void ProtocolGame::sendOutfitWindow() { NetworkMessage_ptr msg = getOutputBuffer(); if(!msg) return...
  6. ZeroSkyer

    TFS 1.X+ Exhaust Equip c++

    Hello, currently I have exhausted the equip hotkey, now I am trying to move the exhaust for each slot since the idea is to exhaust the rings and amulets but not the equip hotkey in general but I can not do it, someone who can help me? if (player->isMoveExhausted()) {...
  7. potinho

    OTClient NPC Highlight speech blue

    You know when you put any words into "{ }" in a NPC phrase and it gets highlighted in a deeper blue? Well, I'm looking for the code that make this works. Had a look in the npc lua system and in the some sources, but haven't found anything. Could you help me deploy this on my server? It's an OTX...
  8. Jaki Maoh

    C++ Quiver system source modification attempt

    Hello Community! I was searching the forum for a way to implement a quiver system and found this post: After following the tutorial and experimenting some things here and there, I tried to make some alterations. First of all, a little modification to @Infernum 's edit, allowing to add multiple...
  9. S

    C++ How to get item ID by ClientID

    Hi, I made a script that sends the ClientID of an item to the server, so the server can send me info about the item, but i can't manage to get those informations through clientId. What i am trying to do is to convert the ClientId to ServerID, but because of my lack of experience in C++, i...
  10. C

    Have problem compilando add new scripts

    hello trying to copy the reborn system, but an error pops up during compilation [ 2%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/src/game.cpp.o /home/ots/src/game.cpp: In member function ‘bool Game::combatChangeHealth(Creature*, Creature*, CombatDamage&)’: /home/ots/src/game.cpp:3791:44: error...
  11. Alkenyx

    TFS 1.3 - Implementing Quiver Problem

    Hello Folks. I'm trying to implement a quiver for pallys but my bow don't want to shoot. https://otland.net/threads/quiver-tfs-1-x-0-x.264070/page-2 Working with TFS 1.3.
  12. D

    OTClient Rect Class

    Hello guys, I am currently experimenting some codes on OTClient and I have a conceptual question about width/height in Rect class There is a bunch of "+1" and "-1" corrections on its values, which does not look right. I am blowing my mind trying to understand that and why and how it works as...
  13. F

    passing an old code(0x) to the current one 1.3x NetworkMessage

    hello, I need help to understand about sending and receiving bytes, if anyone can explain this I will be grateful! I'm passing code from version 0x to 1.3 and I need to understand about bytes, this is the 0x function, this is 1.3x the code edited by min (1.3) does not have the...
  14. F

    C++ how to send opcodes from server to otclient 1.3

    hello I need to send information from the server to otclient, this information would be to update the name of a summon, I still don't understand mt well about opcodes, I made a code but it doesn't work SpectatorVec spectators; g_game.map.getSpectators(spectators...
  15. Silba

    C++ [C++/Lua] Percentage level range for pvp-enforced exp instead of flat level range

    Hello I would like to modify the source code or create a script which will allow me to set the level range for pvp-enforced experience to be based on a percentage rather than the normal level range which never changes. Right now in config.lua I have expFromPlayersLevelRange = 80 and this is...
  16. 3688599

    Monsters disappearing

    monsters disappearing automatic when i make hunt and after it tibia get bugs ;/ how to fix this problem ? Version : OTX
  17. zbizu

    useful tricks in Visual Studio for beginners

    Introduction This thread purpose is to get more people into experimenting with TFS sources. Most beginners (and plenty of advanced users) prefer using Windows when it comes to running tfs locally. This is not a disadvantage - most of user friendly tools to build a decent game world are for...
  18. 3688599

    Formula damage error

    This is my third post for formula and problem still not fixed .. need someone help me to fix it .. my problem is : damage formula is error in spells and in weapons too like i write this damage in weapons setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC, 0, -14500000, 0, -15500000) and after...
  19. 3688599

    formula bug

    Formula bugs! when add this damage in wand setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC, 0, -9000, 0, -11500) and start server for test wand attack ( 200-900 ) -- dont give the damage i add in weapons combat.cpp max = (int32_t)((player->getLevel() * 2 + player->getMagicLevel() * 3) * 1. *...
  20. 3688599

    Dead Message Request

    Error when player dead. should message is supposed to come after death sendTextMessage(MSG_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You are dead.");