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  1. ckripz

    condition addon in outfit

    Hello! good afternoon, I have a detail with a script. I have a movement script, what it does is that when you step on the floor the script gives you an outfit, everything is fine here, if you give me the outfit but what it doesn't give me is the addon, I suppose it is because I don't have it...
  2. S

    [TFS 0.4] Looking for programmer

    I'm looking for a programmer for TFs 0.4 (Source Editing). I have references for previously purchased services. Payment with PayPal. Thanks!
  3. Kuantikum

    Compiling RewardBoss TFS 1.3

    HELLO!!! :p :p I basically open all the files from the sources of ot "New OT Project: OTServBR - Global (10x outdated with sprites 12.15" and searched for the word reward and added the modifications to the sources of my project 🤪🤪🤪 Iologindata.ccp Rewardchest.ccp /** * @file rewardchest.cpp...
  4. Kuantikum

    C++ Reward Boss for tfs 1.3

    Hello! :p:p I did some tests with some tutorials that I found here on the forum, but I was not successful :eek::rolleyes: Can someone tell me how to implement rewardBoss for TFS 1.3? 🤗🤗 I'm very grateful 😍😘🥰
  5. Kuantikum

    C++ [TFS 1.3] CTRL+ARROW KEY (Make the GODS / GM go through the walls)

    HELLO!!! :p I don't know if it's a code in the sources or a simple scrip, but I'm looking for the code to be able to make the GODS / GM go through the walls with the key combination CTRL + ARROW KEYS for TFS 1.3 please. Can anybody help me ? I'm very grateful 😍😘🥰
  6. Dries390

    C++ Remere's Map Editor - Ground Floor

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew which particular pieces of the Remere source code I should look at to have it render floors > 7 looking from z = 7. I was able to implement the changes to my server/client but now i'm trying to edit the mapeditor so I can see what it looks like without...
  7. Lessaire

    If VSCodium is not free enough for you

    🥳 🥳 🥳 Eclipse Theia 🥳 🥳 🥳 Next generation in developer environment funposting has finally reached Version 1.0 Release. Why yes, this is exactly what it looks like. A completely open-source IDE framework that can directly use VS Code extensions in its package.json. { "theiaPluginsDir"...
  8. Nu77

    [C++/Lua/Sprites] Null's Services

    Hello people! I’m available to commissioned work and Long/Short term. I'm a programmer very experienced with C++ and Lua. If you are seeking quality with good prices, then i'm your guy! I'll be able to work with both TFS & OTC and provide high quality code with awesome performance for both of...
  9. 1

    Editing Floor View with Storage 0.4

    Hey there! Firstly sorry for my bad english... So.. I'm looking for a system that verify the player storage.. and when return 1, will change the Floor View: I developed a solution that i can verify the storage in GetMapDescription, and GetFloorDescription... using a new param (bool...
  10. 115820

    Feature HP & MP percent OTX 3.1

    Hi, after searching everywhere and not finding out. I making my own version about this for OTX 3.1 This code will make HP and MP appear in percentage First you will need SOURCES OTX 3.x+ in protocolgamebase.cpp search void ProtocolGameBase::AddPlayerStats(NetworkMessage& msg) After find...
  11. Z

    C++ Remove summon from experience map

    Hi, I need to change summon from experience map to master, then the master will receive the experience that summon would recive. I already blocked summon to recive experience, but if summon and player damage the creature, when the experience map is constructed, the experience wouldn't all to...
  12. G

    DEV c++ erro -leay32

    Good night Ot Land (Tradutor Google) I have this little problem finishing the compilation of my server .exe. Does anyone have any tips for how to solve or link to indicate to solve the problem.
  13. Z

    C++ Creature CastSpell() right way

    Hello, I have this function to do Creatures cast spells, but isn't working in right way, if a monster(summon) cast a spell, the spell is damaging the player(master), if hit another player, the master don't get Skull, the master and the player that recive damage don't get Pz Locked. After search...
  14. L

    C++ getManaForNextMLevel from table

    Hello, i tried to table for magicLevel, how much mana you need spent for next magic level. my code: uint64_t Player::getManaForNextMLevel(){ uint64_t ManaForNextML[200] = { 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000, 24000, }; //will...
  15. Sequax

    C++ Quiver for Nostalrius 7.7

    Hey, been trying to figure out how to get a quiver to work on Nostalrius 7.7. Here the git for the sources I'm using: GitHub I've tried looking at these two tutorials but my players.cpp doesn't match. I don't have any "ammoItem". Quiver [TFS 1.X + 0.X] Quiver for paladins - tfs1.X I don't...
  16. Lurk

    TFS 0.X hundred of onCreatureLeave messages on console

    each second there's at least 30, listing npcs and monsters, there's also "Monster: monstername not found in the friendList." [19:24:33.332] Monster: Cond Jumy not found in the friendList. [19:24:33.332] onCreatureLeave - Cond Jumy I'm trying this TFS 1.X+ - tfs 1.2 how can i create a crash log...
  17. slavi

    How to deal with common errors while compiling!

    Hey there, As the title describes, this tutorial aims to give you a background about a programming topic, which is compiling. This tutorial is targeted to people with none to beginner knowledge in programming. We'll be using visual studio. The reason behind posting this, is that most people...
  18. Lurk

    C++ tfs 0.4 crash

    so, out fo nowhere this error poped up terminate called after throwing an istance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::bad_function_call> >' what(): call to empty boost::function I have no idea what's causing it, I'm using tfs 0.4 and...
  19. anyeor

    C++ Help me - crash

    Hello, When i add flag -g -fsanitize=address to my engine, i got an error: https://pastebin.com/raw/SX0EJh9L Can anybody help me how to fix it? Thanks! My game.cpp: https://pastebin.com/raw/eTVLPfxE Best regards!
  20. M

    Help I've not located - C++/LUA

    I know it's available in the forum. But I couldn't find... If you find or can do I'll be grateful I USE TFS 0.4 1 - Message before the monster sends spell ---- Like Gaz Haragoth... 2 - Monster Spell Disarm Player weapon, the weapon goes to backpack... 3 - Spell of the character It is not...