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  1. Error 502

    C++ change your stats percent // Points

    1.5 Nekiro downgrade. I don't have much experience in C++. I come to ask how to do an IF function without dying trying xd I want to know if the way of coding in c++ is correct, especially the storage Context: how to change the way to display HP and mana according to storage , changing them...
  2. K

    Add more attributes in doItemSetAttribute

    *I'm using tfs 0.X (0.4 or 0.6) *Client 8.60 I would like to know how I can add more attributes to doItemSetAttribute, for example: doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxhealth", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxmana", 700) doItemSetAttribute(item, "speed", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item...
  3. D

    TFS 1.3 8.6 MOUNT SYSTEM

    Hello, I'm looking to use the tfs 1.3 downgrade 8.6 mount system I already have a sprite added for testing, but when I use outfit.lookMount = ID it doesn't work. Can anyone shed some light on how to resolve this?
  4. F

    Downgrading TFS 1.2

    Hello, I'm downgrading tfs version 1.2(10x) to 854, I have no errors in my client's terminal and no errors in my server's terminal, the client is just "Connecting to the game server...", I changed the settings .cpp, protocollogin.cpp and items.cpp, I'm out of errors and out of ideas to follow...
  5. M0ustafa

    C++ Boostpercenthealing attribute by Nekiro

    I have added those attributes to TFS 1.4.2 But I have an issue that I cannot solve by myself. Attribute boostpercenthealing isn't working, That is a known bug and has an issue opened here, but it's been long enough and no one tried yet, so I decided to try finding a solution here.
  6. M0ustafa

    C++ Boostpercentmagic attribute by Nekiro

    I have added those attributes to TFS 1.4.2 But I have an issue that I cannot solve by myself. Attribute boostpercentmagic is stacking the damage. It increases the total damage instead of the player's primary damage. Example: If I am dealing "1000 damage" and use an item that increases 20% of...
  7. El Man

    TFS 0.X Monsters looking ahead

    When startup server all monster looking ahead like . How i fix it.? TFS 0.4
  8. W

    C++ Weapon give two skills

    Hello I would like to make 1 weapon give two skills, e.g. set the weapon as a sword but give the sword and club skills. I don't really know how it works in the C ++ case Weapons.cpp Player.cpp
  9. W

    C++ Eq from skills

    Hello I'd like to make equipment from skill. Explain: an armor that we can put on only if we have 20 axe skills I don't really know where to start (in C ++ of course), in Movements.h and cpp I have a link to "ReqLevel" which I tried to change. Maybe I should start at Weapons?
  10. D

    [TFS 1.3] [8.3] [SOURCE] [CONTAINER] Container Error

    Hi, I ran into a problem that I still don't know how to solve. I'm using TFS 1.3 Downgrade 8.6 Github below. https://github.com/moviebr/baiakthunder/blob/master/src/container.cpp My server crashed and when I saw the logs I came across a problem in the source in the file container.cpp line 681
  11. kuhi

    Programmer Looking for programmer to add pathfinding to my bot

    Hello, I have an internal C++ dll that reads XY coordinates source and XY coordinates dest. Your task is to include a pathfinding algorithm that will allow me to loop it in my current code. Parameters that we must check: path->isWalkable path->isPathable I will provide access to that data...
  12. kuhi

    Programmer Reverse engineering for c++ internal learning project [paid hourly]

    Hello, I'm developing this project for learning purposes: GitHub - Kuhicop/Tibia-OpenGL-Imgui (https://github.com/Kuhicop/Tibia-OpenGL-Imgui) As sometimes I have doubts I need someone to answer my questions and show me examples. For example, now the program is crashing randomly after X...
  13. 1

    C++ Cast Sort By Viewers

    delete it... i dont know how to delete :(
  14. K

    C++ [Help] Error compiling - "Level and vocation instead of world name on character login"

    TFS 0.4 Rev3996 I found this script "Level and vocation instead of world name on character login" here on the forum, but it is giving error during compilation. As shown in the picture. Can anyone help me to solve it? Link: Fix/Patch - Level and vocation instead of world name on character login...
  15. Yan18

    C++ [TFFS 1.3 - Source] Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)'

    Hi folks! I need help with a error in the source, it is being headache 😂. I tried to figured out the problem at the internet, but I didn't understand the issue yet. The issue is: Console Error List: Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)': attempting to...
  16. El Man

    C++ monster spawn in different place not on players

    HELP ! i have problem when monster spawn he goes down in the same place where the player is standing .. all just i need when the monster comes down it descends in a different place than the place in which the player stands I turn : allowBlockSpawn = false : to spawn and there are people in...
  17. G

    [C++] Prevent generating number below 20 with function rand() twice in a row

    I execute this script every second and I do not want the message "I must be only once in a row!" to display more than once in a row. It can be displayed multiple times but never one after another one. // int x = 1; int chance = uniform_random(1, 100); if (20 <= chance)...
  18. Yan18

    C++ [TFS 1.3] - How to Get When a Monster use Melee Attack (Basic Attack) and When the Monster uses Spell in Monster.xml in Tag <attacks> from C++Source?

    Hi Guys, As the title says, how can I get in the source when a monster uses melee attack (Basic Attack) and when the monster uses a Spell attack contained in tag <attacks> in the Monster.xml ?
  19. potinho

    C++ Server respect outfits.xml

    Hello everyone, I have an OTX 2 server (TFS 0.3.7) 7.72 protocol, where I define the outfits range in the sources, as below in protocolgame.cpp: Im using OTCv8 as client. void ProtocolGame::sendOutfitWindow() { NetworkMessage_ptr msg = getOutputBuffer(); if(!msg) return...
  20. ZeroSkyer

    TFS 1.X+ Exhaust Equip c++

    Hello, currently I have exhausted the equip hotkey, now I am trying to move the exhaust for each slot since the idea is to exhaust the rings and amulets but not the equip hotkey in general but I can not do it, someone who can help me? if (player->isMoveExhausted()) {...