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  1. J

    Exhaust follow problem

    Hello guys I have problem I use tfs 0.4 tibia 8.6 and I wouldlike add exhaust for Follow How I can do it? Because I have problem With Players who make lags
  2. Jpstafe

    How can I know which is the correct tfs-sdk and boost for this ot?

    hello otland community, I have a question, I'm trying to fix an error with spells, exhausted, and I have to compile the ot to solve it, the problem I have is that when I compile it, it compiles without error, but when I replace the exe that compiles with the previous one, I get an error when...
  3. Jpstafe

    Does anyone know how to put this exhaust?

    Hello otland community, for several days I have been investigating the issue of the exhaust in the ots 7x, and I would like to change it, how the ots use it, I know that it is not the original exhaust of the version, but the players who play my ot me They ask, how can it be changed... now I...
  4. Jpstafe

    Query about SD stack and spell exhaust

    Good Morning otland community! I wanted to ask a question about my ot, I need to change the player's exhaust when throwing spells, even though I change them in spells.xml they don't change, they always throw in 2 seconds, even if I lower it to 0, it keeps throwing every 2 seconds, the spells , I...
  5. J

    Help with arrow,I need help

    Hello Guys I have problem Because When I use Potion My arrow Stop shooting have Exhaust I wouldlike When I use potions All the time my arrow attack ,how I can to do? Items.xml <item id="2352" article="a" name="Crystal arrow" plural="crystal arrow"> <attribute key="weight"...
  6. pdrhtdn

    [TFS 1.3][REQUEST] Lever to fight boss with cooldown

    Hi everyone, I've been digging here and on other forums a way to add a cooldown to a lever so the player (solo or in a team of 5) that pulls it can only pull again after 20 hours. For example I've been working on Duke Krule, and I got this so far: Also, the boss should disappear if the player...
  7. Varianek

    TFS 0.X Moveevents Teleport with exhaust

    Hi, I need help with this script. I plan to add to this script exhaust but I don't know how add. The script teleport players to pos xyz. If player come back too soon This player must wait xx minutes. function onStepIn(cid, item, pos) local pos = {x=148, y=379, z=7}...
  8. Ü

    TFS 1.X+ Exhaust player

    Good day people. I've been with this problem for quite some time. I hope someone can help me :) There is an exhaust in players that I cannot know what it is. I tried changing the exactions in config.lua to very low values but it didn't change. It happens when you corner with the keyboard or you...
  9. bybbzan

    8.6 Exhaust attack to heal

    Hello! Seriously, why the hell is it like this? I just changed from TFS 8.6 3777 to TFS 0.3.7-r5969-win64 Everything was fine until i noticed this shit. When you cast exori frigo or any other aggressive spell you should be able to heal immediately after casting it. And no, its not the exhaust...
  10. S

    Lua Double exhaust rune

    Hello, is it possible to create a rune which reduces the exhaustion of each type by half for a certain time without source code? If possible, please tell me which set of functions to use to achieve the goal. I'm using TFS 1.2 Thank you for all the answers!
  11. S

    Double Exhoust Rune - is possible to create??

    Hello, is it possible to create a rune which reduces the exhaustion of each type by half for a certain time? If possible, please select which functions to use to achieve the goal. I'm using The Forgotten Server v0.2.15 (Mystic Spirit) Thank you for all the answers!
  12. Niioxce

    Solved Exhaustion is global

    So i've come across this feature where everything has a global cooldown. (as shown in the Imgur GIF) I can't use healing and attack spells at the same time. I have been all over otland and haven't found anything noteworthy. I tried tfs 1.2 8.6 which could use different groups at the same time...
  13. GhostWD

    New exhaust types

    Hello i have started playing with exhausts in spells i have added to tfs04/spells.cpp at master · Fir3element/tfs04 · GitHub something like if(agresive) player->addExhaust(exhaustion, EXHAUST_COMBAT); if(!agresive) player->addExhaust(exhaustion, EXHAUST_HEALING); if(isCombo1)...
  14. Pluto

    TFS 0.3 - 0.3.7-r5969-v8.60 - exhaust system

    It uses old exh system (can't cast attack and defensive spells at the same time). What could I do to fix that, and add something like "spell groups" to spells.xml? What I know is it should be changed in source files (configmanager.cpp, spells.cpp, configmanager.h), seen solution, but the links...
  15. J

    C++ OTHire 0.0.3 stairs exhaust

    Hello. I want to remove exhaust when youre jumping on stairs. There is no such variable in config.lua. I tried checking the source in spells.cpp but i dont know what should i look for. Please help.