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  1. jo31

    Hello guys! Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3

    Hello guys! I have been getting Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3. We recently installed Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3 and we got error when you visit the site it says "Error 500 http" and in the log file Apache it says "account.php Line 33"
  2. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello Everyone, I installed a MyAAC, I read this is AAC Maker on Gesior System, I cant add a menu with wars.php I dont have and I cant find in any version of MyAAC file wars.php so I try to copy wars.php from my last AAC Maker Gesior to new. But I have this error and I can't find any fix...
  3. drentt

    [Gesior] Can't create characters

    I've been dealing with several versions of Geisor but in none of them is it possible to create the characters, in the configuration I put the information well the name of the database, type of base and pass, but it do not create the character, I use the OTXserver modif bye maluco, the ot runs...
  4. Kodak

    AAC Weird Gesior Install Error

    So I've had no issues in the past before installing Gesior 2012, I still have a working version on an existing db I used for testing. So I went to install a fresh copy on a fresh db and got the error below, I thought this may be because I was installing a different copy of Gesior (Gesior TOP...
  5. suicunei

    Windows Gesior doesn't update MySQL

    Hey guys, this is one of my first threads, I'm brazillian and sorry for my bad english... Well, let's to the issue About 4 days ago, I just downloaded Gesior 2012 for TFS 0.4 + directly from the official repository of Gesior.pl in GitHub. The website seems like very nice, now I'm trying to edit...
  6. Mudrock

    [Gesior AAC] For: Marco Oliveira

    Well, some time it works and learn more about php and other programming languages! I started to develop this gesior that uses as the base of a user named Mitsuig (I do not know if he has any account here in the forum), since open tibia is an open community there is no way I can not make this...
  7. xGustadoIts

    Gesior php

    can you help me? Cast system. Table: live_casts : player_id cast_name password description spectators
  8. G

    Linux gesior 2012

    i use gesior 2012 for first time its installed fine and all but when i login i got debugged. Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object in /var/www/classes/account.php on line 33 any one have idea how to fix this problem..
  9. Crixpx

    [Gesior ACC]how fix? Date time fail

    how fix time date help me plz
  10. Vinicius Alves

    Não cria accounts " Does not create accounts"

    Alguém Por Acaso Já Viu Esse Erro na vida? Gesior reconhece uma base de dados, POIS uma Lista de sempre atualiza topo servidor. Porem ELE NÃO consegue CRIAR conta NEM guilds, Não apresenta Nenhum Erro, APENAS fala Que foi CRIADO com Sucesso, mas NÃO cria uma Linha de Dados na base de dados, JA...
  11. T

    [Gesior AAC] tibiarl layout edited by Br0ken [gold]

    Hello i edit tibiarl layout and release here. DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/8gmgr7tl3kppub2/broken.rar SCAN https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/ea5d31cd218daaa7f5151a1b59a96694fceac8a927be26d6b4d933f94d236bc3/analysis/1478893457/ Like it? REP
  12. Jnede

    Need help gesior aac for tfs 0.3.0

    Hello guys .. I was making the website for my first tfs 0.3.0 server and I got a problem when trying to log in :( cuz it says (page not working) when i try to log in !! the rest in the website is fully nice working. .. Could any one help me please!! thanks
  13. XenoQiller

    [GESIOR] Experience Table (max. 1200)

    I noticed a lot of people still use the old experience table which shows the amount of experience for each level with a max. of level 400. Since the high levels on real Tibia they have increased their list with the max. level of 1200. After some boring hours of copy / paste I present you the...
  14. HappyFeet

    AAC for Evolutions Version 0.7.8

    as you can see i'm looking for an aac for Evolutions Version 0.7.8 based on OTServ SVN Version 0.6.0. I tried alot of aac's but nothing works... can someone help me???
  15. A

    [PHP] Shop System

    Anyone is selling or having the same shop system as http://megatibia.com.br/ ??? I will pay very well for it. Please pm me or let me know if you can make the same shop for my gesior 0.4 website.
  16. Frageria

    [Gesior] OTSet.eu V3 Fire&Ice

    Main Logo is to remove. Footer logo please don't remove.
  17. Frageria

    [Gesior] RichFrog

  18. Frageria


  19. OTSet


    I'm author I have PSD Please don't remove footer When you give to another forum please write OTSet.pl author All is no perfect but working DOWNLOAD SKAN
  20. OTSet

    [Gesior ACC] OTSet.pl v1 LAYOUT SUPER!

    Hello :D First post mit gift :p