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mapper job

  1. Kiln

    Mapper Mapper looking for orders

    Hello! My last thread got the screens down, so i'm creating a new one. I'm available again to take orders. Payment: I charge based on how big the map is and how much details do you want, because both will say how much time i'll have to spent doing it. Discord: Kiln#2290 - Some map pieces:
  2. Kiln

    Mapper Offering detailed mapping services

    Hey! I worked as a mapper for some OTservers in the past 3 years but now I'm free to work on other jobs. I will leave here some map pieces that i was working on as a showoff. Payment: I charge based on how big the map is and how much detailed do you want it to be, because both will say how much...
  3. loreal

    Need Mapper /BR

    Need Mapper /BR i pay in paypal!
  4. Zorenia

    Mapper Zorenia || Looking for mapper

    Hi Guys, I've started an project last week. You can read all about it in the link below. In short therms: RPG, Low Exp, exploring, story, 7.72.. Zorenia || New Project! || Custom RPG 7.72 To be short here, I am looking for one additional mapper. The main focus is creating the map for the...
  5. Anubora

    Mapper Recuitring mappers

    we look for mappers who wish to create fragments / parts of a map (forests / terrains / mountains). mostly we will provide templates where u should fill terrain Version: -10.98 Requeriments: -average knowledge of remere's editor -ease to work live or at least recorded Payment: -the payment...
  6. C

    Mapper Mapping service - payable only

    Hi, My name is Kamil, Im able to offer mapping services. Languages: -Polish -English Skills: -Mapping Experience: -about 5 years -I had couple local open tibia servers (for me and my friends) in the past (more like rpg servers with storyline and quests, advanced dialogs etc.) Costs...
  7. Dohko

    Mapper Greek city 10.98 [PAID JOB]

    Hey guys, I’m looking for mapper to make a city based on old grecia, for my project of greek mythologic. I work with sprites from tibia 10/10.98 and my server going to have teleport’s to hunt. Basically, I need a city with a few houses, 1 boat and 1 exit, a temple and a teleports room. Image...
  8. W

    Mapper looking for team. any client.

    Mapper looking for team! personal I'm 21 years of age and live in Sweden. I have a full time job and do this as my hobby. Would be able to spend about 2 hours each day and more on the weekends. Experience Good with lore, detail and immersive scenery. Love to create maps and zones and put a...
  9. tjafs

    Looking for 7.6 7.7 Mapper *

    As the title says i'm looking for a mapper 7.6 7.7 More information can be in personal talk and also your payment Contact: Otland or Discord: tjafs#6716
  10. Neto Tourinho


    Ola boa noite a todos! estou a procura de um mapper experiente para um projeto que irei começar, irei dar um detalhamento maior do projeto caso você tenha interesse no mesmo, irei pagar pelos serviços valor previamente acertado com o mapper caso ele se interesse em fazer. Solicito que o mapper...
  11. S

    Mapper Need mapper for evolution!

    Hello guys! Im currently working on an Evolution server and need someone to help me with a teleport room and quest room. (Maybe some more stuff on the go) If you feel temptated to help me out pm me your discord name and we talk further about price etc. Best regards Sami
  12. K

    Mapper Mapping for $$ or PP

    Hello mappers! We are looking for person with pro mapping skills to help us build rest of our RPG-map, of course everything has price, so we offer money for your work. To be honest 35mb of map is already done, so we looking for someone who can just create some spots with our instructions about...
  13. kacperciu

    Mapper mapper is looking for a job client from 7.6-8.6

    If u need mapper write to me my sample work [1] [2] End [3] [4] in game photo [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] dragons place [10] tp room [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] karmia depo [16] rotworms [17] gate ? [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29]
  14. kacperciu

    Kacperciu Mapping Thread

    Hi Otlanders I would like to show my work only version 8.6 [1] city inspiration by luffy start [2] End [3] [4] in game photo [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] dragons place [10] tp room [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] karmia depo [16] rotworms [17] gate ?
  15. Victorftorres

    Mapping Thread - Victorftorres

    Hi Guys! I'm sharing some of my maps that I did a long time ago (prob around 4 years ago)... Thank you =) _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________...
  16. danne3131

    Mapper 7.4 Serious project, looking for mappers. (adding custom into realmap)

    Hello, is there any talented mapper around here? specificly in the protocol of 7.4, where custom content will be added into a realmap. Limited up to 7.72 sprites. (New big islands) Only looking for very experienced mappers. Regards! Yours, Daniel
  17. Cornex

    Mapper Custom 7.4 server is looking for mappers

    Hello! I'm looking for one or two mappers to work with me on a custom 7.4 server. I don't have a lot of details to give you about the server right now other than it is a custom server, client 7.4, based on TFS 1.2 downgraded by Ninja & Ond. I don't necessarily looking for mappers with years...
  18. Misha123

    Mapper Looking for a Mapper Forgotten 8.60

    Hello! I'm searching for a experienced mapper for my Forgotten server 8.60, you will be a GM on the server. You will create hunting rooms and also quests etc, the map will prety much be yours! PM me if interested
  19. M

    Team [SWEDEN] Thais-Undead recruting

    hey i need some staff members for my server! i have the server up and running ip: thais-undead.zapto.org client 8.60 i need one for website missions and one scripter and maybe one mapper. you will recive gamemaster and i hope we can continue playing togheter! contact me here first.
  20. J.Dre

    Mapper Hiring a Mapper to revamp old-school cities.

    Hey everyone, Let's keep this simple. :) An idea of mine requires a mapper. This will be an extension to my current project and I'm hoping to find a mapper who loves detailing and revamping old maps. You may work from town-to-town, area-to-area, and so on. No long-term commitments. No urgent...