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Jul 28, 2023
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Do you need help with new maps for your server?

- Need help with certain maps created for your server?
I have been mapping for about 2-3 years now, and i love doing it. I was one of the 2nd season mapcreater for OseraWorld. a pretty big server back in the days. Do you have certain requests that needs to be made, then let me do it for you! You can trust in a fully detailed and good work on the map i make for you.

- How long will it take?
Well, depending on what you need and ask for the time of the making is different. We will talk about that when we get to it. Are you in a hurry to get something done. dont worry, i can manage that too!

- How much will this cost?
We will discuss the price when we get to it.

- What are you guaranteed?
I can asure you well made mapping and good communication during our collaboration.

- What versions can i work with?
Im most experienced to work with client: 10.90, but i do know how to work with every version ofc. And i use the program: Remere's Map Editor

- How good im i as a mapper?
Be my guest, have a look at the attached pictures on this post!

15min job on a new town (2021, an idea that never got to be used on OseraWorld)

40min job on a "harder rosha-world"

30ish min job, hidden crypt, this was used on OseraWorld as one of the season2 endgame huntspots.

>>> If you want to see more and more detailed stuff, just ask! <<<

- How can you contact me?
Discord: SparvenBara(#5993)

- What payment methods do i use?
1) Paypal (for everyone)
2) Swish (if you live in sweden)

Best Regards!
you should at least have a few maps screenshots for other people to see your work, specify which client versions you can work with, and also post some contact info

new user with 2 posts and no maps shown 🤔
Maybe a bit more information about which client versions you have the most experience or like that.
Payment methods?
Personally I have no idea about OseraWorld, so maybe a bit information about that maybe?
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