1. J

    Linux Modern AAC "Only variables should be passed by reference"

    Hello everyone, I`m trying to set up a modern AAC webiste hosting it on my linux server, but I get several errors (9) of the following error: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Only variables should be passed by reference Filename: codeigniter/Common.php Line Number: 148 the...
  2. HappyFeet

    Solved [PHP] (T_CASE) Error

    I'm getting this error and I cant figure out where it come from. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'case' (T_CASE) in D:\xampp\htdocs\x\account.php on line 456 break; #####CHANGE PASSWORD##### case "password": <--------- Line 456 if ((!isset($acc_logged) &&...
  3. Amiroslo

    [Modern AAC] WarCore Template

    Originally released by: Vanessax Picture: Like it? Dont forget to hit the like button :)
  4. L

    [Modern Acc] Fix Homepay script!

    Hey guys, me and erexo fix script for Homepay (something like daopay for polish users). If u have any problems write in comment below. <?PHP $ots = POT::getInstance(); $ots->connect(POT::DB_MYSQL, connection()); $SQL = $ots->getDBHandle(); $config['server']['serverName']=''...
  5. Amiroslo

    [ModernAAC] Bootstrap Layout

    Hello guys, here is a bootstrap layout for ModernAAC Logged out Logged in
  6. Amiroslo

    [ModernAAC] ParadiseOT Website

    Hello, This is the full website which is 100% compatible with the server I released. Contains Paypal (manual) Zaypay (auto) Different cool layouts LINK HERE DONT FORGET TO REP AND LIKE ;D
  7. lekods

    [Modern ACC] Layout PokeXGames / PokeTibia

    Hello to all! I am offering this layout based website I have not been making changes to differentiate it from the original. This version does not háedições internal Modern ACC included. It apeans a base. Download: Mega Scan:Virus Total Credits: ~ LekoDS by editing the CSS/HTML...
  8. JoccE

    [Modern] JoccE2 - Template

    So.. I made a template for ModernAAC while working this weekend, so thought i should share it with everyone. It's clean and basic and inspired by ShadowCore layout. To make it more personal you should atleast change the header. (850x160px) To change the Server Info stuff open up index.tpl...
  9. TomCrusher

    [MODERN]Mock's Snake Highscore

    Hello Otlanders! I will share with you my new own work. Here is it Mock's Snake Highscore on web into ModrernACC. Go to admin panel and open "Pages" link then cick on "Create Page" and give "snake" as new name of page then put into content: <div class='message'> <div...
  10. Bica

    [Modern AAC] Emporia Website + Pages [Re-Hosting]

    Website Preview Credits from [Modern AAC] Emporia Website + Pages PS: i didnt worked with it. So its means i didnt edited anything.
  11. Bica

    [ModernACC] Spell List

    Sup .. i'm not sure, but i already found many pages "bla bla bla Spells bla bla bla" ... i tested some of them but they didnt worked, so i find this one at my websites folder this one, i tested and worked fine :D So i'm tired watching guys crying to have one decent spells page .... lets...
  12. JoccE

    [ModernAAC] Start server from AAC (Linux only)

    So.. After some testing and learning some about modern aac here is the start/stop from web for Modern AAC :) in /system/pages/adminstart.php add this: <?PHP if($ide->isAdmin()) { if(isset($_POST['test'])) { if (check_if_process_is_running("theforgottenserver")) { echo...
  13. W

    [Modern ACC] Correction Bug infinite VIPs items

    [Important correction] Bug VIPs infinite items in modern acc Personnel following a few days of digging the modern acc shop, I came across a fatal bug, I'd say fatal for T large and small because I can say that this would be the least expected of a system that is so nice of the shop make modern...
  14. L

    [Modern aac] Guilds Fix!

    Hey there, Here's a fix for the guilds error in system\application\controllers\guilds.php <?php class Guilds extends Controller { public function index() { $this->load->helper("form"); $this->load->model("guilds_model")...
  15. LucasFerraz

    Fixed Modern AAC and Tibiarl Layout

    NOTES: You will need Page Acces 10 to be admin. Updated database.sql (I recommend using). You will need this script to receive shop items. TUTORIAL: Migrating from Gesior to Modern AAC and How to use Modern AAC. It is available only v1.5 for free. v1.6 is a paid version. (If you helped make it...
  16. Ninja

    [Modern AAC] Show outfit on website (online_players & view_character.php)

    Remember to check the outfitter.php path before writing it's not working properly. I'm going to store my outfitter.php in the public folder. [public/outfitter.php] Open system/application/views/view_character.php You can add this anywhere in the script.<tr><td...
  17. Raggaer

    [Modern ACC] Simple shop system

    Hello, I made this few days ago, decide to release it, its not pro stuff but for me it works Note* Im not pro coder so this code might look shit ( or be ) - Screenshots - index/p/v/shopping index/p/v/buy index/p/v/shopadd - Install - Download attachments Drag all...
  18. hemrenus321

    [MODERN_AAC] hemrenus_poke layout

    by Hemrenus321 4 Otland :p preview:
  19. Raggaer

    [Modern ACC] Simple view character

    Hello, today I made this simple view character for Modern ACC -Screenshot : - How to install this : 1 - Go to \system\application\views 2 - Open the file view_character 3 - Errase all content and paste this <?php...
  20. Raggaer

    [Modern ACC] Simple skill show

    Hello, this is basically a simple skill show I made for train my skills. - Screenshot : - How to install this : 1 - Go to \injections\character_view in your Modern ACC folder 2 - Create a new folder called skills, and create a new file inside called Injection.php 3 - Open...