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  1. K

    Error MyACC old-school

    When I installed the MyAcc website (old-school template) I got it from here: Near the "Server Info" part there is this error: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the...
  2. K

    AAC Myacc wrong items

    I'm using the myacc version 0.8.7 If I look for any player in characters.php, the image of the items that appears is this: But it's all wrong, there aren't even these items in the game... If I go to the vip shop (using a plugin version of @Gesior.pl myaac-gesior-shop-system-v2.3...
  3. Kuantikum

    PHP [MyAcc] Change/link folder create character.

    Hello! Im using the last MyAcc version and looking for change/link a folder to create character. So, the idea is when click in CREATE CHARACTER button, it go to other webpage folder. This at index.php: '/^account\/character\/create\/?$/' => array('subtopic' => 'accountmanagement', 'action'...
  4. Kuantikum

    AAC SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '91229-101' for key 'player_id_2'

    When i create a character i get this error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '91229-101' for key 'player_id_2'
  5. Error 502

    AAC Is the loading time of MyACC normal?

    I just want to know if it's normal or not? Information in the footer: "My PC"(, localhost) Currently there is 1 visitor. Page has been viewed 2557 times. Load time: 2.021 seconds. Professional web host(NO VPS) Currently there is 1 visitor. Page has been viewed 2560 times. Load...
  6. Error 502

    Solved [MyAcc] Allow only numbers in account name

    Server : 1.5 Nekiro downgrade 8.0 MyAAC version: v0.8.7 how do i Allow only numbers in account name? try deleting in validator, load combat, etc... like A-Z0-9 QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLÑZXCVBNM0123456789 but it didn't work...
  7. almirtibiaalmir

    AAC Sha1 myaac Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a Problem with myaac. If i create an Account the Password are plain text in phpadmin, so cant login in the Server, then if i generate the password manually with sha1 i can Login the Server But Not anymore on the Website. What can be the Problem here? Tfs Version - 1.5
  8. Galatea

    Looking for someone to implement payment API

    I need someone to implement payment system (skrill/w.e) or other payments on my website. MyACC / TFS 1.4.2 Discord: XenovskI#1337
  9. K

    Canary, cant login

    Hi, im noob in ot. I use all in this tutorial : [Basic][Windows] Canary + Uniform Server + MyAAC - OpenTibiaBR (https://majestyotbr.gitbook.io/opentibiabr/projects/canary/infrastructure/basic-windows-canary-+-uniform-server-+-myaac) Server and site work, login/register/ char creation etc...
  10. H

    help with pulling function in twig

    I am using myacc hello guys, I'm looking for a way to pull a function to the twig file, I'm making some changes in my character view. I'm wanting to pull a value from a storage that the player has for the twig. Example: I managed to add this function in php and it worked. But I'm not able to...
  11. T

    AAC MyAcc - New Google analytics

    Does MyAcc work with the new google analytics? (GA4) It shows that my website doesn't send any data (trying to access it from a phone on LTE and computer). I've copied the code from GA4 and added it to the config, here: 'google_analytics_id' => '', However, the new code is in a different...
  12. T

    Programmer PHP, MyAcc plugin - Affiliate System

    I am looking for a PHP developer to write an affiliate system plugin for MyAcc. (Probably some Lua will also be needed to add items to the player) System: Generates an affiliate registration link for the user; Counts registrations and displays them on the user's account management page...
  13. H

    most power guild myacc

    hello guys, can anyone help me? i am using otx 2.15 mattyx14. and using myacc. I'm currently using a clean database made available in the font download, and I'm having trouble making the power guild. the guild is being created normally, but the power guild doesn't show it in the last news, can...
  14. R

    Hiring a webdesigner (paid) - convert my layout into myacc or gesior

    Hi! I bought a templace in HTML and i would like to use it on gesior ou myacc. My version is 10x+ and tfs 1.3 (im using otcv8). Beyond the convertion, i need some new pages to be created. If you're interested, text me here ou in WhatsApp +5547988542663
  15. silic0nalph4

    "Importing" characters from real Tibia

    Hi all, I'm trying to recreate several of my real-Tibia characters in a private OT running on Docker. I want to double-check the procedure that I'm following so I can document it for the future (and not mess up my characters 😀). Specifically I want to check what info is required when setting...
  16. Hyagosrs

    AAC MYAAC error while creating Guild

    i get this error when i try to create a new guild. Does anyone know how to solve it? y
  17. B

    Myacc TFS 1.3 Phpmailer send recovery problem

    Hello! I have a problem when I give account password recovery by sending an email and I don't get it. Log from Mail-error "Could not instantiate mail function."
  18. B

    Myacc TFS 1.3 Gesior shop plugin

    Myacc TFS 1.3 Gesior shop plugin Hello! I have uploaded the gesior shop plugin for myacc and I no get items. Can someone help me?
  19. Joriku

    Solved Myacc (OTservbr) login.php error

    Hi, Getting an error while entering the website/login.php Looking like this {"errorCode":3,"errorMessage":"Unrecognized event ."} Ideas? Solved by using an older version of login.php https://github.com/otbr/myaac-tibia12-login/releases
  20. drakylucas

    PHP Running mysql/my-acc/forgottenserver.exe using Docker / docker-compose

    Hi all, good afternoon, how are you doing? I'm a totally newbie in Containers/docker. Can someone please explain step by step to put mysql, website and the TFS running through containers? without having to compile the server, I imagine this file structure: folders: otserver...