1. Aleh

    [Gesior ACC] Notations

    Hello! I present to you scripts written by: Aleh. Please don't copy the script to other forums. Open bans.php (WINDOWS: xampp/htdocs/bans.php, LINUX: var/www/bans.php). After <?PHP Add if($action == "notations") {...
  2. BioHazard94

    [Gesior Acc] Last joined, Free Houses and other! v2

    Hello ! I edit script by Aleh: Add to yor database this code! ALTER TABLE `accounts` ADD `accounts` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ALTER TABLE `players` ADD `players` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; And to...
  3. K

    [Gesior AAC] Quest System (beta)

    Hello everybody, iam newbie on .php and .sql fuctions and i will release a new code for OWN QUESTS, now it is beta, i will put a new features in a future. What news in quest system? - archive questsql.sql ^.- - Only showing tables from DB (Level - Description - Rewards) - Quest WITHOUT query...
  4. Magnetico

    Ithilien - Archer's City

    Ithilien - Archer's City Here is one of the best cities I've ever made before Arghumenta and all that stuff. I will upload images soon. But, I think that you will like it, just download it and see. ;)
  5. Diazapam

    New improved adminpanel for gesior

    Hereby I'll post a new adminpanel for gesior. The edition with only the logs part can be found here. This was made by me today because I was trying to add a function that will give people the possibility to few the statistics of the log system I've posted earlier (Link) While I was doing this...
  6. bilmattan

    [Gesior ACC] reCAPTCHA Theme.

    Hello! I just noticed that It was possible to change color/theme on your reCAPTCHA. So I'd like to share this with you guys! On line 131~, Over : $main_content .= 'To play on '.$config['server']['serverName'].' you need an account. Under/in : </script> Add : <script...
  7. semary

    Addon list

    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] [NOT TESTED][TAKED FROM FRIEND] But it will look like , like this. Screenshot: Step 1) Create Addon.php <div id="addons" class="Box"> <div class="Corner-tl" style="background-image:url(layouts/tibiacom/images/content/corner-tl.gif);"></div> <div...
  8. BardockTornado

    Spawns - Hydras and Orcs

    When I started mapping I did some hunt places, which I don't like much at the moment, but maybe will be useful to someone. Don't waste time criticizing, just download them if you want or not. I hope this helps somebody anyways. :) Hydras Orcs A simple thanks and maybe rep++ would be awesome. :)
  9. K

    [Gesior ACC] Server Info

    Welcome today i make a simple script with idea of [Gesior AAC] Commands from Archez and update by Me(Kargen). Preview Photo: Go to htdocs/gesiorAcc/serverinfo.php, open and replace all with next code: <?php $main_content .= '<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="4" width="100%"> <tr...
  10. Zonet

    [Gesior AAC] layout.

    Hi, layout. I'll from now on, release ALL Layouts made by diivinoo because calling me a scammer and working with barker(barker tried to scam me) :) Fixed it in 7 minutes, so it isn't 100% bugfree :p Preview: He have now a new website, I'll get it too :) EDIT: abit newer...
  11. klekSu

    [Gesior ACC] Show houses of owners who didn't login for X weeks

    Hello otlanders! I've just started my adventure with php and here's a first script made 100% by me (thank to little "how to" from polish board buddies). This script is showing houses of owners who didn't login for X weeks (you can set the time in config). I thought it would be useful so here...
  12. cbrm

    [Gesior AAC] Scrolling Newsticker Feature :Scrollmachine:

    #################################### [> Title: Scrolling Newsticker [> Author: Cybermaster [> Javascript: [> Coding: PHP+XHTML+JAVASCRIPT [> Rev: 0.1 \_____________________________________________/ Description A new feature. Another way to publish news. Includes a...
  13. Serginov

    [Gesior aac] updated Shopadmin.php

    Hello! :D I updated the shopadmin.php to fit with this: made by Rodo shopadmin.php <?PHP if($group_id_of_acc_logged >= $config['site']['access_admin_panel']) { $offertype = $_REQUEST['offer_type']; if((empty($action)) AND...
  14. Aleh

    [Gesior Acc] Last joined, Free Houses and other!

    Welcome! I present to you an improved version of my script. Please don't copy the script to other forums. Author of script: Aleh Let's go! Open latestnews.php (WINDOWS: xampp/htdocs/latestnews.php, LINUX: var/www/latestnews.php). After $time = time(); Add...
  15. S

    [8.54] Custom hunt place

    My old work, found and completed, maybe anyone like it =)...In red circles places ^^ you can soloed monsters. First floor, looks like yalahar's demons, you must have any soil to enter and i don't know, what monsters put on it :S If u found any bug, please tell me and sorry for my bad...
  16. Zonet

    [Gesior AAC] Most Creature Killers! [update! fixed with 1 query]

    I made this script, shows ** players that have killed ** monsters. You can add more monsters, and also choose how many players that should be shown. This is just a example pic, I took storage from db, just test :) PHP script: <?php /* Scrip by zonet */ $kills =...
  17. klekSu

    [Gesior Acc][Layout] Nice looking layout

    Hello otlanders! I've got a request to rip a website, and oh well, I have done this and the guy doesn't respond anymore so I decided to post it, too bad for him. No credits for me, but I would appreciate a reputation point :) Here is it. Screenshot: Enjoy.
  18. J

    [Gesior AAC] Transparent Default Images for Equipment Shower

    Hello. I noticed in some screenshots of peoples custom layouts, some players don't have items equipped in some slots. The default item images will show this as an ugly brown color. I made the default slot images have a transparent background so they will now have the same background color of...
  19. J

    [Geisor AAC] Customized characters.php, screenshot!

    Here's a screenshot of my customized characters.php screen. Code below screenshot. To get yours to look like this, you must do the following: In MySQL execute the following: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `player_advances`; CREATE TABLE `player_advances` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL...