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  1. GOD Suimy

    [8.6] Hunt zone

    Well, I made this map 1 year ago so my skills were not good like now, but I wanna post this to contribute expanding this forum. Original post (by me): Conectarse (dead screenshots removed) Download: Huntzonefurys.rar
  2. T

    Tibia Starter Map / Vocation Island Download

    hey guys i have spent a tiny little bit of my time to create a Small vocation island and im wanting to Share it out to you guys. Just to let you know its only a Basic map because im not that good with using RME. When i get better i will be creating better maps. Mediafire mirror: Download The Map
  3. exiT

    Remapped Evolution Client: 8.60 (REUPLOADED)

    Hello. Today will I release this map becouse i'm not working on the map.. I have just update it to 8.60 and fixed some bugs. The map isn't finished yet but I dont have time to edited it. Images: (dead screenshots removed) Mirror: MEGA
  4. nevix

    Gesior ACC latestnews.php

    I will share my latest news file, it is not perfect but looks not bad for my opinion. After this table going news. Latestnews.php [CODE] <style type="text/css"> .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px...
  5. Mariuskens

    [10.50] Iberiko RPG / 100% Custom Map

    THIS IS ALL ! - 88% MAPED BY ME - 2% MAPED BY OTHERS -10% COPY PASTE REAL MAP (ZAO, ROSHAMUUL, GRAY ...) Map Version 10.10+ 10.37. Space 6.75 MB. Included Shops, Ships to travel, Train Stations to add Systems. Machines with Addon or Mounts System or Remove to put NPC (Items neededs) About...
  6. N

    [8.6] Swomp - [By Neon]

    Another release, because why not? Enjoy, and do whatever you want with it, as usual ;) Info: Client: 10.10 Completed: 100% Size: 150kb Style: New Swamp Sprites Screenshots: (dead screenshots removed) /Neon NOTE: Original release was 10.10. The file expired on external site. The attached...
  7. N

    [10.10] Quinswood Town - [By Neon]

    Made this while streaming... Enjoy, and do whatever you want with it, as usual ;) Minimap Screenshots: (dead screenshot removed) Info: Client: 10.10 Size: 600kb~ Completed: 95% (Just missing some nature) Style: Port/Harbour, Ontop of a Mountain. Enjoy... /Neon
  8. Nottinghster

    Pits of Inferno 7.6-7.7

    Hello OTlanders! In 2010~2011, I was hosting my server called Tibia World RPG OldSchool (First OldSchool Server in the World who had the original full Pits of Inferno Quest), a CipSoft map project. But as you know, Tibia old versions lack some things like new quests, new hunt places and other...
  9. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Anthropod layout

    I liked this template because it looks plain and simple. So I converted it to Znote AAC. :) Note: I fixed so current page is highlighted in menu, the image is a bit outdated. Another sample: Installation instructions: Go into Znote AAC directory, rename layout folder to something else...
  10. Zatacka

    [8.6] Pheonixia-OT v2

    Here i give u Pheonixia v.2 Because some complained alot on the first version :) Enjoy it guys and please make sure you do new upgrades to it and and publish it on otland when u are done! and if you start hosting it keep the name Pheonixia as a credit for my work! i'd be greatful for it. Here...
  11. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Report bug system

    Originally coded by @Dark ShaoOz for Gesior AAC, I converted it to Znote AAC and improved it. Should work with TFS 0.2 and 1.0, Znote AAC 1.4 and 1.5+ In-game talkaction The list: You can copy the /pos command and paste it in tibia client to teleport to location if you are GM. Editing a...
  12. Elime

    WASD walker

    With this application you can control your character in Tibia using wasd keys or any keys you choose. The Tibia hotkeys Ctrl + F1 to Ctrl + F12 can also be redirected to any keys you want. To be able to chat with other players you have to disable WASD. You can do this by pressing the ON/OFF...
  13. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Characterprofile detailed character info (HP, MP, Level, Exp, skills)

    Add it where you want it on characterprofile.php: <?php /*/ / Znote AAC 1.4+ detailed character info (HP, MP, lvL, Exp, skills) / HTML code based on code from Gesior /*/ $tableWidth = 540; if ($config['TFSVersion'] != 'TFS_10') { $playerData = mysql_select_multi("SELECT `value` FROM...
  14. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Characterprofile EQ shower

    Add it where you want it on characterprofile.php: <?php /*/ / Player character profile EQ shower / Based on code from CorneX / Written to Znote AAC by Znote. / Should work on all TFS versions. / Znote AAC 1.4+ /*/ // Item image server $imageServer = $config['shop']['imageServer']...
  15. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Front page Server Info box

    Originally coded by @Raggaer Demo: http://www.qumora.com/index.php Improoved by me, adding cache system and Znote SQL functions. Add to index.php after: include 'layout/overall/header.php'; add: // Front page server information box by Raggaer. Improved by Znote. (Using cache system and Znote...
  16. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Most powerful guilds (TFS 0.3/4 and 1.0)

    Created 2 versions, with table design and without, just remove the one that does not fit your layout. In index.php, before: $cache = new Cache('engine/cache/news'); Add this code: // Most powerful guilds for TFS 0.3/4 and 1.0 //////////////////////// // Create a cache file to avoid high SQL...
  17. EdMignari

    ObjectBuilder [10.32]

    ObjectBuild is a program used to edit dat/spr files. ObjectBuilder 0.4.1 Supported versions: 10.32, 10.31, 10.30 Help: Files info. Select object type. Object view. Go to first object. Go to previous object. Object id. To select a id, insert the value and press the enter key. Go to...
  18. T

    simple new quest by me

    Mediafire mirror: Quest--.otbm
  19. T

    New Quest by me

    hi Otlander, here is my new quest for u :p Room 1 (dead screenshot removed) Room 2 (dead screenshot removed) Room 3 (dead screenshot removed) Room 4 (dead screenshot removed) Room 5 (dead screenshot removed) Mediafire mirror: Quest.otbm
  20. 33263648

    [8.6] • Baiak RPG CLASSIC - A RPG MAP! (8.60) •

    • Baiak RPG CLASSIC - A RPG MAP! (8.60) • Baiak server made by Lula and Edited by me Hey guys I am here to present Baiak Classic RPG, I worked a l0t in this server. This server is one of the most Innovative Baiaks he still have a stable distro. So, what you waitin? Check out now! • Cities: ├...