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  1. Mariuskens

    [England] [11x] HunteraOT | Low rates | Latest features from 11.80/Walkthrough /new bosses/new continent | Optional-PvP| Event schedule!

    Hosted in Europe 11.80 Medium/Low rated Server for RPG experience. Dedicated Server in Nottingham for a long Term. Create your Account now! Check the latest updates! What you can find here? Optional-PvP 100% features, Loot Analyzer Supply Analyzer, Houses renting by Website, Improved Tasks...
  2. T

    (Spain) - Huntera RLmap - Low rated - Antibot Client 11x

    Start a new season as the new year came and the server suffered a lot with the loss of players. With that said I would like to say a few things: New Island Revuul The server is completely stable and updatable as the months go We always have a backup of all "/Data" We will work to adjust the...