1. Togu

    OTClient and Cast System

    Im thinking on give a try to make that. I've seen that OTClient has lua calls for almost everything, for example, on skill window module: connect(LocalPlayer, { onExperienceChange = onExperienceChange, onLevelChange = onLevelChange, onHealthChange = onHealthChange...
  2. Y

    C++ Making loot analyzer

    Hi, I want to make loot analyzer using OTClient + TFS 1.3, and i don't really know how approach one of most important thing: Well, i think about something like this: Monster died (Server side) -> Send info about loot to OTClient via opcode (Problem here) -> Print Info about loot, graphs, income...
  3. Togu

    OTClient Why is this happening (see gif)? / Setting minimum width to label

    I've made some changes on game_skills module and I'd like to set minimum possible width to a label based on the text of the label. Is there a way to do that? On the gif you can see that when game starts it loads a default width and when I reload the module he sets the minimum possible width...
  4. Togu

    What's the goal of OTLand with OTClient?

    We know that the otland/otclient repository was created because the edubart/otclient repository was out of maintainers. But we also know that the way OTClient was developed it's almost impossible to fix all issues to all protocols. So... what's the goal with this repository? Make a generic...
  5. Togu

    Final thread for fixing OTClient dashing animation issue for TFS 1.3

    I made a super slow motion to show the exactly dashing issue: final - Streamable (https://streamable.com/2xek1) troll going from up to down and comparing with real gif and sprites test - Streamable (https://streamable.com/wmv6e) troll going from right to left Split animated GIF image in frames...
  6. Togu

    Help understanding parsing server/client

    I'm studying TFS 1.3 and OTClient sources to improve my project. And now I need to parse a new information (attack speed) to OTClient. So, till now, what I understood is that the server can send and receive informations or commands (packets) to/from the client. And client can send and receive...
  7. G

    Add Position Widget

    Hello everyone I would like to know how I can set the position of a widget, just like StaticText, doing this: g_map.addThing (widget, g_game.getLocalPlayer (): getPosition (), -1) I know this way I can not because addThing does not accept widget. Excuse me if it was not clear what I want, but I...
  8. gicu0770

    [OTClient][10.98] TFS 1.3 and OTC Latest Compiling l OTC with more titles and transparent panels.

    Hi im GICU Hello like theme. WARNING I not helping with config server or compiling. Screen: OTC Download(without .SPR .DAT) compilation VS 17 realse: OTC 10.98 Server + Source TFS 1.3 (compilation debian 8): TFS 1.3 server + source Compiling link tutorial: Compiling on Debian GNU Linux...
  9. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Auto Screenshot and Fast Screenshot

    Hello, I want to present two new modules: game_autoscreenshot and client_fastscreenshot. I have presented possibility to making screenshots in OTClient in this post: [OTClient Showoff], now all was be finished and added to OtLand OTClient github repo. It's forked otland repo from main OTClient...
  10. S

    OTClient Animation Error

    Hi guys, anyone have this same problem in OTClient? This bug is random,, is not always what happens but it greatly disrupts the gameplay and can occurs with creatures/players. Has anyone ever seen a issue like this? I'm trying to fix. I created a video to show (it appears after 0:06), where...
  11. Togu

    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    The Forgotten Tibia https://github.com/GustavoContreiras/TheForgottenTibia The Forgotten Tibia is a free and open-source MMORPG written in C++ and LUA. It is a fork from the The Forgotten Server 1.3 (3b63f65) and OTClient (07b4b78) projects. What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten...
  12. Togu

    How to get server's items id?

    Is there an easy way to do that? OTClient's items id are different from tfs' items id. Edit: Gonna try it and then I'll give feedback here haha
  13. BryanAlexisc

    Cant create animation item with object builder

    I am using OB 0.4.5 I am using .spr .dat 981 I compiled many new sprites next to their otb and when compiling it works normal without errors. But when I create an animation in the program and compile it, when using it in the client, it crashes, and I only put 2 animations in a 64x64 item, the...
  14. 4drik

    OTCi - OTClient improvement project

    Hello OTLand. OTClient changed the game on OTS. We have many servers, that thanks to OTClient are unique, interesting, but recently we neglected OTClient. @MagicWall reminded that OTClient needs us right now, changes are needed. Check the topic. Everyone agreed. OTClient must be developed...
  15. Ashtar

    ShadowRealm Hiring Experienced OTC developer

    What are we looking for? We currently look for a serious, trustworthy experienced c++, Lua programmer with proper understanding of OTC functionality with the ability of editing or developing modules, internal functions and visual features. Requierements: 1. Time availability: For us it is...
  16. Togu

    [OTClient] The Forgotten Tibia Server 0.8

    The Forgotten Tibia Server The Forgotten Tibia Server is a free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++. It is a fork of the The Forgotten Server 1.3 project. To connect to the server, you will need The Forgotten Tibia Client (a custom client forked from OTClient and edited by me -...
  17. MagicWall

    [OTClient] Project needs a new maintainers

    New year, new aims, but... From time when @edubart don't may maintain OTClient github repo (Nov 4, 2017), project was stopped significantely. [RFC] Project needs a new maintainer · Issue #886 · edubart/otclient I think that is serious problem for OTClient community and future of this project...
  18. elnelson

    Directx support, cant make it work.

    Hello, otlanders i need to add a directx support to otclient, but when i try to compile i get an error. i followed this "tutorial" edubart/otclient (to be honest, it needs to be more specific for dummies tho, an instruction like; Link te libs and preprocessor is not enough... Where to link...
  19. ochmar

    Programmer Paying for CAM for OTClient

    Hello, To speed up development process I'm willing to pay for CAM module for OTClient (either inside the client or as an external software). Paying in dollars, euro or pln. Please contact me regarding, offer your price and describe a solution. Please note that if you have cam module which...
  20. snabbspin

    Searching for Ot client Designer

    Hello i'm searching for someone to Design my ot-client there is of course a pay job are you interested and have any ideas let me know by send me some screens of your projects contact trough discord:Mr Tjock #6716 or otland Payments trough Bitcoin/Paypal