1. D

    Client 8.6 Customize

    Is it possible to have a custom client example: Pokemons Ots for client 8.6? Where can I start / study / study materials? Thanks
  2. BenGarrison

    OTClient - What is it capable of? How does it work?

    I have been following the OTS Guide to the point of the page about connecting to your server. I have compiled both TFS and the OTC without any issues. I have my server running, and have created an account and character through ZnoteAAC. I noticed a client version dropdown menu when opening up...
  3. xmaster0

    Font OtClient help

    how do i change the text font of my server? vi em um servidor, mas não podia fazê-lo no meu someone help???
  4. Sajgon

    [France] [7.7] Midhem Online CUSTOM CLIENT

    Server was launched 2019-11-08 Website Midhem Online (https://midhem.com) Midhem Online - Sunrise We are finally live! World of Midhem has just begun. Start your journey of Midhem now, an alternative retro Tibia dimension. Based on Printer's Oldera. Sajgon(Swe) is the only owner of this server...
  5. Togu

    [OTClient] How to add new lua libraries?

    So, I want to create a button on client that download a file from internet, I need the "socket" library for that, I tried using socker = require("socket") on terminal on cliente but received: ERROR: command failed: :1: module 'socket' not found: no module 'socket' no field...
  6. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Cancel day light on tiles to make a dark zone

    Hello guys, I'm working in a new zone on my map and I was wondering if was possible make something like a "Dark Land". The effect would be like this: Cancel the "day light" on an X tile (item id). The server have a day-night cycle right? Well in this tiles the light on them always should be...
  7. Togu

    How to remove duplicate data dependency OTClient / TFS 1.3

    For example: We have modules/gamelib/spells.lua in OTClient with all spells information. And in TheForgottenServer we have data/spells/spells.xml with the same information. If you change on server, you have to manually change on client. How do I remove that duplicated data? I know how to send...
  8. O

    TFS 0.X Target/Battle error

    Hello, I have a small error in my target/battle. This error only happens after a war request is accepted. Picture 1: All ok, the enemy appears on my target. https://prnt.sc/pq3m4h Picture 2: When the request for war is accepted, the enemy disappears from my battle window. I click to attack it...
  9. Togu

    [OTClient] How to put config and minimap.otmm on clients folder?

    Does someone know how to make the client load (and save) the config.otmm and minimap.otmm file from the client folder? I know I must change things on resourcemanager.cpp, but I'm kind of lost there. I want to remove the dependency of having a folder on the user directory, I want everything to...
  10. LIINDI

    OTClient Hotkeys not working

    Hey Otland! Im using a custom layout i found here somewhere but i cannot get the hotkeys to work.. Everything shows up inside hotkeys but when i add a hotkey "F1 - Exura" and press F1 ingame nothing happends.. Also i tried removing the ability to add hotkeys for runes (use on...
  11. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Touch Hotkeys

    OTClient module who provide to use hotkeys in OTClient from screen using mouse or touch screen. How to add? Add folder [touch_hotkeys] to "modules" or "mods" folder in your main OTClient folder. How it works? Switch on in right game toggle button. Window will appear (depending on previous...
  12. G

    Anyone can help me please?

    im removing the skills, to puto only one, ex: weaponType: Sword,Club,Axe increace skill: SKILL_MELEE i edited the source, everything working fine. but i get this error on otclient and i dont got what means. please, i will be greatfull for life, if someone help me. PS: the log (otclient) is...
  13. D

    Which best version I must choose?

    Hello, I am starting a project and I am asking "Which best version I must choose?" In the moment, I am looking for a clean TFS with sources, so I want to know if is better to have a TFS 8.54 or a 10.99+ to interact with OTClient. If you have this knowledgement, could you give me your view...
  14. E

    Shader in Item

    Anyone know how i can put a shader in item? I'm using Otclient, i know this need change soucers and etc. But how? I'm new at this world of otclient and i want to learn how i can do a check when the item have actionid 1000 or is itemID 2160 then show a purple shade in the item when the item...
  15. S

    [OTClient] Remove internal "ip changer"

    i've been trying to remove this ip changer inside the client and use my server's ip, but everything that i try, i destroy the client LOL
  16. E

    Otclient EXP BAR

    Hello everyone, i want to request a otclient modules, which show top from chat like that image I think its a sample module but i dont know how do, thanks for the support
  17. William Santos


    BUILD OTCLIENT - FIX BUG -> save configs Build: 12 Jun 2019 Lastest version supported: 10.99 :)
  18. kuhi

    OTClient Trying to setup single server & protocol

    Hello, I'm having some troubles setting up this mod: Single server & protocol MOD I'm downloading the MOD files and copying to modules\client_entergame Then I copy the server.otmod file to mods folder My server.otmod file: Module name: addon_server description: Single server and...
  19. kuhi

    Solved OTClient error 0xc000007b

    Getting an error when running the OTClient I've compiled: Translation: The app couldn't initialize correctly (0xc000007b). Press Accept to close it. I'm getting 0 errors when compiling, only some warnings about pdb files: libeay32.lib(ts_err.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB 'lib.pdb' was not found...
  20. Walox

    OTClient [OTCLIENT] Crash Report Help plis

    First of all, I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I use google translate to interact with the group. Hello my friends, I come here to ask your help because I do not know where else to turn !! I have a problem with my client, it is crashing when I try to open it. But if I keep insisting...