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  1. G

    C++ Playing/analyzing cams recorded by server to spot botters

    Hello, I am trying to implement @Gesior.pl 's solution (GitHub - gesior/tmp-cams-system (https://github.com/gesior/tmp-cams-system)) for recording player actions server side for developing anti-bot system. I managed to make the code record .cam files and I tried using OTClient (GitHub -...
  2. M

    Remove select object OTC

    Someone can help me, I managed to disable these hotkeys... but I can't remove them, or they don't show these options... when I remove them in hotkeys_manager.otui It disappears from the top too, it won't let me put anything on the hotkeys
  3. Sizaro

    OTClient Character direction deSync

    Hello, I am using OTClientv8 and Nekiro's TFS-1.5-Downgrades 8.0 On my server theres a bug where if you run in a straight direction and then turn abruptly, you can sometimes desync the direction that the character is facing. Exactly waht you see below in the image. On the left side (client 1)...
  4. Rekzai

    [Modules] Rekzais OTClient Modules

    OTClient Modues I recently started to work with OTClient and are slowly building a collection of modules in my spare time. You can freely use them in any project and modify it to your liking. If you find bugs or have improvements, please make sure to create either an issue or a pull request on...
  5. sevengym

    OTClient Failed to read dat/Item Editor Failed to get image

    Since the beginning I have issues with my dat/spr files. First I couldn't open my files in ObjectBuilder unless I edited this line <version value="854" string="8.54 v1" dat="4B28B8A6" spr="4B1E2C87" otb="16"/> then I couldn't open them in ItemEditor but once I compiled them to be Extended for...
  6. sevengym

    Outfit Limit OTCv8 TFS 0.3.6

    Hello I use OTCv8 and TFS 0.3.6. I have extended spr, so I added over 3k outfits. Currently on my server i have 842 outfits that work. When I type /newtype 842 it works, but over it 843...844.. etc it says "Such outfit does not exist." I saw in ots files in outfit.h i had set #define...
  7. M


    I am writing to ask for your assistance with an issue I am facing related to changing an outfit in OTClient. Specifically, I need help with setting an outfit for yourself without using the Pacc/GameMaster feature. Thank you in advance for all your answers, best regards
  8. A

    OTClient Shaders/GM outline in OTClient

    Hi, Is there any content on how to get shaders to work, like the outline of a gm? I scoured through the forum and even though i found multiple posts about wings/shaders/auras and even a gm outline as well nothing seemed relevant towards helping my case as every possible guide seemed to be using...
  9. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ tfs 13.10 and znote error login

    Hello. After running the current 13.10 TFS server. in the client after logging in, shows the character selection. but when I want to log in to a given character, I get this error. https://prnt.sc/ypgGltoFbycq https://prnt.sc/snHvlSA0__1w https://prnt.sc/XZuAhFIuOGYa...
  10. A

    OTClient Login stuck on "Please wait - Connecting to server..." TFS v1.2

    I can't log in to my account, does anyone have a solution? TFS v1.2 "config.lua" And this is OT client "config.php"
  11. S

    OTClient Can I add CSS animations to buttons?

    Hi, I'm new to working with all things OTC and TFS, and while I can pick up how most things work when they're strictly C++ or Lua, I don't entirely understand what's going on when I'm working with the OTUI files. As it stands, I'm trying to create something at someone's request, which would...
  12. felpscouto

    Outfit outline

    Hello, I'm starting to learn otclient, so can you teach me how I can write an outfit outline for all outfits? I am really newbie with these codes and I need help 😥
  13. B

    OTCV8 3.1 Error : No thing Creature pos

    Good Morning! my mobile android otclient doing this error: The monsters just Disappear. Can anyone help me please
  14. D

    OTClient Floating text within a clickable box with random position

    I would like to create a code for a message that floats in a box, and every time I click on that message, it moves to a random (or not) location within that box. Very similar to a mechanic in RavenDawn Like the gif -
  15. kuhi

    OTClient Item::getId() in OTCV8 returns different id than the server

    Hey :) I'm using this code trying to get the item id like in the server (meat == 2666) but I get id 3577 instead: for i, container in pairs(g_game.getContainers()) do local container_items = container:getItems() for j, item in pairs(container_items) do print("Fond item in...
  16. kuhi

    OTClient How to reorder TextList widgets?

    Hi :) I'm trying to create the classic "Up" & "Down" buttons to reorganize this TextList widget: Once clicking the "Up" button, the selected/focused list item, if it's not already the first one, it should raise 1 position in the list I've tryed with this functions but none worked: void...
  17. ghunalma

    (trying to add 12.72 on mehah OTC 3.1) Error Query: UPDATE `accounts`

    Hi There! =) I was getting this error all the time when trying to add version 12.72 to Mehah OTC Redemption 3.1 (supposedly, this OTC has support for versions 12x and 13x). I placed the spr and dat files from version 12.72 in the "things" directory and adjusted the version in the init.lua file...
  18. Sanzenkai

    Target by sprite (OTCv8)

    Hello, i'm triying to use target with sprites instead of the client itself make the square but every code i find its for OTC 0.6.6, and i'm using the last version released.. If someone is able to help me, thanks. Mine: void Creature::draw(const Point& dest, bool animate, LightView*...
  19. Noupz

    macOS compiling lua error

    Error: I followed the compiling guide of edubart, everything was fine until I'm on Ventura 13.6 (22G120)
  20. Jpstafe

    How can I change this battle function in otclient?

    Hello otland community, I would like to know how to change this function of the otclient, it attacks players from the battle, I am using tfs 1.2 8.0, I would like to know how I can change my otclient so that it does not attack players from the battle