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  1. potinho

    OTClient Update - Infinite Loop

    I'm trying to use the OTClientv8 update module, but the client got into an infinite loop. I followed the steps described in the link () I'm using Windows and XAMPP, but the updater downloads all files in an infinite loop. can you help me? When finish, it starts all over again.
  2. potinho

    OTClient [TFS 0.3.6] OTClient getting Ping

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a Retro server (TFS 0.3.6) and I use OTClient with a custom RSA Key. My question is: can I make the OTClient get the ping from the server? I saw some posts on the subject, that I have to change something in the sources but I wasn't sure what it would be.
  3. Fidelillo

    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    Tibiana-Global [12.64] [Client 10] [Android] [OTClient] TIBIA 12.64 SERVER Tibiana - Latestnews (https://tibiana-global.com/) RETRO PVP ENFORCED Client 12.64 Client 10 Client Android! OTClient CONSTANTS UPDATES! New Items New Spells (12.64) New Mounts New Outfits Quivers Strong mana...
  4. wizinx

    OTClient help with mini button windows in containers

    Hello everyone, the problem is that when I open the main bp the lockbutton appears, but when I open a secondary bp the button disappears. someone knows how I can add that button to the secondary bps, thanks!
  5. T


    I followed the code of a user here on the forum about Minimap elipsy, rounded, I moved the sources, I added the shader elipsify, but nothing happened, do I need to add the shader in the Minimap window? How to make? Follow the link: MiniMap Otclient Help
  6. P

    change button bar in otc

    hi all, I am changing the design that comes by default in my otc, but I want to try to change the button bar that it brings to my own, the problem is that I could not find the file where it is edited (try to replace the default image to a own but looks bad). so that it is understood, I want to...
  7. D

    OTClient Rect Class

    Hello guys, I am currently experimenting some codes on OTClient and I have a conceptual question about width/height in Rect class There is a bunch of "+1" and "-1" corrections on its values, which does not look right. I am blowing my mind trying to understand that and why and how it works as...
  8. Terotrificy

    Cancel walk (while holding an arrow key) when you press another arrow key (without releasing the previous arrow key)

    Hi, i'm using Edubart Otclient 7.72 and i'm trying to make it work like Tibia Client 7.72. Using Otclient: Right now, if i'm holding down a key direction i.e up arrow (1) and i press any other key direction i.e left arrow (2). (without releasing the up key arrow (1)), as soon as i release the...
  9. CWMsollutions

    Programmer CWMsollutions Sp. z o.o. programming services

    Hello, We are small company located in Poland named "CWMsollutions (CWM [solid]lutions)". We are mainly focused on micro/small/medium programming systems/projects. I'm a Tibia related topics fan and that's why I decided to be open on otland programming requests. We are fluent in C, C++, C#...
  10. Kuantikum

    OTClient Compiling

    Hello guys, Im trying to compiling OTCLIENT "edubart/otclient" and i get this erros. What I've done ? I followed the guide edubart/otclient (https://github.com/edubart/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows) Additional directores i have linked: and Log errors: Rebuild started... 1>------...
  11. K

    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    Hello OTLand, this is my first thread here, and I want to share a tutorial teaching how to create an account register module, tried to create a tutorial but the 25k characters limit of the forum didn't let me, sad. I started messing with TFS and OTclient recently and the necessity to launch a...
  12. helviio

    [ OTC ] Move Top Buttons

    how can i move these buttons on the top down the inventory? like creating a bar down the inventory
  13. vine96

    Module tutorial don't pops up

    Hi otlanders! Recently i got the module tutorial's of the poketibia, but this don't pops up in my OTClient full extended poketibia. I share with you the screen of OTCLIENT Poketibia: I have the other OTclient more newest version, and working, button like pops up 100% I share screen with you...
  14. Jpstafe

    How do I move this bar? Otclient

    hello I would like to delete this bar, for my ot oldschool, I see that it is not necessary .. I already have the common hotckey bars well, I just need to delete this
  15. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    Hello, I'm converting a theme I got from a friend of OtcV8 to OTC ... but I'm having a huge job to find that part ... I know it's in the styles folder and stuff ... but I've done everything the same in the window / mini-window / mini-map folders ...
  16. helviio

    OTClient [OTC] Lag when walking and using item

    Hello dear friends ... I come through this publication to ask for help to solve a bug that I'm having with OTC, when clicking on the map and using any type of item the char starts to lag/stuttering... i tried with another server and others customers ... everyone with the same problem OTCv8 has...
  17. Jpstafe

    Battle window not working Otclient

    hello good afternoon otland community, I have an error with my otclient, when I want to attack any monster by battle the rune does not come out..when I attack mele if it takes me .. only with rune I cannot attack by battle .. solution? when I attack with mele yes, allow me, with runes no...
  18. Jpstafe

    Otclient graph error 7.72

    Hello, a friend who had his username gave me his otclient, with all the folders released so that I have free edition of them .. I have only put the Tibia.Dat, Tibia.Spr and I have changed the ip, it starts me without problem, But when I enter it appears like this, the items where they should not...
  19. Jpstafe


    Hello otland community, I have been given an otclient for my version 7.72, when I enter I get this error .. the person who gave me the solution to fix the problem, it does not work because I am using sqlite, not mysql the client is otclient .. how do I solve this problem?
  20. M

    error compiling sources

    Good morning guys from Otland. So, I needed to work on my sources to add a new system on my server, but when compiling this it gives an error and I am not able to solve it. I searched here and in other forums but I didn't find anything like it, can someone help me? I'll leave a print with the...