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  1. danio4don

    OTClient compiled otclient needs!

    will someone compile mi otclient meh? because I have problems with compilation and now I need the newest compiled version 1659371744 https://github.com/mehah/otclient 1659387760 bumb
  2. dewral

    Title MOD

    Hello As you really liked my post with Classc UI for OTCv8 Otclient Classic UI (https://otland.net/threads/otclient-classic-ui.279994/) I decided to share another content for OTCv8 with you. Credits to @Avaji This module allows you to add a title above specific character nickname (GM, GOD...
  3. potinho

    OTClient Exp Analyzer Button and Reset Button

    Hi guys, how are you? I have implemented on my server an exp analyzer module, seems works, but button goes weird when i press it to open, like image bellow: btn closed: btn opened: I want to add a button named "reset" on XP static too, to reset session to 0. Can u guys help me? Follow...
  4. esdrtu

    Programmer Need job for system Save backpacks on login otclientv8

    Hello, I need a service: I would like backpacks opened by players, all open containers, to be saved. When the player enters again everything will be open, without the need to keep opening and organizing everything again. im use otclient v8, server otx old version. For contact, send me...
  5. hellboy

    Compiling [OTC] missing: Protobuf_INCLUDE_DIR

    Hello. I tried compile Mehah OTC on Ubuntu 20.04. https://github.com/mehah/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Ubuntu-20.04 It failed on cmake command. I also "regenerated" protobuf files. cmake .. -- The C compiler identification is GNU 9.4.0 -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 11.1.0 -- Check...
  6. A

    OTClient 06.6 on Mac

    Hello guys, Due to some issues I'm not able to use windows right now, that's why I need you to help me. I'm looking for someone to help me compile 06.6 otclient for Mac. I can pay money for such service.
  7. I

    Mod isnt working on Mehah's Otclient

    Hi! Ive used the old Otclient and this mod worked: Find this on Creature.cpp if(drawFlags & Otc::DrawNames) { if(g_painter->getColor() != fillColor) g_painter->setColor(fillColor); m_nameCache.draw(textRect); } Replace for this: if (drawFlags &...
  8. Paulix

    OTClient Prevent multi client

    I'm actually using otclientv8-master, but you can open multiple instances, how do I prevent MC in OTClient?
  9. M

    [OTC] Compile with DX9 on MVS 2022

    Hi guys, i compiled my otcliente(edubart) with Dx9 using Visual Studio 2022, the compilation has sucesfull but the client don't open don't have erros, only don't open anyone can help-me please? i using the dlls generated by compilation and the config below.
  10. SalvaART

    Problem with OTCv8 (players online, discord change) + delete server/port+client

    Hello everyone i have very big problem, where i can edit information about PLAYERS ONLINE and DISCORD? Because i have 700+ online players on Discord and 13k+ players on TOP BAR. + 1 more, how i can set my own client ip adress like xxx.online and how delete from login client [SERVER/PORT/CLIENT]...
  11. J

    OTClient Compiling and packaging OTCLIENT

    hey guys, how are you? I have a doubt about OTClient I compiled it, but I have a doubt about how to modify First I would like to remove some functions like command lines, I would also like to modify the login, set a fixed server, modify the background image, I would also like to know how to set...
  12. fschuindt

    Looking for someone to help me with my 7.4 client issue

    Disclaimer: This is a paid job offer. I own the source code for a nice 7.72 server that runs with the original 7.4 sprites. It comes with its own client, a 7.72 Tibia CipSoft client with the Hex all modified. Let's call it the "modded client". There are tons of modifications on this client that...
  13. Voviz

    My own otland/forgottenserver online incompatible with my own compile edubart/otclient

    Hey guys. I put up the latest version of otland/forgottenserver and when trying to connect using the client edubart/otclient version the following message appears: Only clients with protocol 12.81 allowed! all help is very welcome
  14. Cebal

    Lua [tfs 1.3] Adding new corspes

    Ok guys, here I come with another problem. I know it's probably the most basic thing but Im struggling with adding new corpses for my new custom vocations and outfits. I added many monsters and some player outfit with new vocations like voc 1-30 but now Im trying to add corspes for every new...
  15. T

    Make a module based on vBot Analyzer

    Hello guys, can someone make a game module based on vBot analyzer? So that we can use it separately from the bot module... vBot: GitHub - Vithrax/vBot: main repository of bot profile for OTClientV8, vBot (https://github.com/Vithrax/vBot)
  16. T

    Kingdom Swap BOT

    Hello everyone, I'm here to share with you guys a Kingdom Swap BOT. Its the official client that comes with a integrated bot, full light option, hotkeys and much more. Since every player on the server uses it, I just want to make things a bit more equal... well, feel free to download it using...
  17. potinho

    NPC Highlight speech blue

    You know when you put any words into "{ }" in a NPC phrase and it gets highlighted in a deeper blue? Well, I'm looking for the code that make this works. Had a look in the npc lua system and in the some sources, but haven't found anything. Could you help me deploy this on my server? It's an OTX...
  18. N

    There is a way to use compiled OTClient with other OTServers?

    Sorry if it is a dumb question or is in the wrong section of the forum The main point is: I play on Mac and a lot of servers I take a look and seems to like have only Windows clients I compiled OTClient on my machine, it opens and seems to work. But is possible to, for example, download the...
  19. potinho

    TFS 0.X Total experience buggy

    Hello everyone, everything good? On my server, after players reach a certain level (600+) the experience shown on the OTClient is not the total EXP that the player has, how to fix it?
  20. potinho

    OTClient Update - Infinite Loop

    I'm trying to use the OTClientv8 update module, but the client got into an infinite loop. I followed the steps described in the link () I'm using Windows and XAMPP, but the updater downloads all files in an infinite loop. can you help me? When finish, it starts all over again.