1. GhostX

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - September Voting Thread

    VOTING STAGE: SEPTEMBER - "AUTUMN" Well we are finally here! The first voting thread of the relaunch for the OtLand Official Mapping Competition. It was great to see so many sign up and the feedback/reception this has got has been great! The entrants shall remain anonymous until the voting...
  2. ROKI721

    Wydzierżawię Serwer Dedykowany.

    Witam, mam na udostępnienie serwer dedykowany 6x 4.0Ghz, 16GB RAM, łącze 1Gbit/s bez limitu danych, IP stałe. ANTY-DDOS. Udostępnię dane: FTP i dostęp do roota, serwer jest na systemie Debian 9 Stretch. Opłacony do 07.04.2020. Co chcę w zamian? - 10% zysków (o ile będą) - Posada na OTS...
  3. River KA

    [OtLand] Very Dark Blue Theme

    The 'Very Dark Blue' theme released. In some time, Don Daniello will make a poll to choose which one dark theme (this and the 'Very Dark Black') will be the official for OtLand (because he don't want 2 Dark themes). So, if you want to try it out to feel the 'Very Dark Blue' and have the chance...
  4. bury

    [France] Oraclum 8.6 | Edited RL map | opening 27/12/2018 18.00 CET |

    ~*Ip*~: oraclum.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: France, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection, i7 6700k and 18 GB RAM* ~*Website*~: Latestnews - Oraclum ~*Exp rate*~: Stages ~*Server Info*~: Server Info ~*Forum*~: Forum ~*Map*~: Edited...
  5. E


    I just want to add a loop to this, with a 1 second (1000 ms) inbetween execution. Anyone know how to do this please? g_game.addAnimatedText(Creature->getPosition(), 180, "test"); Thank you in advance :)
  6. D

    [Brazil][8.60] - Styller Yourots

    Eternity War Server *Opening 29/09/2018 *Map Styller Yourots 24h/7 Client: 8.60 IP/SITE: eternitywar.sytes.net Rate: Exp - 100x stages Magic - 25x Skills - 30x Spawn - 1x Loot - 2x Features: War system War of emperium Battle field Tasks Raids Loteria Cast system ETC... Visit our...
  7. A


    Hello, is there a man alive in OtLand to accept my challenge? The challenge is :- You have to make a small and simple WAR 8.6 (Server + Website) in a OT Hosting Service that you recommend will run server fast, smooth and simple and it has to be cheap not expensive!. [4EXAMPLE] HOST, Website...
  8. A

    Compiling Compiling Help

    Hello guys, I have some problem compiling, I'have tried over a hundred times but I still get errors. Please do not send me links for how to compile because I can use google for that and thats what I have done. Read and followed almost all guides out there for compiling tfs 1.2 but still I get...
  9. kacperciu

    Kacperciu Mapping Thread

    Hi Otlanders I would like to show my work only version 8.6 [1] city inspiration by luffy start [2] End [3] [4] in game photo [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] dragons place [10] tp room [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] karmia depo [16] rotworms [17] gate ?
  10. A

    Gesior Account maker error with cant show any vocations!

    Hi Otland Members, i have error on gesior acc, i dont know how to fix it :( can anyone help me? I have samples and set vocations.xml good and config.php, i dont know what is it and dont know how fix it :/
  11. Yellowhat

    Mapper Mapper looking for a small/medium gig

    Hello guys! currently: Available for work Feel free to contact me for any questions Images: Yellowhat's Mapping thread
  12. P

    [CANADA] AvatarWorld - Saturday, 4 november at 4 pm (UTC-3)

    AvatarWorld.org | Open PvP | Custom Map AvatarWorld.org is a Tibia server based on the avatar anime. Our official server to open saturday, 4 november at 4 pm (UCT-3). Playing on our server, you can relive the old classics and explorers the vast world of Avatar, completely open and boundless...
  13. BBlackfur

    Windows Instant Crash

    Hi, just been looking at Znote TFS Setup for about 10 minutes and did exactly all that (But XAMPP instead of Uniserv. I'm trying to start the server, it does start up but after the startup, this comes up: What could be causing it? GIF of the problem: Gyazo - 062b8a7afa88f1b590760f980c54a9d2.png
  14. Crixpx

    [Gesior ACC]how fix? Date time fail

    how fix time date help me plz
  15. Crixpx

    [movement] add StepOut funtion to this movement

    hello :D I have a problem with this script. I need to add the function to the exit of the tile I return to the outfit I had when I step on it is in TFS 0.4 Can somebody help me this is the script local female = {lookType = 126, lookHead = 79, lookBody = 91, lookLegs = 91, lookFeet = 91...
  16. Crixpx

    [Request]Monster attacking with different damage depending on level

    Hello everyone.. I'm looking for a monster that attacks the player causes a greater damage if you are high level and minor damage if you are low level I need it for a quest in my server :D thanks <3
  17. kostas136

    Custom Client 10:41 Virus Problem.

    When i upload my Client to virustotal it says i have 5/55 Virus Why? Antivirus Result Update Baidu Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes.16070401.9500.9690 20161118 CMC Virus.Win32.Sality!O 20161120 Ikarus Virus.Win32.Agent.aj 20161120 Qihoo-360 HEUR/QVM18.1.0000.Malware.Gen 20161121 Invincea...
  18. D

    Lua Lottery System

    It has five winning, but It was to be one local config = { lottery_hour = "4 hours", -- Tempo ate a proxima loteria (Esse tempo vai aparecer somente como broadcast message) rewards_id = {2470, 2195, 2520, 2492, 2472, 2514, 2160}, -- ID dos Itens Sorteados na Loteria...
  19. D

    [Brazil] Styller Yourots 8.6

    New Real Styller 8.60 --Info-- IP: realstyller.sytes.net WEBSITE: http://realstyller.sytes.net/ EXP: 200x stages Dedicaded: 24H HOSTED IN EUA NO ITEM EDITEDS --QUESTS AND HUNTS-- 56 teleports hunts and others! 21 teleports quests and others! --SYSTEM-- Tasks UPGRADE Weapon Lottery Cast GUILD...
  20. D

    [Brazil] Eternity War - Styller Custom

    Eternity War Server *Started 30/09/2016 às 20h *Map Styller Yourots 24h/7 Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Hosted in : North America IP: eternitywar.servegame.com WEBSITE: eternitywar.servegame.com Server Type: PvP Runes infiniti *War System *Cast *War of Emperium *Battle Field *Arena Survivor...