otserv 8.6

  1. W

    [POLAND] [8.60] Memoriaots

    IP: Memoriaots.eu Website: Latestnews - Memoria (http://memoriaots.eu/?subtopic=latestnews) Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Uptime 24/7 ~~ Hosted In: Poland Servers Features: ~*New monsters + Bosses ~*A Lot Custom Spawns ~*A Lot Quest ~*Vip Account ~*Vip Respawn ~*Vip Quest ~*Second promotion system...
  2. S

    [Poland] [8.6] xTibia ~~JUST STARTED~~

    Best tibia server world, mixed map, rpg-war system. Server settings: Website: Latestnews - xTibia (http://xtibia.pl) IP Address: xtibia.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Exp Rates: 1 - 100 level, 50x 101 - 150 level, 30x 151 - 200 level, 23x 201 - 250 level, 15x...
  3. D

    [Poland] [8.60] SRYNCERIA

    Srynceria is not just another boring ots from the evo map downloaded from the Internet or events that you can find on any other server, oh no! On Srynceria you will find many interesting innovations and systems, such as: Dungeon system, original events such as Escape room, 25 room event, or...
  4. Bragaia

    Bruno Bragaia Mapper Showoff

    Hello guys! Im back to do maps for hobbie! I am doing a new continent now in version 8.6, so first i post the minimap! Enjoy! Bruno.
  5. nandoskate

    [USA] [8.6] Shinobi Naruto

    Client Version : OTC 8.60 Map: Custom (Sunagakure, Konohagakure, Vip city Matsu no Kuni). All city have an exclusive area that only premium players resident of the city can access, "Iwagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure" coming next patch. 6 Class Element: Katon, Fuuton, Raiton, Doton, Suiton...
  6. kariera123

    Problem How to set OTS 8.6 online

    I have vps with WinServ2016 and i want to know how set up my ots online for now i have everything on localhost. if it matters i use xampp, tfs 0.4
  7. P

    [POLAND] New Project Tibia [8.60] [EVO/RPG][FUN][TEST][OTS]

    I would like to encourage you to play on newproject.ddns.net < Now its Test Server Server starts on 21.09.2017 (this Sunday) on 6:00 (GMT)! Port: 7171 IP: newproject.ddns.net Website: Now create only password 1/1 ! < TEST Server Prefix/client: 8.60 EvoPVP Features: Uptime 24/7 Offline...
  8. L


    yo puedo entrar a mi ot, un amigoya habia podido entrar pero ahora entra solo a la parte de la lista de sus chars de ahi le da entrar y no puede, los puertos me los marca abiertos, ya le di /openserver y aun asi nada, que puede ser? ayudaaa es un ot 8.6
  9. P

    PTS [Private Tibia Server] - Is it possible? Help the newbie :)

    Hi Everyone! At the beginning I have to say I'm newbie so please don't be mad :) For quite long time I've been serching way to set up Tibia server which could be playable offline or on LAN by two people. This is the problem no. 1. Second thing is that I'd love to copy real Tibia 8.6 or...
  10. adrianoswatt

    [BRAZIL] Lab Z Games Global [8.6] {Test Beta}

    → I announce the first server, in final stages of programming, of the Lab Z Games. → This - with Global 8.6 theme - will have a Beta Test on 03/03/2017 at 8am (morning). → We are working tirelessly on the scripts, creating and perfecting innovative systems in order to give continuity to the...