1. Eryn

    [POLAND] [8.6] xRoxOT - Start 03.05 - 6:00 PM

    Server information: IP: Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Start 03.05.2019r - 6:00PM 1-50 - x400 51-100 - x300 101-150 - x200 151-200 - x150 201-250 - x100 251-300 - x50 301-350 - x25 351-400 - x24 401-450 - x23.5 451-500 - x23 501-550 - x22.5 551-600 - x22 601-650 - x21.5 651-700 - x21...
  2. B

    will we ever get another good Roxor server

    i remember playing on Athxzor and kernkraft 2 of the best server i have ever played on. Pure fun great pvp and exping it was always fun to logged in and play so i am just wondering if there ever will be another one, because i really want to play on it anyway GG
  3. Wezza

    [Sweden] [8.60] theotserver | custom map & classes | castle, l4d, counterstrike events | rpg/pvp

    The Definition of Open Tibia Server IP: Protocol/Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Map: Custom, Roxor? you betcha. Why playing tibia if there is a better tibia? Theotserver is a nostalgic server, developed by Colandus, Tufte and Wezza. It is probably the most advanced server that is...
  4. D

    Roxor / Elfen

    Hi guys, there are any servers with roxor/elfen map online?? Also I would like to know if there is a nice server with pvpe For gaining exp for pk
  5. S

    RoXoR 10.94+ project

    Hello! I want to introduce you my roxor project with 10.94 items. Tell me if you like it or not... ;)
  6. S

    RoXoR 10.98 project

    Hello OtLand! I want to introduce you my new RoXoR 10.98 project. Im working now at RoXoR map with new tibia items. Tell me what do you think about it guys! :D
  7. nevereq

    10.94+ engine looking for

    Hello! Im looking for tibia 10.94+ with working critical's system for my new project with roxor map. Anyone have this engine working or 90% working with the list of all known bugs on it? :D
  8. Loth Gena

    [UK] Roxor 1337 8.6

    Roxor 1337 is Back! Opens Friday 03/02/2017 07:00 AM (United Kingdom Time) IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.62 Client and IP changer available to download on our website Website: Do you remember the classic legendary roxor 1337? Want to go back to the...