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  1. K

    Lua Request item that unequips after X seconds and goes back to bp

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone could help me with an item I need to make (actually there are 3 items, but if you can help me with any amount I will be immensely grateful) I've already added the item on the server and everything else, I put its ID and put it as ring, however, I would...
  2. N

    Pokemon stats increase change

    Hello, Since some time I am working on my pokemon server. I am very begginer, so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I do hope one of you guys could help me with the below. So I have found that there is a lua file that is responsible for pokemon stats increase by level. It takes it's...
  3. potinho

    TFS 0.X [LUA] Offer expire auction system - Not sending amount of items

    Hello everyone, everything good? I'm using the script from the post below but I found a bug: If an offer is for more then 1 items (20 SSA, for example) it only returns one within the parcel. Can you help me fix the script? function getPlayerNameByGUID(guid) local name = 0 local resultId...
  4. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Door with cooldown between use

    Hello everyone, everything good? I didn't find anything like it so I'm asking you: is there a way to put a cooldown on a door, where each player has a cooldown to open and cross it? I want each player to be able to access a certain room after "x" hours.
  5. M

    "doTransformItem" Function Bugging AutoLoot

    Hello everybody! Next... On my server every time someone opens a box the autoloot stops working (for the whole server, not just for the player that opened it). Both the box and the autoloot work perfectly, however, when someone uses the box and receives the pokemon, the autoloot stops working...
  6. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] System Online Points

    Hi guys, how are you? Im looking for a system similar to this: https://otland.net/threads/system-online-points.250371/ local config = { storage = 20000, pointItemId = 2160, pointsPerHour = 1, checkDuplicateIps = false } local onlinePointsEvent =...
  7. A

    Lua Vocations tree and promotion for TFS 1.4.2

    Hello, and thank you for whoever sees this post and wants to help. I want to seek for help if there is a way to make a vocation tree. As a rough draft I will put an example of it so it is a bit more understanding (hopefully) in what it is that I want to have. Vocation A...
  8. leomarques

    [TFS 1.x] Procedural Cave Generation

    Hello Everyone! This is the first time I'm contributing to this community. i've been here for a long time just getting all sorts of resource and useful stuff and it's time to return something. I recently followed the Sebastian Lague's tutorial for a procedural cave generation based on...
  9. A

    RevScripts ImpactEffect/MagicEffect for weapon

    Hello! can someone help me on my script for a wand that when it damages something instead of the effect or the impact of the fire that looks like a fire field, instead it shows musical notes? I have this script that I got from the example.lua from the data/weapons folder. This is the code and...
  10. potinho

    TFS 0.X [LUA] Svargrond Arena - Bug after jump in with GM

    Hello everyone, everything good? I'm using this @Gesior.pl Arena system, but I had a bug: When teleporting with the GM into the arena and trying to go to the next level, the players who came next to the arena bugged to go to the next teleport. Used system bellow...
  11. S

    Lua Critical Chance and Hidden Attributes

    I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post this. I've been wracking my brain over this one and I could use some help. I'm trying to figure out a way to add 5% critical hit chance and 100% critical hit damage to all players by default, as baseline stats. Is there any way to do this...
  12. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Training AFK Script - Kicking char

    Good morning people, everything fine? I have a talkaction on the server that is an afk workout, eats food, releases magic and should have an anti-idle, but it doesn't always work correctly. Occasionally I get complaints from players who report that they had their char kicked. Could you help me...
  13. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Boss Room - Chance Reward every 24h

    Good afternoon guys, how are you? I have a boss room that works well, but I wanted to customize one thing: a reward chest that the player can use every 24 hours, which can give 10 different items, each with a specific chance. Could you help me create this script?
  14. K

    Problem with autoloot

    Hey, Tibia 8.60 The Forgotten Server 0.4 After using the commands !autoloot add name: I can't add items but a table appears: I have no bugs: mods/Autoloot.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <mod name="Autoloot Revolution BT" version="1.0" author="Millhiore BT"...
  15. L

    TFS 0.X Check Backpack slots and player capacity (Already have working script)

    I have this working action script, when i click the corpse on the ground it gives me an obsidian lance, and starts a quest on it. function onUse(cid) local queststatus = getPlayerStorageValue(cid,50125) if queststatus == -1 then local bp = getPlayerSlotItem(cid...
  16. A


    What can this error be happening in the function? tfs1.3 Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: (Unknown scriptfile) data/lib/lever.lua:131: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index' data/lib/lever.lua:131: in function...
  17. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Door with Storage

    Im trying to put a storage value in door to permit player to enter in quest, but got bugging. XML <action actionid="25125" event="script" value="azerusdoor.lua"/> LUA function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) local storage = 6677 -- coloque o storage aqui if...
  18. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Global event daily

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a global event where a TP is created for a room. If I put in the setup just one day, it works. If I put it every day, it doesn't start, it doesn't give an error on the console and it doesn't work. can you help me? local configuration = { day =...
  19. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Use only if you have "X" storage

    Good evening, how to make it possible to use a certain item only if you have "X" storage? I have an action that gives the player a storage, but I only want it to be able to use it if it already has another storage (313722) = 1. local storage = 396122 function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition...
  20. C

    Lua Attempting to better understand custom wands/rods (API docs?)

    Thanks in advance to whomever is taking the time to look this over with me. The short and sweet is that I'm trying to figure out how to best script in LUA with TFS 1.4 (unaltered source). I'm undertaking what I thought was a simple task: Make a custom wand which consumes less mana for a...