1. M

    [SZUKAM] Komend na uzycie mr i uh

    Witajcie, poszukuje skryptu do uzycia run manarune i uh na siebie pod 7.6 Przykład : Grasz pisze !uh i uzywa na niego runy uh z plecaka, po czym usuwa jedno uzycie Silnik to avesta 0.6.4
  2. demon088

    Lua Spells with charges

    Hello again OtLand! I need some assistance making a new series of spells for my OTS, and if someone would like to use it, I'm glad to explain how it works or help to insert or edit the spell. My team had the idea to make a spell which could get one charge each time you use it. So, if you have...
  3. S

    Elf bot script for certain monster

    Does anyone know what command I can use to shot UE only when certain number of certain monsters around? Currently I'm using script: auto 200 if [$monstersaround.3 >= 4 && $playersaround.10 == 0 && $mp >= 1100] {say Exevo Gran Mas Flam} However this one shots UE anytime when 4 monsters around...
  4. C

    TFS 1.X+ Is it possible to set a loot/exp/skill rate for 1 specific player?

    I was looking for some lua function that can increase or decrease a specific player loot/exp/skill rate for X amount, but I had no sucess. For example: A player wear a ring or maybe he talks to a NPC and then he get a bonus for one those stats. I am using TFS 1.3
  5. C

    Why this login script doesn't work?

    Why is this script not working? I want a simple script that set the player town to 2 when he login for the first time. I am making sure to create a new char to make the LastLoginSaved = 0, still doesn't work. creaturescripts.xml <event type="login" name="changetown"...
  6. M

    Lua help me script

    function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if getPlayerVocation(cid) == 5 then doPlayerAddItem(cid, 3966) doPlayerAddItem(doPlayerAddItem(cid, 2275) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,19,"XD") doSendAnimatedText(getThingPos(cid), "Yeah Exp With I...
  7. Fifflaren

    C++ !save looktype

    Im looking for a script that will save my looktype and !load looktype so why do I want this, I have a outfit doll that gives you a random looktype when clicked but the outfit you get isnt saved it gets removed when leaving the server, would be really nice if I could have like !save looktype so...
  8. nefinoo

    Talksaction vocation restriction

    I want to add vocation restriction on this script, this command just can be use for mages function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) --configuration -- local items = { ['mana potion'] = {cost = 1, storage = 49990}, ['strong mana potion'] = {cost = 2, storage = 49989}...
  9. E

    [help] addEvent to remove Summons

    hello my friends, i'm working in a summon action script and I want to remove the summon after x time, and put exhaustion (y time) on this script .. i have tryed make this with "addEvent" but i dont know how to make it correctly... TFS 1.3, 10.98 version i'm using this script as a base...
  10. D

    how to create a clean server

    hello guys, I would like to get some questions about how to create a clean server. What would a clean server be? It would be a default tibia server without changing its structure with scripts that cause the server to crash, poorly implemented, and lags caused by scripts. Could you pass me a...
  11. F

    TFS 1.X+ saga converter script for tfs 1.2

    Hello, I am using this sfs script from tfs 0.4 and I tried to convert it to tfs 1.2 from ninjalulz but without success. help-me!!! when I use this script below this error local saga = { -- Naruto --- [1] =...
  12. V

    Script request

    Good morning, I've tried writing a code, however could not make it work. My codding skills are below basic. I need a script that makes the player say a specific sentence once the monster health hit a certain percentage. For example, if a Juggernaut hits the 30% HP mark, the player will use a...
  13. C

    Lua Whats wrong with this script?

    I made a EXP script that forces the player to get a certain amount of exp in rookgaard and when he moves to main island he get the normal exp. The script is working until level 20, after that it is like I am playing 1x server... Whats going on? PS: I am sure I disabled Stages in XML. This...
  14. 1

    Bug in War of Emperium System

    Firstly sorry for my bad english: I've installed the Woe System in my Otserv, but when the empes die, these bugs appear > Broadcasted message: "one of Pre-Empes have been broken...". [17:17:02.671] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [17:17:02.671] domodlib('Loot_func') [17:17:02.671] function...
  15. Loremaster7

    How to create an item and then remove it with certain time? (using addEvent)

    I created a lever, and I need it to disappear after 3 seconds ... My code 1 : function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) time = 3 lever = {x = 2892, y = 2687, z = 8, stackpos=1} getlever = getThingfromPos(lever) if item.uid == 60115 and item.itemid == 1945 then...
  16. Loremaster7

    Script Remove 2 Stone with time and make a new lever (help)

    Hello, my friends, how are you? I'm trying to make a lever that removes a stone and under that stone another lever appears and that lever removes another stone, but the 2 stones with a time of 5 seconds to go back (stones) and remove the lever that was created under the first stone ...
  17. C

    Lua Dawnport vocation changer

    Hello! I AM trying to make a script that looks like global... Everything is looking fine, I can choose my vocation lvl 1, but the problem is If I choose sorcerer, for example, I Will have 285 mana instead of 80 (like global) when I reach lvl 8. Same Goes for Knight (higher Hp at lvl 8). My...
  18. bybbzan

    Convert from 1.2 to 0.4

    Could someone please convert this script to 0.4? Would save my day. Script from @Stigma Thanks in advance. -- <event type="death" name="boss death" script="filename.lua"/> local rewardRoom = Position(x, y, z) function onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamageKiller, lastHitUnjustified)...
  19. H

    !pvp on/off

    Good evening, can anyone help me? I'm in need of a script for the player to choose whether it wants to be PVP or NOPVP. I tried to use this one ---> TalkAction - !pvp - own world type! : ) ( , but it is giving this error: INVALID EVENT...
  20. bybbzan

    Replace item script?

    Hello I need a script that replaces items, in this case so the gate looks open. Here is a picture how i would like it to look before and after you pull a lever. Then the gate closes again after like 30 sec. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.