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  1. SalvaART

    Lua Put item on table to open secret stairs

    Hello everyone, could someone explain to me how to create a script that is responsible for removing a given id after throwing a book on the table. (throw special book on table to open secret stairs/remove any wall or push specific item to 1 sqm right? Big ++ for any help
  2. SalvaART

    Lua Learn spell by making quest TFS 1.5

    Hello everyone! Could someone explain to me how to teach spells by completing quests? Namely, when we complete the quest, click on the box, it teaches us the spell, gives us a reward and a message pops up such as you received a reward xxx and you learned the "utevo lux" time. Big + for any help!
  3. SalvaART

    Lua Levers - block use to restart server

    Hello, can someone explain to me how to make a lever and lock it for the next server save? ... so we can use only one time this lever who will open something on server save FOR ANY TIPS BIG +++ function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local gatePos = {x=32010, y=32100...
  4. D

    [Custom] ChestReward on Map

    I'm trying to create a script that generates some loot boxes on the map in pre-determined or random pixels, so that the player who uses it gets some pre-defined rewards. The reward system works, but I can't make the boxes appear on the map automatically when the server starts. , I also tried to...
  5. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] NPC Responds to "instant buy"

    Hello guys, how are you? I saw this in another retro OTs a very interesting thing. How to NPC answer a player without put it in a queue, like some servers have "bring me to" in boaters NPC without need to say "hi". I want the same thing for my sellers and buyers NPCs. If u want to buy a SD just...
  6. Loscar

    TFS 1.X+ attributes Items

    i'm triying to create a script, this sctipt create an item with ramdom attributes, now i can do Atk, Def and Tier ramdom but i dont know how to add crit, mana leech, elemental hit, void and skill bonus be ramdom too, i dont know how to do this. To attack, Def and tier i'm using this method...
  7. SilverFern

    Script and tutorial to automate install of "Leaked" 7.70 server

    Due to a sudden resurgence of people interested in hosting the leaked 7.7 server, I came up with a script to automate all the steps outlined in the excellent tutorial by @Crevasse, and also took the opportunity to make some improvements to work on a more recent version of Ubuntu. All you need...
  8. Atxsu

    Lua /promote and /demote command for TFS1.5

    Hi again! I need a command for /promote <playername> and /demote <playername> where their group id goes up or down. I tried messing around with some of the lua code from /promote /demote (https://otland.net/threads/promote-demote.195857/) but it didn't seem to work(I changed...
  9. Q

    Help with Shop delivery script - canary 2.6.1

    Hi guys, I have Canary 2.6.1 and myaac with Shop system by gesior. The payment system on the website works, u have points after purchase but the purchased items do not reach the client in store backpack Button. Im use: myaac-plugins/gesior-shop-system-latest at master ·...
  10. J

    Have problem with change money

    When player change money can all the time change and when dont have cap or space in backpack drop monet of floor . I want do when player dont have cap or space in backpack player can not exchange money whow I can change my sripts change money 1. function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2...
  11. Y

    Spawn Monster Via Item

    Hail guys from OtLand, okay? I would like to know if someone can make a script for me, my idea is like this: I would like to have a specific item that when the player uses it, spawns a monster next to the player, but all the SQM around the player would have to be free , not being able to have a...
  12. Antonow

    Help with multiple CombatArea spell

    Hello there! I've been trying to make a custom 'animated' spell, meaning it has a cast animation with subsequent animations that still deals damage. Here's the code that I have so far: local combat = createCombatObject() -->Needed in order for spells to do extra things. setCombatParam(combat...
  13. T

    OTCv8 Script Help

    Hello. Can I ask you to write a script? It's about using small crystals on shoes if they discharge. In the Elf bot it looks like this. auto 10 listas 'FWB Refill' | if [$itemcount.9020== 1] { useoninventoryitem 676 9020} | wait 1000 i need this in vBOT OTCv8 Unfortunately, I'm new and I do...
  14. L

    Compiling Compilation problem on linux poke tibia 854 ubuntu 14.04 erro data start

    video do erro explain in a more technical way the bug is related to the .lua of the libs there is file written 999-ps.lua the same is looking PS_LIB_DIR = getDataDir() .. "lib/ps/" PS_LIB_OTHERS_DIR = PS_LIB_DIR .. "others/" PS_LIB_CONFIG_DIR = PS_LIB_DIR .. "config/" PS_LIB_SYSTEMS_DIR =...
  15. K

    Add more attributes in doItemSetAttribute

    *I'm using tfs 0.X (0.4 or 0.6) *Client 8.60 I would like to know how I can add more attributes to doItemSetAttribute, for example: doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxhealth", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item, "maxmana", 700) doItemSetAttribute(item, "speed", 300) doItemSetAttribute(item...
  16. Sunset

    Lua Potions Heal Over Time

    Hey there! I found this script while looking for this but I'd love to have one modification to it: I don't want it to stack. Atm spamming potions stacks the effect of each of them making it very difficult to balance. Is it possible to make them non stackable with themselves but stackable with...
  17. L

    Lifesteal on attack onHealthChange

    I'm trying to create a script that when I attack with a monster or player part of the damage heals me, for example, if I take 100 life, I heal 50% back, I knew how to do that with onStatsChange in tfs 0.4 but in 1.0 I don't I'm getting it, in this version it uses onHealthChange, and also the...
  18. K

    create a new tooltip in .lua otclientv8

    I'm implementing a rarity system on my server, but for that, it seems I need to do everything from 0 (since I can't find it anywhere around) One of the things in the rarity system that I want to do, is also to put the item description for when I hover over it. I'm doing it based on what...
  19. K

    Lua Request item that unequips after X seconds and goes back to bp

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone could help me with an item I need to make (actually there are 3 items, but if you can help me with any amount I will be immensely grateful) I've already added the item on the server and everything else, I put its ID and put it as ring, however, I would...
  20. N

    Pokemon stats increase change

    Hello, Since some time I am working on my pokemon server. I am very begginer, so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I do hope one of you guys could help me with the below. So I have found that there is a lua file that is responsible for pokemon stats increase by level. It takes it's...