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  1. diakosz3456

    TFS 0.X Script teleport vip

    Hey, im looking for a script for tfs 0.4. There is a teleporter that will teleport to another city. But only those who use the runes obtained in the quest have access to this city. Something similar to the VIP system. And when player want enter to tp without acces the inscription is displayed...
  2. C

    OTClient Lure

    Hello, When I click button Lure, My charakter is going back. Can I convert this script so that my character moves further according to the settings cavebot? so that the monsters keep lurking but according to the movement cavebot? if so how do you do it? :)
  3. D

    Find a text on screen

    Hi guys! That’s my first topic :) I’m trying to make a script to read some texts in screen and then do an action (specifically, the “say”) if it matches with a predefined text. The issue: at some moments, my character displays a animated text saying “Anti-Bot code X”, where X is an number from...
  4. P

    Add Attribute to item

    Hello guys, Im hosting a 7.6 server and wand to add a attribute to item, example: I have a shield and want to add 10% magical defense on it. How can i do it?
  5. P

    Repet Task (7.6)

    Hello everybody, i had a Mod of Task running on my OT, but players cant repeat it, how i adjust to players repeat tasks, following next my code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Simple Task" version="3.0" author="Vodkart" contact="tibiaking.com" enabled="yes"> <config...
  6. M

    C++ Remove summon and heals the player

    Good night everyone, i am here to ask for a spell that's do the following: The spell removes the player's summon Then, it gets the summon's health and convert for the player. So, if the summon has 100 health but looses 10 and the player cast the spell, it removes the summon and heals 90 health...
  7. V

    Boss Room

    Hi guys, i have this code that i found in the internet but is not working 100% The boss is spawning, and the timmer is working ( player got kicked before 10m in the room ), but the clear isn't. I create an item that give a player "Storage 9000", then he can acess the portal and kill the...
  8. Sir Richard

    [The OTServBR based on TFS 1.3] - Swimming Send Effect [Movement]

    Greetings everyone! Could anyone help me figure this one out? The basic concept is the one used in real tibia: When the player enters a swimming area (tiles from id 4620 to id 4625), an effect should be sent to that position, but only when entering the area, walking around said tiles shouldn't...
  9. M

    Error Storage Skill Level HELP

    Can someone help me with this -- Configurations -- --------------------------- local STORAGE_SKILL_LEVEL = 10002 local STORAGE_SKILL_TRY = 10003 local config = { levels = { {level = {0,9}, quant = {1,2}, percent = 5}, {level = {10,19}, quant = {2,4}, percent =...
  10. T

    Lua Lever Boss Helppp

    Good evening guys, how are you? hope so. I need your help guys. I have a script to use the lever and go to the boss room, but I'm not able to check if there is a player in the room before entering. so if one person is doing the boss and another wants to enter, he can do it. Can someone help...
  11. C

    Npc giving attribute permanently

    TFS 1.3.10 Hello, Is it possible to give an attribute permanently with an npc and how can I do it? invented storage = 600005 Npc.lua local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function...
  12. robertorb12


    Hello, good afternoon otland community. I am willing to pay a person who can free my server's quests in a correct way (not adding them to login.lua) because he does not give the reward what interests me is to eliminate the previous quest missions such as yalahar, warzone, the forgotten knowledge...
  13. 115820

    Aura System OTX 3.x

    HI guys, i have this script to OTX 2.x, but i update my exe to OTX 3.x and i need update this script.
  14. M

    [SZUKAM] Komend na uzycie mr i uh

    Witajcie, poszukuje skryptu do uzycia run manarune i uh na siebie pod 7.6 Przykład : Grasz pisze !uh i uzywa na niego runy uh z plecaka, po czym usuwa jedno uzycie Silnik to avesta 0.6.4
  15. demon088

    Lua Spells with charges

    Hello again OtLand! I need some assistance making a new series of spells for my OTS, and if someone would like to use it, I'm glad to explain how it works or help to insert or edit the spell. My team had the idea to make a spell which could get one charge each time you use it. So, if you have...
  16. S

    Elf bot script for certain monster

    Does anyone know what command I can use to shot UE only when certain number of certain monsters around? Currently I'm using script: auto 200 if [$monstersaround.3 >= 4 && $playersaround.10 == 0 && $mp >= 1100] {say Exevo Gran Mas Flam} However this one shots UE anytime when 4 monsters around...
  17. C

    TFS 1.X+ Is it possible to set a loot/exp/skill rate for 1 specific player?

    I was looking for some lua function that can increase or decrease a specific player loot/exp/skill rate for X amount, but I had no sucess. For example: A player wear a ring or maybe he talks to a NPC and then he get a bonus for one those stats. I am using TFS 1.3
  18. C

    Why this login script doesn't work?

    Why is this script not working? I want a simple script that set the player town to 2 when he login for the first time. I am making sure to create a new char to make the LastLoginSaved = 0, still doesn't work. creaturescripts.xml <event type="login" name="changetown"...
  19. M

    Lua help me script

    function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if getPlayerVocation(cid) == 5 then doPlayerAddItem(cid, 3966) doPlayerAddItem(doPlayerAddItem(cid, 2275) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,19,"XD") doSendAnimatedText(getThingPos(cid), "Yeah Exp With I...
  20. Fifflaren

    C++ !save looktype

    Im looking for a script that will save my looktype and !load looktype so why do I want this, I have a outfit doll that gives you a random looktype when clicked but the outfit you get isnt saved it gets removed when leaving the server, would be really nice if I could have like !save looktype so...