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  1. L

    TFS 0.X Check Backpack slots and player capacity (Already have working script)

    I have this working action script, when i click the corpse on the ground it gives me an obsidian lance, and starts a quest on it. function onUse(cid) local queststatus = getPlayerStorageValue(cid,50125) if queststatus == -1 then local bp = getPlayerSlotItem(cid...
  2. A


    What can this error be happening in the function? tfs1.3 Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: (Unknown scriptfile) data/lib/lever.lua:131: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index' data/lib/lever.lua:131: in function...
  3. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Door with Storage

    Im trying to put a storage value in door to permit player to enter in quest, but got bugging. XML <action actionid="25125" event="script" value="azerusdoor.lua"/> LUA function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) local storage = 6677 -- coloque o storage aqui if...
  4. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Global event daily

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a global event where a TP is created for a room. If I put in the setup just one day, it works. If I put it every day, it doesn't start, it doesn't give an error on the console and it doesn't work. can you help me? local configuration = { day =...
  5. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Use only if you have "X" storage

    Good evening, how to make it possible to use a certain item only if you have "X" storage? I have an action that gives the player a storage, but I only want it to be able to use it if it already has another storage (313722) = 1. local storage = 396122 function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition...
  6. C

    Lua Attempting to better understand custom wands/rods (API docs?)

    Thanks in advance to whomever is taking the time to look this over with me. The short and sweet is that I'm trying to figure out how to best script in LUA with TFS 1.4 (unaltered source). I'm undertaking what I thought was a simple task: Make a custom wand which consumes less mana for a...
  7. K

    Lua Problem with script on super uh

    Hey, I have a working script on manarune and I try to do the same with super uh but it's not working. Tibia 10.98 theforgottenserver-v1.2-win64 data/actions <action itemid="2270" script="other/manarune.lua" /> data/actions/scripts/other/manarune.lua Script on manarune: function...
  8. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X]NPC who exchanges items for fee in premium points

    Good afternoon people, Many players on my server, after a while, ask to exchange VIP items. I would like to see the possibility of putting an NPC that exchanges the VIP items for the player with a fee of some premium points, is it possible to do? Can you help me?
  9. K

    how to display effect above the teleport

    Hey, I need a script to display the string above the teleport I was looking for a script for a long time, but none of it worked for me. I usually get this error: [C]: in function 'debugPrint' data/lib/compat/compat.lua:406: in function 'doSendAnimatedText' in...
  10. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Npc who teleport by item - consuming double money

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have an NPC that takes a player to a certain location asking for an item and an amount of money, but I have 2 problems: I asked him to request 5 crystal coins (50k) and he is asking for 100k. I would also like the NPC to ask for two items for sacrifice, how...
  11. brianmoreno1996


    could someone help me or send me the script to work on daniel steelsoul's quest of the spider cult, since they give me the mission to destroy 4 spider eggs but when clicking on the eggs, they are not destroyed, Help ME! If someone could explain me in detail, and of course send me all the scripts...
  12. potinho

    TFS 0.X Login queue - Change order

    Hello everyone, everything good? My server is growing and I'm getting close to the supportable engine/host limit. I would like that, in case of a day of queue to login, I prioritize the players that have VIP in my OT, how to do it? Follow my VIP system.
  13. danio4don

    rook levelbridge.lua not work

    Hello. I have a problem with the levelbridge.lua script. the script doesn't work at all. do i need to configure any more scripts for this? tfs 1.5 12.81 local failPosition = Position(31704, 32279, 6) function onStepIn(creature, item, position, fromPosition) local player =...
  14. potinho

    Lua [OTX 2 (TFS 0.X)] Reduce death penalty beyond bless

    Hello everyone, everything good? I would like to implement a system (it could be something sold by NPC, some item that is used, etc) that reduces the penalty for the player's next death. This item would be sold or crafted and would reduce by 50% (for example) the next level and skill loss...
  15. M

    Lua [HELP] Fishing Script

    Hi, I found a fishing script here on the forum, I'm using an OTX2 engine. The script does not work, an error appears in the console as below in the picture. How to fix it? local config = { [1] = {item = {1294, 1}, chance = 25000, fishing = 0, quest = {enable = false, storage = nil}}...
  16. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Action who remove storage and set new one

    I'm working on a new system, and I'd like to ask for some help. I have an item that sets a storage for the player. But I will need something different: I need another item that I create to remove this storage and add a new one. can you help me? actual script: local storage = 9870 function...
  17. potinho

    TFS 0.X Function who check backpack OZ

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a problem on my server: I removed the cap system, but some players get loot and never sell, their backpacks exceed 100k oz. This is causing server crashes due to autoloot, I believe that due to the amount of items, when he collects and plays in a backpack...
  18. potinho

    TFS 0.X [LUA]Bug Food - Dragon Ham dont regen mana/life

    Some players are relating to me they're starving, but when try to eat only dragon ham, show "its full". But regen of mana/hp stopped, happens only with dragon ham. 7.72 protocol Follow foods.lua local FOODS, MAX_FOOD = { [2328] = {84, "Gulp."}, [2362] = {48, "Yum."}, [2666] = {180...
  19. potinho

    TFS 0.X [LUA]Boss Room

    Hello how are you? I have this script that I copied from anihilator and I'm using it as a boss room, it works great for 4 players. However, I would like to increase the number of tiles, but it would still be possible to enter the room with any amount of players (4 or more), could you help me to...
  20. L

    Need command !adddonations

    Hello bros, I need help , to be exactly a command named !adddonations. When I say the command with the God: "!adddonations PLAYEREXAMPLE, DONATIONNUMBER" this must to add the DONATIONNUMBER to my column "donations" on the "players" table in phpmyadmin. Example: !adddonations Robert Otland, 100...