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  1. EarthMother

    AAC MyAAC - Whoops something went wrong...

    Hello! I'm here looking for guidance. Somebody that can tell me and at the same time teach me how to backtrace this and possibly has a fix? Pretty new to this, but I'm willing to learn about OT's. Trying to learn by customizing a TFS 1.4.1 at the moment, by adding custom skills/items and...
  2. potinho

    Windows [SQL] Got error reading communication packets

    Hello everyone, everything good? A few days ago I have noticed that my server has been giving errors in some tables (which I always repair in PHPMyAdmin), but they come back. Another thing that caught my attention is the error when reading communication packets, apparently it doesn't affect the...
  3. DukeeH

    AAC [MyAAC] - 3 Problems with Storages and Guilds.

    I'm trying to show rebirths on highscores box and characters page on MyAAC (Last version). {% set rows = rows + 1 %} <tr bgcolor="{{ getStyle(rows) }}"> <td>Resets:</td> <td>{{ player.getStorage(14310) }}</td> </tr> On characters page i've tried this, but no success. Always blank. I found this...
  4. luhfe

    PHP SQL - Bans.php - Ban.lua - Line code error

    Don`t return names on site AND say /ban in the game dont use a function correctly (separatorPos). Ex : /ban player, reason, type, comments (Link of photo error on website) : teste.png (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yTR9xNW5Mh_7GsAOs0tg5FhGu3yf2xAl/view?usp=sharing) Maybe i know where the...
  5. potinho

    TFS 0.X Bug House - Dont show itens in dp

    Hello guys, Players in my otserv are losing ur houses because dont pay rent, but the items should appear in the depot, but the depot is empty. the list of items appears in the "player_depotitems" table but I can't find them in the game. Anyone can help me?
  6. sikret

    AAC Foreign key constraint fails

    Hi, I have problem with tables so I decided to rename table (houses -> houses_z) and import another table without foreign key check (houses). Now when I close the server and make save I have that information: I delete houses_z but when i try import have that problem: What is wrong? That...
  7. K

    Sqlite Error

    Could somebodby help me, i have 2 little problem :( I don't know what this error is [6/7/2020 23:7:17] sqlite3_prepare_v2(): SQLITE ERROR: no such table: castle_dono (SELECT "guild_id" FROM "castle_dono" WHERE "guild_id" > 0) And this is the other error, it happens when a player log out...
  8. Lurk

    Lua how to get accountId using lua

    Hello, I have this code function getAccountPoints(cid) local id = db.getResult("SELECT `account_id` FROM `players` WHERE `name` = '" ..getPlayerName(cid).. "';") print("id: " ..id.. "") local res = db.getResult('select `points` from `znote_accounts` where `account_id` = \''..id..'\'')...
  9. J

    Globalevent with storage comparison problem

    TFS 1.2 We have this function on our server, where you pull 1 of 3 levers to set a global storage in db where each lever has its dedicated storage number. What we need, is a global event to check which of the global storages that have the highest value, eg: Lever 1 = 3201 Lever 2 = 3202 Lever...
  10. VagosClubTM


    Hello friends, I would like to know if someone on the forum knows or is more involved in this area of OTS, although we know YurOTS 7.6 xml is obsolete. but my server has been online for more than 11 years and I need my database, I would like to know if it is possible that my XML database can be...
  11. N

    Thread with this ID does not exits.

    en - Whenever I post a news on lastnews.php nothing happens, and if I try to post on forum.php it returns me a page written just that, "Thread with this ID does not exits." pt - Sempre que vou posta uma news no lastnews.php nada acontece, e se eu tento postar pelo forum.php me retorna uma pagina...
  12. maksumic

    Interesting SQL Queries: Server Statistics

    Find Average Look Type Color The query finds how many players use a look type and the average colors for that look type. SELECT COUNT(`looktype`) AS `NumberOfPlayers`, `looktype` AS `Type`, ROUND(AVG(`lookhead`), 0) AS `Head`, ROUND(AVG(`lookbody`)...
  13. BUMP

    Looking for stable TFS 8.0 client SQL version

    Hello! I'm looking for stable The Forgotten Server for Tibia client 8.0.
  14. Lurk

    TFS 0.X SQL Query to change depot items

    Hello, I had some depots in certain towns linked wrong and now a player has different items in different depots at the same city. Is there a SQL Query that would allow me to send all the items my players have from one depot to another? Example: I have 30 itens in the depot of town 1 and 50 in...
  15. P

    OTClient [7.72] OTHire 0.0.3 SQL setup

    I am having a lot of trouble getting the server [7.72] OTHire 0.0.3 to work. All I need is for it to run locally with only my machine connected. I cant get the SQL to work and this is such a jungle to me. I have no previous experience in SQL however I do have some basic knowledge in...
  16. P

    [SQL] how to create fk int in TABLE

    Filme COD (int, pk) nome(varchar 20, not null) nascimento(datetime, not null) obs(tinybit, not null) obs2(int, fk, not null) I thought of something of the type create table filme ( COD int PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, nome varchar(200) NOT NULL, nascimento datetime NOT NULL, obs tinyint NOT...
  17. V

    How to change server language (7.6)

    Hi, well the title says pretty much what I need, I just downloaded a server in polish, and I want to change it to english, so everyone world wide can play easily, also im looking for some help with sql servers pretty basic stuffs.
  18. Rorschach2

    Programmer Searching for SQL Programmer - update database to new tibia version

    Hello, I am searching for someone that can update my 8.4 server database to 10.98 server database. I have payed for several services already, JoeRod and Raggaer being the ones I worked together the most. Thanks for the atention, PM me if interested.
  19. V

    Interested in being part of a tf 7.6 proyect?

    Hi, im looking for someone capable or interested in helping creating a 7.6 tf server, like the one Becks had many years ago, of course we want the server to be sql or so, or even the xml type, the only problem with the xml servers we have is that they have an automatic afk check system that we...
  20. V

    Interested in 7.6 Server Proyect

    Hi, im looking for someone capable or interested in helping creating a 7.6 tf server, like the one Becks had many years ago, of course we want the server to be sql or so, or even the xml type, the only problem with the xml servers we have is that they have an automatic afk check system that we...