1. J.Dre

    [TFS 1.2+] Kill Monster & Create Portal

    Hi everyone, just thought I’d release this script as it is often times requested and most of the ones released are somewhat outdated. You may add multiple bosses to this script as well. :) Please post issues below. Here is the code! Creaturescripts.xml <event type="kill" name="bossKillEvent"...
  2. GM Mega

    [USA][10.00] Telera-Global! Full RL MAP + Teleports

    Hello and welcome to Telera-Global! This is a brand new Open Tibia Server with full map RL! It has it's own custom teleports, so you can fast level, and don't need team. Bot is allowed and you can also have as many MC's as you want! Server is FULL DDOS PROTECTED and has high speed internet...
  3. Sarah Wesker

    TalkAction Command !tp for TFS 0.4 with several options.

    Hello everyone, here I will leave a perfect command for your servers TFS 0.4 add on talkactions.xml <talkaction words="!tp" event="script" value="teleport.lua"/> add new sheet on data/talkactions/scripts/ per example: teleport.lua for this case. add this on the sheet: local places = { --[[...
  4. Ashtar

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 15/August/2019 10am PT

    August 12/08/2018 12PM PT (9PM CET) Finally, after around 4 years of development I'm glad to announce that the project Shadow Realm will finally see the light of day. Shadow Realm is a custom EVO - RPG (hybrid) using OTC and around 1000 custom epic sprites with the goal of providing an awesome...
  5. B

    Teleport 80% life boss

    Hey guys how r ya Im here to ask for ur help. I need a globalevent for my quest that reads the boss' life When the boss' life is under 80% he is teleported to the X position, then another monsters appears in the Y positions, after like 10 seconds the boss appears again... When he gets 40% he is...
  6. A

    NPC Script with storage time

    Hello! I am looking for script npc: - When we have item 9999 then npc remove item 9999 and will teleport us on pos x=4242 y= 1412 z=7 and give storage xxxx for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes of end storage we will back to npc - pos x= 2204 x= 1069 z=6 (back teleport) can anyone help me? :/
  7. Crixpx

    Lua [action]Teleport monster

    I have this script works this way: when clicking would have to teleport a few monsters that are in a coordinate to other coordinates, the problem is: the script does not teleport nothing i'm using tfs 1.3 Someone could give me an idea of what is going on ;) this is the script function...
  8. G

    Add quest requirements (Wrath and Warzones/GCTS)

    Hi All, Long time reader first time poster :). TFS 1.3 Just wonder how I edit the these scripts so you have to do the required quests to enter the teleports? Wrath of the Emperor (So you have do first 2 missions to enter Rebel Camp and Mission 5 to enter Lizard City) local config = {...
  9. shisus420

    Doors.lua and teleport.lua error

    Hi, I can't use doors, ladders etc. Screenshot of errors: And scripts: 1. doors.lua unlockedDoors = { } local function isDoorLocked(keyId, position) if keyId == 0 then return false end if unlockedDoors[keyId] then for i = 1, #unlockedDoors[keyId] do...
  10. C

    Teleport if have item on backpack.

    I need a script to player only can enter in teleport if he have a item in backpack. After takes the item and pass in the teleport he wins acess to this teleport all time. (and loose the item) This is like Deeper Banuta Shortcut, in global tibia need one egg of the many
  11. Saper1995

    TFS 1.2 TP to Waypoint.

    Hi, i'm trying to make talkaction command /goto waypoint like in old tfs version and i have a problem couse nothing happend. function onSay(player, words, param) local target = Creature(param) local waypoint = getWaypointPositionByName(param) if not...
  12. Acrenactive

    It refuses to teleporting players

    Hello Guys! i use 0.4 tfs and is 8.6 I have now solved my old problem with this script but I now have a new problem, why it would not teleporting players to the position. that it say in script a position there should tp the players to. can someone help me with this why this dont work? :rolleyes:
  13. Acrenactive

    Solved Globalevent tp boss

    Hello guys! ------------------------ TFS - 0.4 3777 Client 8.6 ------------------------ I have a problem with a script, Would appreciate if anyone could help me. I want a boss tp should spawn when the countdown has counted one minute. But my script works with countdown. But teleport dont...
  14. Colandus

    Teleport players from area (optionally offline)

    Teleport players from a certain area to a new position... Also has the option to teleport offline players. Usage is simple: doTeleportPlayersFromArea(fromPos, toPos, newPos, offlinePlayers --[[ = false]]) set offlinePlayers to true to enable offline players teleport!! do -- Function by...