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tfs 0.4

  1. Heyron

    TFS 0.X Character stops walking if cast spell, how to solve?

    I'm using TFS 0.4, however I encountered a very annoying problem. While the character is running, if he casts any attack spells he stops walking. As with the "exori vis" for example.
  2. E

    TFS 0.X Monster Attack Monsters

    How i can make make Monsters attack other monsters, like a war race? TFS 0.4 thx fpor help.
  3. 3688599

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.4 remove full health and mana on level up

    How do I remove full health and mana on level up system? tfs 0.4 Note: I do not have any advance script for it in creatures folder
  4. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X [Warning - Vocations::getVocation] Vocation 429496 not found.

    [Warning - Vocations::getVocation] Vocation 429496 not found. How to fix it?
  5. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X War Castle Problem

    The guild that won the castle can enter the castle and exp. It works fine. But the problem is that players who are not in the guild can enter the castle and exp also too. Only players who are in the guild but do not own the castle cannot enter. piece of script w-castle MOD: <action...
  6. Gomgom

    [TFS 0.4] Exceptional Auto Looting System on opening corpse

    Hello, I wrote a system that got an idea and I know that the hole thing could’ve been written in c++ but I’d rather have it written in lua than edit source files which makes it easy for a lot of people to install systems, though, many people have been using that all new versions of tibia and I...
  7. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Vial of water did not work TFS 0.4. HELP !

    Filling the vial with water does not work :( I need this feature to be done dreamer's challenge quest etc... On the other hand, Sandra in Edron sells an empty vial. How to fix it? empty vial in item editor It looks like this: sandra.lua: shopModule:addBuyableItem({'vial of oil'}, 2006...
  8. Daniel Kopeć

    AAC Item Market for Gesior 2012 0.4

    Does anyone have an "Item Market" script for Gesior 2012 0.4 Tibia 8.6 ?
  9. 3AsFoR

    is it possible to run tfs 0.4 without site

    is it possible to run tfs 0.4 without site or uniformserver only with sqlite and database that included in source folder!? i have compiled tfs 0.4 but i get this error when it run i changed config file from sqlType = "mysql" sqlHost = "" sqlPort = 3306 sqlUser = "root" sqlPass =...
  10. Yan18

    TFS 0.X [TFS 0.4] How to know if a player is inside a house?

    Hello guys! There is a way to know if a player is inside a house? Have some flag to get it? I searched if there was a way, but I didn't find it out.
  11. GOD Coke

    Compiling Cast system error

    Can someone help me, I have changed my server from debian 8 to debian 9 and the cast system stopped working, i compiled everything fine and when someone opens the cast this comes out I use the tfs 0.4 I do not get any error in the console and I have the account manager disabled and no account...
  12. R

    TFS 0.X Some bugs to fix.

    Hello guys. I have some problems with my TFS 0.4 8.7 server and would like help. # 1 HEAL AND MANA VERY DISTANT. In the old versions of Tibia, when using Great Spririt Potion, life and mana appear very distant. How i Change? Well, this is not a bug, just a feature. :D # 2 BUG OF LIGHT When...
  13. beenii

    Lua create function shuffle(numbers)

    Hello I think that interesting systems could be created with a function like this I need it for a system to change townid of my players the truth is, I don't know how to store data in tables, to create this function the idea of the function is the following: be able to use the function...
  14. Real Vandta

    Lua Talkaction Command Save Items Without Clean

    Hello Guys, i have a question i want a script on talkaction if you did /i items donate on temple and drop it on the tile and make command for save the items on this tile and when the clean do the item didin't clear or moved. Thank you = Im using a tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  15. thegood

    attempt to call global 'getCastleConfig' (a nil value)

    I need help with this Castle War script, all works good, but when the event finish, i recive this message: And have this error: This is my castlekill.lua: function onDeath(cid, corpse, killer) if (getCreatureName(cid) == getCastleConfig("monster")) then Castle_endEvent(true...
  16. G

    Help with Inq Script

    TFS 0.4 protocol 8.6 Good night friends. I would like some help to make a part of this quest script, what I need is to check the storage 39000 value 7 so that the player cannot repeat the same action (complete te quest again). I thank you all. function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx...
  17. Real Vandta

    Lua [Request] about death channel

    Hello i need script lua when player logging in my server the death channel open automatically can someone help me with that script I've searched but i dont founded it help me :/ For tfs 0.4
  18. Real Vandta

    Action FrozenStone Use this items Evolve your items legend to frozen.

    local config = { [2471] = {itemid=2662}, [2466] = {itemid=8866}, [12643] = {itemid=7896}, [9933] = {itemid=11117}, [7410] = {itemid=2453}, [7840] = {itemid=2352}, [7438] = {itemid=8858}, [2443] = {itemid=7770}, [12644] = {itemid=8907}, } function onUse(cid...
  19. Real Vandta


    local config = { [1] = {5}, -- sorcerer [2] = {6}, -- druid [3] = {7}, -- paladin [4] = {8}, -- knight } function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local v = config[getPlayerVocation(cid)] if v then doPlayerSetVocation(cid, v[1]) doCreatureSay(cid...
  20. equero

    Lua Task System 0.4 via a command/talkactions

    Hi Need a task system via a command like !taskstart rotworms [task started] you have killed [33/70] rotworms. and when you're done: you finished the task successfully! You receive [item][experience]. tfs 0.4 8.6 Thanks a lot!