tfs 0.4

  1. F

    TFS 1.X+ saga converter script for tfs 1.2

    Hello, I am using this sfs script from tfs 0.4 and I tried to convert it to tfs 1.2 from ninjalulz but without success. help-me!!! when I use this script below this error local saga = { -- Naruto --- [1] =...
  2. Lurk

    TFS 0.X Character stuck in place after attack while moving

    so, if you kill a monster and in between his death you walk whille attacking, your character will get stuck in place (will logout after a while IF not using anti idle) can still cast spells, send messagens and stuff but you'll be seing your character in an SQM but the messages/spells will be...
  3. kubqq

    Problem with outfits.xml, cannot add more than two orginal 8.60 tibia outfits

    Hello everyone. Like a thread, I have big problem with file outfits.xml - I want to add Dwarf, Elf, Skullhunter and Cult outfit but everytime working only two. I dont have any errors about outfits.xml in console, I can set Dwarf and Cult or Skullhunter and Cult, or Elf and Dwarf etc. I only...
  4. DaBlauwk

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.4 and gesior problems

    Hi I’m using TFS 0.4 and gesior but my localhost page is white and logging ingame fails because of wrong password. When I used znote I had the same problem logging ingame because of sha1 but atleast the page worked. Thanks in advance

    TFS 0.4 Console bug

    I have host with Ubuntu 14.04. When I have consoles turned on and I turn on the server tfs, everything works well. When I turn off the console or the computer are getting errors im database. Change vocations and skills. What am I doing wrong? do I have to enter any commands in the Ubuntu console?
  6. dunnish

    Lua Killing in the name of Problem Crascing server

    Hello! my Killing in the name of is makeing the hole server lagg. the script is trying to write to the database and when the guy reconnect its working again for a few min then its crash. Killinginthenameof.lua (in lib) [Lua] RANK_NONE = 0 RANK_HUNTSMAN = 1 RANK_RANGER = 2...
  7. T

    TFS 0.X Area Spell hitting specific creature

    Is it possible to make a area spell hits only a creature if it has a certain name? For example: how to do to a spell like, let's say, "divine caldera" (exevo mas san) hits only creatures in it's area named "rat"? Is it possible to do? Could you help me with some ideas? I'm kinda lost trying to...
  8. Michy

    It is possible?

    I want to make a npc can sell spells in OTX 11.49 but i don't know what are the new lua functions. Anyone can help me to know the new lua function for a doPlayerLearnInstantSpell Thanks in any case
  9. Sotomayor

    Gesior 0.3.7 support.php bug script

    Hello greetings for all, i have a problem with this scripth i try to fix my problem are the last access and status online or offline dont work, but down they work all, but i want the first table not the second tables because i dont like it jeje, could someone can help to fix this please? good...
  10. tiago cysneiros

    TFS 0.X New player born in Venore with ACC Manager (TFS 0.4)

    I want to new players born in Rookgaard but they going to Venore. Config.lua accountManager = true namelockManager = true newPlayerChooseVoc = false newPlayerSpawnPosX = 32097 newPlayerSpawnPosY = 32219 newPlayerSpawnPosZ = 7 newPlayerTownId = 6 newPlayerLevel = 1 newPlayerMagicLevel = 1...
  11. dunnish

    Linux Linux Distro & tfs 0.4 8.6

    Hello! im runing right now tfs on windows (tfs 0.4) and i would like to move it to linux. but what linux distro should i have? And what tfs trunk should i have? how can i compile it?
  12. K

    AAC [TFS0.4][MyAAC] Problem with SALT

    Hello everyone, I'm using myaac and TFS 0.4, client 8.60, narutibia. OLD:Hi, I have a problem with myaac in my test account, giving error in OTS_account.php, but in the game I normally enter, I installed myaac again this time clean, no plugin with nothing, the error persisted, I removed the...
  13. dunnish

    Lua Donate star (Viper star) to much damge

    Hello! the viper star do to much damge. the player hit arround 1k damge on mobs. i dont remmber since it was long time ago i change this thing. local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_BLOCKARMOR, 1) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE...
  14. D

    Co to jest Tfs 0.4_SVN? Chodzi mi o prefiks ''SVN''

    Czesc. Jak w temacie. Wiem co to tfs, a 0.4 to pewnie wersja. Ale zastanawia mnie co to znaczy to SVN. Moglby ktos wytlumaczyc mi to? Sprawa wyglada tak ze musze przeniesc sie z otx serwer 3 na jakis inny silnik 8.6 bo na nim sa freezy jak sie trzyma hotkey. Przejzalem ots list i chyba najwiecej...
  15. L

    TFS 0.X Change function for me

    Hello Our friend asked me to change the dorelocate function to 'doTeleportThing' but I do not know how to do that. Can someone help me? Script: function onStepOut(cid, item, position, fromPosition) local newPosition = {x = position.x, y = position.y, z = position.z}...
  16. Sotomayor

    Npc require item and can access forever

    Hello all i want some help on my ot server 8.6 tfs 0.4 _dev i want a npc required item to access X place and item deleted after u give to NPC, and you can access forever but not required the item anymore hope can help me please :)
  17. Lurk

    TFS 0.X Backpack bug

    I'm using tfs 0.4 rev 3777 and the problem is: when you have a backpack insed a backpack inside a backpack inside a backpack full of items like: bp(bp(bp(bp()))) all the subsequent items will drop on the ground, doesn't matter if you're buying from a npc, using /i or trading with a player I've...
  18. Lurk

    C++ gold limit

    I'm using TFS 0.4 rev 3777 and I'm trying to change the gold limit from init32_t to int64_t, I've been messing with some of my source files and i've already changed the Worth and moneyCount to int64_t and everything was fine when compiling but the gold limit was still in int32... Then I changed...
  19. Sotomayor

    Help Gesior Starter intro page

    Hello i have a problem on my website i put a intro on my otserver i create another folder to put the php. files and on the begin i put the intro php. my problem are when i try to login my loginbox dont work and redirect instantly to the intro all work fine but thats my only problem i change the...
  20. H

    TFS 0.X Missing some line in DB. can someone recognise it?

    Hi guys, I just noticed an error on my console: mysql_store_result(): UPDATE `players` SET `online` = 0 WHERE `world_id` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: (0) Anyone got any idea what should I do to remove this error? I believe it is a missing line in database, but I got no idea how to insert it. Thanks...