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tfs 0.4

  1. H

    TFS 0.X Missing some line in DB. can someone recognise it?

    Hi guys, I just noticed an error on my console: mysql_store_result(): UPDATE `players` SET `online` = 0 WHERE `world_id` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: (0) Anyone got any idea what should I do to remove this error? I believe it is a missing line in database, but I got no idea how to insert it. Thanks...
  2. M


    Ok so I'm having an issue with my banking system on my new tfs. Its a real map, and although minor bugs im working, on I've encountered one I can't seem to figure out. No matter how much money I have on me the banker tells me I don't have enough gold so i cant deposit anything. I have tried many...
  3. Q

    Linux [SEARCH] TFS 0.4 for 7.x version (7.4/7.6)

    Someone know where i can get this distro tfs 0.4 downgraded for old 7.x version?
  4. Q

    [SZUKAM] TFS 0.4 pod 7.6 7.72

    Witam czy ma ktoś dostęp do tego silnika? TFS 0.4 pod 7.6 7.72
  5. kariera123

    Problem How to set OTS 8.6 online

    I have vps with WinServ2016 and i want to know how set up my ots online for now i have everything on localhost. if it matters i use xampp, tfs 0.4
  6. Catalyst

    Reflect Attribute.

    I have searched so long for this, theres alot of posts about it but no answers. Im using TFS 0.4 and im trying to make the reflect work, when someone use a field rune that keep the target 'Burned' or 'Poisoned' it doesn't reflect when the player goes in PZ and insta crash my server. <attribute...
  7. FearWar


    Hi guys, Is it possible to increase the slots of clothing without customer making it warm? Would you have a client of your own or just do.net in the sources? Thanks guys!
  8. Eduardo170

    C++ Walktrough for all levels in PZ to TFS 0.4?

    How to add walktrough for all levels only in PZ?, as in tibia.com. TFS 0.4 Rev 3884 bool Player::canWalkthrough(const Creature* creature) const { if(creature == this || hasCustomFlag(PlayerCustomFlag_CanWalkthrough) || creature->isWalkable() || (creature->getMaster() &&...
  9. Yusuf El-Shora

    Lua [HELP]Boost PVP rate x2

    Hello Otlanders! I'm using tfs 0.4 for client 8.6. I got an double exp rate script, which boost the exp gained from killing monsters, and this is it: local otswe = { storage = 5995, -- Put Unused Storage Here time_end = 120*60*1000, -- Edit Time Here end_text = "The Powers Of The Gods Has...
  10. P

    TFS 0.4 8.6 / SHOP Nieskonczonosc Item

    Kurde mam problem, mecze sie juz 3 dzien z nim i juz nie wiem co zrobic, a wiec tak robie item w shopie, kupuje go, lecz pisze ze przyjdzie, ale nie przychodzi wiec zmienilem id w bazie danych z losowego, na id itema, przychodzi, ale przychodzi w nieskonczonosc . daje w count ze jeden ale to i...
  11. P

    Windows Compiling 0.4 server on newest MSVC 17

    Hello. This isn't a big problem, because I already can compile tfs 0.4 on MSVC 10, but I want to ask: How can I upgrade project to use it on newest version of Visual Studio 17? I already added all include and lib folders, but when I click rebuild then a lot of errors are showed up, and this is...
  12. Yusuf El-Shora

    Compiling Help Compiling My Source (linux/widnows)

    As the title said.. I need help with compiling .. :( I got a source and I can't compile it not in Linux or Windows (tfs 0.4/ 8.6 Client).. Although someone told me it's can be compiled on anyone of these OS .. I Got two VPS one is Windows Server 2016, the other is LINUX Server Ubunto 16 ...
  13. GhostWD

    Compiling tfs 0.4 compilation

    Hi there! i have got problem with compiled on Ubuntu 16.04 TFS 0.4.3777 when i running it up cannot open data/creaturescripts/scripts/skills/skillstageslogin.lua: No such file or directory [Error - LuaInterface::loadFile] cannot open data/creaturescripts/scripts/skills/skillstagesadvance.lua...
  14. T

    Lua doPlayerRemoveOutfitId - problem with

    Hello, there. Is there any restriction to use the function doPlayerRemoveOutfitId(cid, id, addon) to remove an outfit that was manually added before with doPlayerAddOutfitId(cid, id, addon)? By the way: I'm using TFS 0.4 Let me explain: Players in my server starts only with the outfit ID 1...
  15. T

    "Arm" (Armor) formula in Sources TFS 0.4.0

    Where do I find in TFS 0.4.0 sources the "Arm" formula for equipments? I'm trying to reformulate the Arm formula in my server, but I'm not sure where it is. All I've found is in "player.cpp" the following code: int32_t Player::getArmor() const { int32_t i = SLOT_FIRST, armor = 0; for(...
  16. Pluto

    [TFS 0.4] 8.6, Distance Attack stops while walking

    While using distance weapons (spears, bows etc.) and walking at the same time, player doesn't attack. To shoot any distance weapon, you have to stop first and not move. No problems with melee weapons. Any ideas how could I fix that, or solutions? -- SOLUTION -- Thanks very much to fla5h for...
  17. Noupz

    Compiling Warnings I'd like to solve

    I use Ubuntu 14.04 with tfs 0.4 rev3777 when i am compiling, these warnings comes to me: Warning in chat.cpp chat.cpp: In member function ‘ChatChannel* Chat::getChannel(Player*, uint16_t)’: chat.cpp:1143:10: warning: converting ‘false’ to pointer type ‘ChatChannel*’ [-Wconversion-null]...
  18. Noupz

    C++ Storage to summon follow

    This is part of my monster.cpp i would like this part work with a storage, like this of course what i've done is wrong, but is the perfect example of what i want, someone could help me? this is the source i use MEGA
  19. mldo

    Max mlvl

    Witam, mam problem, mianowicie po wbiciu przez profesje np. palka 42mlvl i uzywaniu dalej czarów, występuje wyłączenie serwera. Czyli debuguje się mlvl i daje np 9901mlvl, jak ustawić lub co zmienić żeby nie przeskakiwało ograniczenia ? TFS 0.4 Tibia 8.6
  20. A

    Lua Function OnSay to summon a creature

    Hello Guys, I have the following script: It works fine but I want to rewrite that script a little. Presently when I place an itemid=2159 at piece1pos the item disapears after I use a lever (id9825) and the boss shows up. Although instead of using the lever I want to make the item=2159 to...