tfs 0.4

  1. A

    Lua Item which gives higher exp rate and some damage reduction.

    Hello community, I am trying to create an item which gives higher exp rate and gives some protection , but only from monsters (this is why I can not use this " <attribute key="absorbPercentAll" value="5" />" to get some damage reduction. I have two scripts. It is working one for the rising an...
  2. Way20

    Solved NPC that can be moved by players

    Hi to everyone, its there a way to make an npc that can be moved by normal players? Im currently using TFS 0.4. UP BUMP
  3. Aldo Axel

    Lua Server Save delay until 50 seconds and disconnect

    -Repost- Regards, my issue remains the server save on my OT server as it says in the title, the saved can take up to 50 seconds, which for me is too much time, since it disconnects the players... OT server features: TFS 0.4_SVN 8.6 compiled version 3.4.5 (from otland) save.lua local config = {...
  4. Q

    The Forgotten Server 0.4 7.x

    Hello guys. Someone know where i can download tfs 0.4 for 7.72?
  5. P

    Lua Damage from monsters

    Good night, I have a problem .. demons and monsters in general when they give magic in area are taking life from other monsters .. is there any way to avoid this? creaturescript?
  6. Snavy

    Linux Player Can walk through NPCs

    as menitoned above, players are able to walk thru some NPCs but not all of them. I haven't figured out what the problem is/might be. TFS 0.4 - 3777 - 8.6
  7. Snavy

    TFS 0.4 Libraries

    *Sigh* ... I have been looking for TFS 0.4 libs for days now and I can't find them anywhere. Could someone give me a list of libraries required to compile TFS 0.4 - 3777 ?
  8. suicunei

    Lua Error Zombie Event

    So, I have installed a zombie event system, everything is okay but one thing: The teleport is created in X hour(eg 21:30) and it's closed 2min after(21:32). When it is closed, I got a console error, please help me to solve it: [21:3:44.399] [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] [21:3:44.403] In a...
  9. suicunei

    Compiling Tray System TFS 0.4

    Is it possible to create a tray system to tfs 0.4? For example the GUI versions, when u minimize the console, it goes to the 'hidden icons'... I want to do this for the CONSOLE version... Someone to help me? please?
  10. M


    hey i have this error in console. any one know how to fix? OTSYS_SQLITE3_PREPARE(): SQLITE ERROR: no such column: players.onlinetimeall (UPDATE "players" SET "onlinetimeall"=players.onlinetimeall+300 WHERE "online" = 1;)
  11. Vesgo

    Solved C++ or LUA Check if player is wearing 2 weapons, if so INCREASE MONSTER DAMAGE

    Hello guys, since i failed to manage de defense formula i changed my strategy. Using TFs 0.4 rev 3777 How can i manage to verify if a player is wearing 2 weapons at the same time, and if so, monsters will deal more damage to him, but only if he is using 2 weapons. I tryed to search, but got...
  12. Vesgo

    Healling items stop working after logout - CLOSED

    Im using TFs 0.4 rev 3777. I noticed that if a player is using a soft boots (or any item that heals mana ou hp) logs out, when he comes back the item is still getting consumed (soft boots or rings) but does not heal anymore. He needs to wear it off and on again to get it working. Any hints?
  13. paweleq2000

    Looking for TFS 0.4.

    Hello OTlanders, Im looking for TFS 0.4 rev 4269 or other tfs 0.4 attendant 8.7 client I can't find this anywhere or links are outdated, need it so much.
  14. Aldo Axel

    Windows Definetly not are raids

    The console continues to close, even deactivating raids... could be the console?
  15. Aldo Axel

    Windows Someone could help me with my console

    Good, straight to the point, my problem is on my console, Version OTX, TFS 0.4 Windows x64 bits OS Windows 10 My problem is to have my console open, this stable is functional, but in a couple of hours, the console closes directly without throwing any error, everything is fine, in a lapse of...
  16. gudan garam

    Compiling Problem compiling tfs 0.4. help

    Hey guy, so normally I would get sources to a distro and compile it using stian dev-cpp and opening the file on it, but this sources that I download doesn't have this file on the dev-cpp folder... it doesn't even has the dev-cpp folder... I've searching for the answer for...
  17. gudan garam

    Lua Question regardin tfs and lua scripts

    Hey guys, so, I'm here to ask a question that I think you guys can answer really easily. The things is... I have a 8.6 server that I downloaded like 3 years ago and edited the whole thing, but I don't have the right sources to its distro, its a windows distro already compiled that came with the...
  18. Aldo Axel

    Windows (Gesior Acc) Error Equipment Shower

    Greetings, this post has created for one reason, to solve my problem with my Gesior Acc and characters.php, in my equipment shower an one item doesn't show the really id item, i mean it shows another image, but in my items folder, i have the correct images and id's, but apparently that has...
  19. N e r o n Z

    8.60 / Tfs 0.4 ( BROKEN 2B HP AND MP LIMIT same for Monsters ) OFFICAL RELEASE

    As the title says today im going to release my sources! Whats the difference between my sources and other sources? I can tell you My scripter broke the limit of the 2B hp and mp system same for monsters ( I know alot of ppls wanted that source! ) * Anti-house trash system * Cast System * War...
  20. Acrenactive

    40 euro Pay Job Tfs 0.3.6 or 0.4 linux

    Hello otland users! I pay in euro say your offer for this job. The person who fix for me a tfs (3777 or 3884 (stable). client 8.60 for Linux bugg free. I want people to go through the low lvls except in depo and outside protection zone Stackable potion it show exacly how many pots you have...