tfs 1.0

  1. .Smile

    TalkAction /adm to turn GOD, / player to turn PLAYER

    Hello everyone, I am currently a beginner in programming and I am developing a Server, and one of the difficulties I had was to have to alternate between 2 Characters one PLAYER and the other GOD to test some things. It is a very simple script, and in the future I intend to improve it. What...
  2. GOD Jose

    TFS 1.X+ Prefix + Name

    Hello Otlanders I'm looking the best way to implement this "prefix" for each vocation. Note: Can be applied for other things like loyalty, or some stuff to show. Example: Character Name: Demos With prefix should be Character Name: [RP] Demos This kind of prefix used to be old war...
  3. M

    TFS 1.X+ How to check for specific target?

    Hi, I am using TFS 1.0 and here is the spell script I wrote local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_ENERGYDAMAGE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_ENERGYAREA) local condition = createConditionObject(CONDITION_FIRE)...
  4. cdpa2000

    Help the npc language

    Good afternoon, I see if anyone could help me at least with the basis of a system that thought that when creating an account, you can choose your language, from there the server takes the selected language in the database and the npc in your designated language. This is one of the ways I...
  5. cdpa2000

    Blacksmith Level Limiter

    Hi, could anyone help me put a limitation when creating items The items are divided into ranges, C, B, A, S, S +. The idea would be something like: blacksmith level: 10+ = Class C blacksmith level: 25 = Class B blacksmith level: 50 = Class A blacksmith level: 75 = Class S blacksmith...
  6. cdpa2000

    Blacksmith NPC TFS 1.0

    Hello! Can someone help me with an npc that you have to pay "X" amount of money to give you permission to be able to perform the BlackSmith. I would not know if blocking the use of the hammer id = "xxxx" would be an option or as, but if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it...
  7. cdpa2000

    OnDeath Effect tfs 1.0

    Good day, I was wondering if someone could help me, I understand that it is through the tfs but I am not sure. I am creating a server of Sword Art Online and I want that when the players and monsters die instead of leaving the corpse the effect appears and the items remain on the floor or pass...
  8. A

    C++ Compiling ERRORS, please help.

    Hello Otlanders, I need help with compiling tfs 1.0. Im getting an error each time i'm trying. I think you will understand by looking at the pictures and there you will see what the errors are, please someone help me. First it goes like this: Image - TinyPic - gratis värdtjänst för bilder...
  9. D

    Spell only Healing Party

    hey, i dont know someone made something like this? look down. if not, its possible to do this? if yes can someone made it for me? thanks Healing only Party Members, skill working by 12 second all party members got every second 50 health points before spell end tfs 1.x bump
  10. D

    you cannot trade, drop item from backpack from quest

    hey, here is possible create itemid np = 55555 (you cannot drop this item, you cannot sell this item, you cannot trade this item) tfs 1.0,1.1,1.2,1.3 bump bump bump
  11. K

    Changing Spell Effects TFS 1.0 HELP

    Anyone out there can help me out with the spell below would be great. I would like to know exactly how I can change each own COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT to individual tiles (1's in area). For now it's only using effect -> 4 and that's why I would like to change that so each tile has its own effect. I...
  12. V

    Mods carpet in 10.96 OT.

    Hello guys, I didn't see/how can I create new mods in this Version doesn't exit Mod carpet :/
  13. D

    Clicking on tree tries fisting and get sometimes apple tfs 1.0

    Clicking on tree tries fisting and get sometimes apple #tfs 1.0
  14. Klonera

    TFS 1.0 disable black skull/redskull daily kills to ban request

    I've been searhing the otland for a while now afther this, i want to disable black skull and replace that with a 24 hours ban. dailykilltoredskull 5 dailykillstoban 15 weekly monthly... greatful for help - Slamos
  15. miens

    Solved tfs 1.0 setAttribute ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_ATK not working

    Hey I had a spell modifying item attribute in tfs 1.2 and everything worked fine. I had to switch to older version and now when I call the same method (setAttribute) its not changing anything and even returns null. I tried debugging it for hours with no effect. Any ideas what might be wrong...
  16. D

    Experience Table level / magic level tfs 1.0

    hello, i need custom Experience Table level / magic level on lua or c++ like 1 = 500mana to level 2 2 = 800mana to to level 3 ..... and level like 1lvl = 80exp to level 2 2lvl = 120exp to level 3 3lvl = 150exp to level 4..... please change name thread from Experience Table level / magic level...
  17. Perun

    Tfs 1.0/1.2 v.8.54

    Hello, maybe someone of you is guru of new tfs? ;) Is it any way to downgrade tfs 1.0 or 1.2 to 8.54 client version without OTC? OTClient is good, have a lot of options but a lot of players still have wooden pc and OTC using too much memory for their PCs to handle it. I'm curious if is there...
  18. D

    to set tile on invalid coordinate ( 00584 / 65535 / 007 )!

    Error: Attempt to set tile on invalid coordinate ( 00584 / 65535 / 007 )! anyone know how i can fix it?
  19. dominique120

    TFS 1.0 "Official Release" for Windows XP.

    This is the source of the official 1.0 release compiled for Windows XP systems. This is rev 1649 (client 10.41) from the 1.0 branch. You will find the following in this pack: - DLL Files - Visual Studio redistributable - Data folder - Config file - MySQL schema - Source code - License -...
  20. nevix

    TFS 1.0 Last Man Standing By Nevix

    Hello, as i'm saw here is a lot of last man stading events, anyway I will share my last man standing. Probably it is my first thing what I create good and working perfect :) * Starts every xxx minutes as you want. * Simple install. * Reward premium points, of course you can edit code by...