tfs 1.2

  1. D

    [8.60][TFS1.2] Roxor

    Hello i want share my project, orginal Roxor1337 map edidet by me. I added many new exp&quests, also fixed all what i find broken. Have fun. Still have few bugs. If you have any questions ask here. Screens:
  2. tejdi

    TFS 1.x - Does anybody have the formula for old UHs?

    Hello everyone! 1st question: Did the UHs formula change since 7.4 or 1.x the tfs have the same/similar formula? 2nd question: If it is changed, does anybody have the formula for old UHs for the 1.x tfs? My actual UHs formula: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE...
  3. demon088

    Add fist vocation TFS 1.2 (COMPILING)

    I used to have a vocation using fist in my previous TFS version, now I wanted to add it again but it is causing bugs while casting Fist based spells. I remember that I had to compile my own TFS with SKILL_FIST on game.ccp and other source files, but when I try to compile: How can I add Fist...
  4. Nekiro

    Feature [TFS 1.2]+ Advanced Auto Loot System

    Hi, today I release system exclusively written to be released publicly. I noticed that we don't have a good auto loot system here on otland, so that's why. It was tested on latest tfs 1.3 master branch, but it should work in any 1.x version probably. How does it work? Clicking on corpse will...
  5. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Cancel day light on tiles to make a dark zone

    Hello guys, I'm working in a new zone on my map and I was wondering if was possible make something like a "Dark Land". The effect would be like this: Cancel the "day light" on an X tile (item id). The server have a day-night cycle right? Well in this tiles the light on them always should be...
  6. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Kick problem on player and console.

    Hello friends, I have a problem on TFS 1.2, when I enter with the god and start to walk 5-10 seconds suddenly kicks me out. I use ot client that says this error: Your connection has been lost. Either your network or the server went down. (Error 10054) The console: When I see the console the...
  7. Udun

    Windows Objet Builder problem with version 10.98

    Hello friends, I have a problem with the Objet Builder 0.4.5, I want to edit the dat/spr from 10.98 but the program only supports until 10.56. Reading across the forum I saw that a way to make this work is putting this: <version value="1098" string="10.98" dat="42A3" spr="57BBD603"...
  8. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Problem runing TFS 1.2

    Hello friends of Otland! Today a came with a lot of trouble, I'm a noob so please be patient! xD I want start a big project with TFS 1.2, the last 3 days I have been trying to get the distro, looking in the forums, searching as crazy. I was tinking to compile myself but I haven't able to do it...
  9. Z

    C++ Creature CastSpell() right way

    Hello, I have this function to do Creatures cast spells, but isn't working in right way, if a monster(summon) cast a spell, the spell is damaging the player(master), if hit another player, the master don't get Skull, the master and the player that recive damage don't get Pz Locked. After search...
  10. N

    TFS 1.2 Portal created on monster death?

    Has anyone got a script like this or know of something similar? Im trying to have quest rewards available after the monsters death, hence when the monster dies a portal is created. I need multiple bosses to spawn their own portals with separate destinations. Cheers
  11. ROKI721

    [TFS1.2] Cannot Create account in Gesior AAC

    Hello, i have a problem its nice problem... I cannot create account in Gesior AAC and using TFS 1.2 or other.. I click register -> enter name/pass etc. Click register and look in database and not see my new account. My english is bad or very easy, sorry. This is five screens:
  12. tejdi

    [tfs 1.2] Global storage for specific time

    I would like to allow action only once per X time for a whole server (10 min for example), how could I do this? Scheme: local config = { monsterPos = {x=790, y=978, z=11}, exhaust = X -- ?? } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if game world...
  13. F

    TFS 1.X+ saga converter script for tfs 1.2

    Hello, I am using this sfs script from tfs 0.4 and I tried to convert it to tfs 1.2 from ninjalulz but without success. help-me!!! when I use this script below this error local saga = { -- Naruto --- [1] =...
  14. tejdi

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2, 10.98 - a lot of bugs from /data/

    Hello! I've downloaded the TFS 1.2 compiled (I can not do this alone lol) and combined this with /data/ from otland's GitHub. Unfortunately, I've received a lot of bugs in the console, so it looks like incompatible files. Could anyone just upload clean TFS 1.2 for 10.98 without bugs and with...
  15. A

    Storage Required for Tile

    Hello, I'm creating a whitelisted server and I want to put some tiles at the exit of the temple, this way random people can join but can't exit the temple without being registered by an admin (he would give the storage required to get out of the temple). I tried looking for some POI tiles...
  16. Klonera

    [Tutorial] Domain Name, how to connect it

    Hello, first of i'm apologizing for not being very clear in this video. I hope this helps you out on how to connect it into your own hosted server, you do this the same way if you're using ovh on Linux. It should show on the dashboard what your ipv4 adress is. In this video i'm using a free...
  17. Klonera

    [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.2 (10.98)

    Here's a late video tutorial, hope it helps someone. This video explains how you setup a TFS 1.2 10.98 Server on Localhost using Gesior Acc 2012. First of all, download this. Second of all, download Gesior/Znote Acc...
  18. A

    Looking for Host site - TFS 1.2

    Im looking for websites that have dedicated servers with windows, not asking for much really (50~ max players), I heard linux is cheaper but I have 0 experience with that SO :(
  19. DaBlauwk

    Compiling TFS 1.2 8.60 compiling

    Hi I´ve made some source edits for gold nuggets and dual wielding and I have 3 errors while compiling. It worked when it was just the gold nuggets so the problem must be the dual wielding.
  20. DaBlauwk

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Compiling 8.60

    Hi Had to rebuild because I made some changes for crystal coin to change into gold nugget but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 with boost 1.66.0 and tfs-sdk-3.2 Failing rebuild OUTPUT 1>c:\psychoactive\src\connection.cpp(119): error C2440...