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tfs 1.2

  1. R

    Lua Request for Varkhal Addon NPC TFS 1.2

    Hello, looking for working Varkhal in TFS 1.2 Thanks 🥳
  2. stefbox99

    Lua Trying to remove(clean) items from tiles with startPos to endPos

    startPos = Position(1064, 853, 7) endPos = Position(1088, 875, 7) function cleanTiles(startPos, endPos) for x = startPos.x, endPos.x do for y = startPos.y, endPos.y do for z = startPos.z, endPos.z do local item = Tile(Position(x, y, z)):getItems()...
  3. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ Problem with login TFS 1.2 and 1.3 in Otclient

    Hello everyone! I'm with problem with login in TFS 1.2 and/or 1.3, when I try to login appear : Invalid Token Authentication But, if I comment this line in source in protocollogin.cpp: /*if (!Protocol::RSA_decrypt(msg)) { disconnectClient("Invalid authentification token.", version)...
  4. S

    High CPU/RAM usage after 8h+

    Hello everyone! I'm facing a problem that I don't know how to solve by myself anymore. I'm running a Global TFS 1.2 server in a Xeon E-2286G 8vCPU 4Ghz/8GB RAM dedicated VPS and the server used to have just ~100 players. Since I've put it on Otservlist, we started to get ~200 players and since...
  5. demon088

    TFS 1.X+ Add Fist Skill to Offline Training for Beds

    Hello OtLanders! I'm using TFS 1.2 for Tibia Version 10.98. I have just added Fist Skill on my OTS: There is a statue to train Fist and I have several spells including it, if somebody wants me to share such content, please let me know. However, my problem is on bed offline training as you can...
  6. L

    tfs 1.2 problem

    I have tfs 1.2 and I have such a problem that when editing myself, adding scripts, map, etc. at which the test temporarily start the engine and enter the game to check if everything works the engine did not want to turn on. Before I start xamppa it starts with a message that it needs access to...
  7. O

    C++ Bug while changing equip with critical

    Hi everyone i will be fast, im getting a bug with the equip that has this attributes (on equip and deequip) <attribute key="skillcriticalchance" value="value" /> <attribute key="skillcriticaldamage" value="value" /> <attribute key="skilllifechance" value="value" /> <attribute...
  8. Fifflaren

    Locked doors

    So I was making this quest where you unlock a door using a key, and everything works fine the door unlocks as it should but I would like it to close after you have walked in. Something like questdoors do. VIDEO!
  9. M

    Compiling TFS ERROR

    Hi guys, i have this libboost_date_time... but the error persists
  10. M

    Skill Point System

    Hello, i am using this script CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Skill Points, modalwindow (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-skill-points-modalwindow.229280/) i'm trying to change somethings look the image: can i change, club sword and axe for only Strenght ? and upgrade melee damage... and Dextery...
  11. M

    Error Storage Skill Level HELP

    Can someone help me with this -- Configurations -- --------------------------- local STORAGE_SKILL_LEVEL = 10002 local STORAGE_SKILL_TRY = 10003 local config = { levels = { {level = {0,9}, quant = {1,2}, percent = 5}, {level = {10,19}, quant = {2,4}, percent =...
  12. M

    TFS 1.2 Script request

    I want a basic script for mining, with command !skills and show the mining level, more level, more chance to loot more ores... Script RARE DROP, when I kill a monster, have the chance to drop items by rarity, common, not common, rare, legendary... with stats like attack +5, def+5, fire damage...
  13. Fifflaren

    C++ tfs 1.2 Tibia store

    Hello Otland, I have been searching for some solution to the in game store not popping up and based on the information I found, is a source edit needed, Im going to be totaly honest I have NO idea what or how I shall tackle this problem so Im turning to my pals at otland :) Basically I need...
  14. D

    [8.60][TFS1.2] Roxor

    Hello i want share my project, orginal Roxor1337 map edidet by me. I added many new exp&quests, also fixed all what i find broken. Have fun. Still have few bugs. If you have any questions ask here. Screens:
  15. tejdi

    TFS 1.x - Does anybody have the formula for old UHs?

    Hello everyone! 1st question: Did the UHs formula change since 7.4 or 1.x the tfs have the same/similar formula? 2nd question: If it is changed, does anybody have the formula for old UHs for the 1.x tfs? My actual UHs formula: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE...
  16. demon088

    Add fist vocation TFS 1.2 (COMPILING)

    I used to have a vocation using fist in my previous TFS version, now I wanted to add it again but it is causing bugs while casting Fist based spells. I remember that I had to compile my own TFS with SKILL_FIST on game.ccp and other source files, but when I try to compile: How can I add Fist...
  17. Nekiro

    Feature [TFS 1.2]+ Advanced Auto Loot System

    Hi, today I release system exclusively written to be released publicly. I noticed that we don't have a good auto loot system here on otland, so that's why. It was tested on latest tfs 1.3 master branch, but it should work in any 1.x version probably. How does it work? Clicking on corpse will...
  18. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Cancel day light on tiles to make a dark zone

    Hello guys, I'm working in a new zone on my map and I was wondering if was possible make something like a "Dark Land". The effect would be like this: Cancel the "day light" on an X tile (item id). The server have a day-night cycle right? Well in this tiles the light on them always should be...
  19. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Kick problem on player and console.

    Hello friends, I have a problem on TFS 1.2, when I enter with the god and start to walk 5-10 seconds suddenly kicks me out. I use ot client that says this error: Your connection has been lost. Either your network or the server went down. (Error 10054) The console: When I see the console the...
  20. Udun

    Windows Objet Builder problem with version 10.98

    Hello friends, I have a problem with the Objet Builder 0.4.5, I want to edit the dat/spr from 10.98 but the program only supports until 10.56. Reading across the forum I saw that a way to make this work is putting this: <version value="1098" string="10.98" dat="42A3" spr="57BBD603"...