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  1. G

    Error Compiling OTServer with TFS 1.5 in windows - Need Help

    Hello everyone, I am facing an issue while trying to compile OTServer using TFS 1.5. I am following Nekiro's project prepared for Tibia version 8.60. I have set up the environment as instructed, but when I try to compile, I get the following error: Operating System: Windows Could someone...
  2. D

    Problems when talk with npc

    I'm using Sarah's source (TFS 1.5): GitHub - MillhioreBT/forgottenserver-downgrade: TFS Downgrade 1.5+ is an engine based on nekiro downgrade but highly updated with current tfs code, it also has the lua modules divided and uses lua5.4 (https://github.com/MillhioreBT/forgottenserver-downgrade)...
  3. J

    Reborn problem tfs 1.3

    Hello I have revescript reborn give damage and exp +10 all resets and I have problem I would like when player make reset back to level 8 with hp150 and mana 35 with bonuses(damage and exp) can somebody help me ?please My script local config = { talk = "!reset", storageResets =...
  4. sevengym

    Problem with showing items on new characters

    I'm on TFS 0.3.6 Custom Naruto OTS. I create a character and its showing that he has equipped exactly same items as my "admin" character. The items do not work, you cannot do anything with them. Its just a visual bug. I logged into the admin and took off the items. I logged back on the character...
  5. J

    Tfs 1.5 Reborn problem

    Hello I use Revescripts local resetSys = TalkAction("!reset") local config = { storageResets = 525000, backToLevel = 8, redskull = true, battle = true, pz = true, defaultGainMaxHealth = 0.3, defaultGainMaxMana = 0.3, resetCostItemId = 2157, -- Item ID required...
  6. Evil Hero

    The Forgotten Server 1.6

    Hello Folks~ It's been almost 3 long years since the release of 1.4.x We are here to happily announce the release of 1.6! From now on we are planning to have steadier (stable) releases. The development cycle will always be the odd number (ex: 1.7) while the (stable) release will be even (ex...
  7. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ tfs 13.10 and znote error login

    Hello. After running the current 13.10 TFS server. in the client after logging in, shows the character selection. but when I want to log in to a given character, I get this error. https://prnt.sc/ypgGltoFbycq https://prnt.sc/snHvlSA0__1w https://prnt.sc/XZuAhFIuOGYa...
  8. J

    Tfs 1.5 by nekiro palladin no attack weapon when use pot

    Hello guys I use tfs 1.5 and I have problem whe palladin use potion sto attack from weapon how I can change this ? If I change in config.lua classicAttackSpeed = false to classicAttackSpeed = true Is every time lags when I add to weapons.xml swing="true" --- not working I try compile...
  9. J

    tfs 1.5 8.0 by nekiro problem with login

    Hello guys I download server and compile on ubuntu 22.04 and try login to game when i try login is error 20002 and in console is InvertibleRSAFunction: computational error during private key operation can help me ?
  10. M

    Can you move a spell's combat area after creating it with an array?

    Say I create a spell's combat area in its own lua file, like this: local circle = { {0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0}, {1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1}, {0, 1, 1, 1, 3, 1, 0}, {1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1}, {0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0}, {0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0} } local combat =...
  11. leik meris

    TFS 1.X+ field damage 50% less damage

    Hello everyone, I use tfs 1.5 7.72 from nekiro. Does anyone know how to modify the damage reduction? <item id="1487" article="a" name="fire field"> <attribute key="type" value="magicfield" /> <attribute key="decayTo" value="1488" /> <attribute key="duration"...
  12. shakal1994


    I was thinking, if the current TFS had an OLD PROTOCOL option, so we could use the outdated SPR and DAT, wouldn't it bring more users? I'm not particularly using TFS because it doesn't have an editable client... Would a friend be able to make this change? With that, it would almost certainly...
  13. V

    Need HELP setting up TFS 1.4

    I tried to follow this tutorial, but I feel like it's missing some steps. I did everything correctly, it compiled and when I tried to open up the .exe I got absolutely nothing. OS: Windows 10 VS 2022 The 1.4 release has VC14 and when I try to compile that one on VS 2022 it fails. If I try it on...
  14. Humberd

    The Forgotten Server - TypeScript scripting environment

    The Forgotten Server - TypeScript scripting environment Link to a project -> GitHub - Humberd/forgottenserver-ts-scripting: Script your ForgottenServer with TypeScript! (https://github.com/Humberd/forgottenserver-ts-scripting) Note: It's the follow-up of my previous post My little project -...
  15. P

    Solved TFS 1.4 won't connect to database

    Hello, I am struggling with getting TFS set up. I am using Uniserver & znote. Here's what I've done so far: Edited both config files (config.lua & config.php) to have all mySql (localhost, root, pass, etc) info, correct server path imported both znote and tfs schemas created user in database...
  16. ZERO CHL

    How to compile this TFS in ubuntu?

    Somenone knows how to compile the (@Sarah Wesker) MillhioreBT TFS Downgraded to 8.6 in Ubuntu?? I tried to compile with ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 but dont exists the sol2 and in 20.04 dont exists the lua5.4-dev...
  17. ZERO CHL

    Is there a TFS 1.X for 8.6

    As the title says, is there a TFS 1.X for 8.6?
  18. ghunalma

    (trying to add 12.72 on mehah OTC 3.1) Error Query: UPDATE `accounts`

    Hi There! =) I was getting this error all the time when trying to add version 12.72 to Mehah OTC Redemption 3.1 (supposedly, this OTC has support for versions 12x and 13x). I placed the spr and dat files from version 12.72 in the "things" directory and adjusted the version in the init.lua file...
  19. J

    Guild War Tfs 1.5 Problem

    Hello Guys I have problem with Guild Wars I use Tfs 1.5 and Myacc When I make War and open page on website is this error Exception class: Error() Call to undefined function getGuildLogoById() File: /var/www/html/plugins/guild-wars/init.php Line: 37 Backtrace: #0...
  20. danio4don

    tfs 1.4.2 10.98 spirite 12x?

    is there any topic/guide on how to run TFS 1.4.2 10.98 with 12x graphics? 1708443705 And one more question. The latest TFS is under 13.10 but Otclient Mehah does not have this version is 13.16 How could it be done to make Otclient work on this version? How do I downgrade or upgrade versions so...