1. mar173

    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius based on TFS 1.2 and Cipsoft 7.7 leak - doesn't work with the official tibia 7.7 client

    Thanks to this i have a local ots: I can login with latest otclient edubart/otclient...
  2. Svira

    TFS 1.X+ ERROR [Warning - Action::loadFunction] Function & Lua Script Error: [Event Interface]

    For a long time I can't deal with some engine errors. All internet searched! Engine TFS 1.3 for tibia 8.6. Error1 [Warning - Action::loadFunction] Function "increaseItemId" does not exist. [Warning - Action::loadFunction] Function "decreaseItemId" does not exist. [Warning -...
  3. Togu

    Shouldn't the map editor create a item.xml file?

    When you save a map it creates a map-spawn.xml and a map-house.xml. Why don't it have a map-item.xml with all action and unique ids? It would be much better for editing and checking. Something like: <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item itemid="1748" actionid="2000" uniqueid="0" posx="33124"...
  4. Togu

    fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'bitset': No such file or directory

    git clone latest tfs install all vcpkg libs open visual studio 2017 community set release x64 build 1>------ Build started: Project: theforgottenserver, Configuration: Release x64 ------ 1>otpch.cpp 1>actions.cpp 1>ban.cpp 1>baseevents.cpp 1>bed.cpp 1>chat.cpp 1>combat.cpp 1>condition.cpp...
  5. ralke

    [8.60] Greed OT based on Tfs 0.4

    Hi, I want to release all my datapack in thanks for everything I've learned in this forum. It contains 32 hunt teleports (with more teleports in its interiors), 27 quest teleports (more countless quest to explore), task systems, training dummy, pvp reward, among many others. If you have any...
  6. Theofar

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    Hello, recently I got a crash on my TFS 1.2 related to item destructor. The referenced line is: My teorie is that item is being removed from memory but without updating inventory vector from players.cpp. So, player destructor will try to use a pointer for a item on inventory vector, and...
  7. login12

    Feature Auto Loot Sytem for TFS 1.3

    Some words... Yo. I developed this system as a method of study. (C++). If u found some bug, report it here and I will fix that. thanks for @Delusion for the help. This system have was inspired in Auto Loot System by @psychonaut. This system was created in the latest version of tfs. Auto Loot...
  8. BUMP

    Looking for stable TFS 8.0 client SQL version

    Hello! I'm looking for stable The Forgotten Server for Tibia client 8.0.
  9. Fox Rother

    [Guide] Compiling & Running TFS 1.3 for Linux on Windows 10

    About You can follow this guide. What is the goal of this guide: A stable Windows development environment. What is not the goal of this guide: A production environment for TFS. Do not use it as a production set-up. What this guide will teach you: How to set up a Windows environment to...
  10. mesosot

    TFS Wont Start with no error after Compiling

    after i compiled the server with no error on Release / win 64 i copy all vc14 folder component to the server files data etc ... i try to start the theforgottenserver-x64.exe file it wont start or it just flash the CMD screen " black screen " and nothing to do also i notices that the tfs.exe...
  11. Fox Rother

    TFS Architecture

    Hey, everybody! I'm trying to understand TFS' architecture, but as I'm still a n00b in C++ (currently reading the Deitels), I thought someone more experienced would like to share their knowledge on its innerworkings. I'm very interested in contributing. It doesn't need to be very detailed...
  12. Nekiro

    Stat system

    This system was originally written for @Lucifer by me long time ago, he paid for it and has full credits to it. He messaged me, that he won't use it anymore and wants to release it. He told me that I should do it, so I'm doing it. This code was tested and does work with TFS 1.3, it should also...
  13. Nekiro

    Feature Elfbot auto attack prevention

    Hi, I wrote that code for someone, but that "someone" said it isn't good enough, so I release it. The main goal was to prevent players from using attack 200 elfbot command or something. I don't know, if thats useful or not, but decided to share it anyway. Enjoy or not. Some gif: Code...
  14. D

    Which best version I must choose?

    Hello, I am starting a project and I am asking "Which best version I must choose?" In the moment, I am looking for a clean TFS with sources, so I want to know if is better to have a TFS 8.54 or a 10.99+ to interact with OTClient. If you have this knowledgement, could you give me your view...
  15. T

    RL Map 10.98

    HI everyone, im a new on deploying my own ots to test and have fun with real fun, so we are using current TFS 1.2 RL Map but its outdated since 10.95 and latest boss is roshamol and oramnd im not quite clear in understand the map and data-pack, i thought if i deploy TFS1.3 (10.98) i would...
  16. M

    TFS 0.4

    Hello guys, i'd like some help here. Im tired of 8.6 tibia, with all the limited stuff and no mount. I wanna get a new version, but i'd like to keep the 0.4 version, because i worked 2 years in my 8.6 server and i know nothing about new TFS version. There is a tibia server above 8.6 thats use...
  17. V

    Tibia OT 8.60

    So, I've been trying to make this server for a whole week. Now I'm asking for help. I'm literally looking for a working 8.60 Version of TFS as well as a version of Gelsior that I can use for my server. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)
  18. P

    TFS 1.X+ Strange problem with spells animation

    Hello everybody! First of all, sorry for my bad english, im Brazilian and you will probably see some mistakes. I am setting up a TFS server and came across a problem: Whenever I (or any monster) cast some magic, I can see the damage it causes, but no animation appears. Example: Dragon releases...
  19. MagicWall

    [Tutorial] How to run TFS on Android device [NO ROOT NEEDED]

    I remember times when OTServList was been full of non-commercial OTS creating by fans for fun. When server was been hosted on PC. Maybe uptime was intermittent, but it was worth to wait for it. So, maybe I want to show that tutorial, I was searched solution for that, from melancholic reasons...
  20. MagicWall

    OT Monster Maker JS

    Hello, long time ago I prepared Monster Maker Tool for OTClient, now I'm has rewrite it to JS + React. Some users have write (rightly) that is that bit useless as module for OTClient, so when I wanted to improved my Rect skills, decided to rewrite that module to JavaScript app. JS app benefits...