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  1. ghunalma

    (trying to add 12.72 on mehah OTC 3.1) Error Query: UPDATE `accounts`

    Hi There! =) I was getting this error all the time when trying to add version 12.72 to Mehah OTC Redemption 3.1 (supposedly, this OTC has support for versions 12x and 13x). I placed the spr and dat files from version 12.72 in the "things" directory and adjusted the version in the init.lua file...
  2. J

    Guild War Tfs 1.5 Problem

    Hello Guys I have problem with Guild Wars I use Tfs 1.5 and Myacc When I make War and open page on website is this error Exception class: Error() Call to undefined function getGuildLogoById() File: /var/www/html/plugins/guild-wars/init.php Line: 37 Backtrace: #0...
  3. danio4don

    tfs 1.4.2 10.98 spirite 12x?

    is there any topic/guide on how to run TFS 1.4.2 10.98 with 12x graphics? 1708443705 And one more question. The latest TFS is under 13.10 but Otclient Mehah does not have this version is 13.16 How could it be done to make Otclient work on this version? How do I downgrade or upgrade versions so...
  4. Drucken

    TFS 1.X+ 2 server 1 mysql server

    Engine: TFS 1.5 (Nekiro Downgrade) Tibia Version: 8.60 2 different servers with differents ips, connecting to 1 mysql server???? Yes... In the past it was possibleo_O... I would like to be able to place 1 mysql server in one of the two server, for the both servers (the both server have...
  5. Hashcube

    TFS 1.X+ [8.0 dg by nekiro] [TFS 1.5] Walking lag/delay

    Hello community! 🫡 Walking with arrows or map click results with the same behavior - character stops for a very short moment and then moves forward. It happens very often with some short moments of absence (usually out of town). It happens both on cipsoft client and otc, and only when map is...
  6. Drucken

    TFS 1.X+ Error 0x0000555555847f63 HELP!!

    I am having an error with my TFS console, also, I used what is mentioned here: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-x-debugger.251935/#post-2444610 But when the server went down, no core or output.txt file was created Then I tried just to see the entire log that was reproduced on the screen, so...
  7. wizinx

    TFS 1.X+ Speed on wings and auras is not applying to the player

    Hello everyone, I'm new and I'm using this base, and I realized that the speed on the wings and auras does not apply to the player. https://github.com/ErikasKontenis/SabrehavenServer/tree/38-introduce-8-0-support Does anyone know why? Greetings!
  8. S

    TFS 1.X+ Downgrade Cliente 13x+ for 8.60

    [PT-BR] Salve rapaziada, Estou voltando a mexer com OT agora, depois de alguns anos parado, e estou usando o TFS 1.5 na versão 8.6. E pensando aqui em colocar as sprites de 13x+ no cliente já vi que é possível adicionar, mas gostaria de saber se há alguma forma mais rápida pra adicionar no...
  9. J

    Autoloot tfs 1.5 Problem

    Hello guys I have problem with autoloot on my serv, when players have on screen to many Monsters is Debug Tibia data/scripts My script is local autoloot = { freeAccountLimit = 10, premiumAccountLimit = 20, } local autolootCache = {} local function getPlayerLimit(player) if...
  10. ghunalma

    RevScripts [TFS 1.3] 12.7 Rain of Arrows

    I would like to get this spell in video to my custom rpg server. anyone can help me with this? OBS: no need to show the equiped arrow, only make an rain of arrow with a distance effect simulating an rain. Thank you very much in advance
  11. Joriku

    [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.4.2 (10.98) + Custom client

    Here's an updated version of my old thread, on how to compile a 10.98 TFS 1.2 server -> 10.98, TFS 1.4.2. Enjoy! I am using Ubuntu 22.04, Nginx. You can find my other tutorial and tag along with that for a whole machine, just skip any compile part and use this one for that instead. Links...
  12. J

    Autoloot TFS 1.5 problem

    Hello guys I have problem because When players have a autoloot on can not logout no errors in console just players a got information You Cannot logout this event My srcript is -- !autoloot clear -- !autoloot list -- !autoloot add, itemName / ex: !autoloot add, fire sword --...
  13. J

    Exhaust for commands

    Hello I use TFS 1.5 by nekiro , And I have question How I can add exhaust to Commands !aol !bless etc, for 2 seconds??
  14. J

    MAx item per tile tfs 1.5

    Hello guys I try make max items per tile and I have error Lua Script Error: [Event Interface] data/events/scripts/player.lua:Player@onMoveItem /home/ots/data/scripts/maxtile.lua:8: attempt to call method 'getTile' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getTile'...
  15. J

    Small Upgrade system tfs 1.5

    Hello Guys I have Problem with Upgrade system Can you help me please? Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] /home/ots/data/scripts/custom/small_upgrade_system.lua:callback /home/ots/data/scripts/custom/small_upgrade_system.lua:629: attempt to index local 'attacker' (a nil value) stack...
  16. J

    Myacc tfs1.5 shop problem

    Hello Guys I have problem When I try buy item in shop I take (send item to player I have error Exception class: PDOException() SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'login' doesn't have a default value File: /var/www/html/ots/system/libs/pot/OTS_Base_DB.php Line: 86 Backtrace: #0...
  17. J

    Myacc tfs 1.5 problem

    Hello Guys I have problem ,when I click on Character in on my website Because I wouldlike see What have eq skills etc I have error like that How I can Fix It ? 1700386671 I use this sql CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `player_deaths` ( `player_id` int NOT NULL, `time` bigint unsigned NOT NULL...
  18. J

    Guild War tfs 1.5 problem

    Hello guys i Have problem with war system I can sent war invite but I can not accept is write 'You dont have invite to war , when i Write /war invite ,nameguild,88 I have error [Error - mysql_real_query] Query: SELECT `id` FROM `guild_wars` WHERE (((guild1 = 1 AND guild2 = 3) OR (guild1 = 3...
  19. SalvaART

    C++ Push BAG delay when move

    Hello everyone! I have a little problem on TFS 1.5 7.72 downgraded by Nekiro. When i move i can't push bag and other items, here is delay around 1-2 sec. When i stay i can push without delay. https://gyazo.com/9cc438765e8c7c2e8596f5eda2ad62aa Someone know how to disable this delay and make it...
  20. SalvaART

    OTClient OTClient - Black screen after compiling in Object Builder

    Source: Nekiro 7.72 downgrades 1.5 TFS Problem: Hello after compiling in Object Builder my sprites from 740 to 760 or 770 after login to game i have black screen and can't see anything. Someone can explain me how to make it good and worth? I think here is problem with my items - propably i...