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  1. guguinha12

    TFS 1.X+ Spells with solid walls in front are not cast

    Hello, I noticed a problem in the TFS source and it seems to be a common error that has never been solved. As you can see in this image if a solid object is exactly in position 1, in front of the player, the spell is not sent (image 3). Would anyone have an efficient solution for this? I...
  2. Szmycu

    TFS 1.X+ Cant compile tfs

    Could someone tell me how to compile tfs 1.2 for 8.0 I got ubuntu 20.04 I have tried this celohere/forgottenserver (https://github.com/celohere/forgottenserver) /home/otsmanager/forgottenserver/src/database.cpp: In member function ‘bool Database::connect()’...
  3. T

    Compiling Problem with tfs compilation

    Hey im try make ots for me and friend but i have stupid problem ;x if im install otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Debian-GNU-Linux) and if u writhe "sudo cmake .." i have this CMake 3.5 or higher is required. You are running version 3.0.2...
  4. L

    TFS 1.X+ Help with guild house

    Help with guild house system for tfs 1.3 I would like this script to work on my tfs1.3, when you give the time it can be mastered by other players who are in any guild
  5. R

    Lua Request for Varkhal Addon NPC TFS 1.2

    Hello, looking for working Varkhal in TFS 1.2 Thanks 🥳
  6. C

    Would Like to Log in to Server

    I'm using Uniform Server and Nostalrius's OTHire fork. Server says it's running. I use IP Changer to launch 7.72 client. My phpmyadmin says I have account 1234567 and password is SHA1d of 1234567. Config.lua file for MySQL is: -- MySQL mysqlHost = "localhost" mysqlUser = "otserv" mysqlPass =...
  7. C

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Nekiro's Downgrade 7.72 not working

    The Forgotten Server - Version 1.3 Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.2 Compiled on Jul 14 2020 22:43:56 for platform x64 A server developed by Mark Samman Downgraded and further developed by Nekiro Visit our forum for updates, support, and resources: http://otland.net/. Server...
  8. C

    Nekiro TFS Not Running

    I followed all the steps in this tutorial: TFS for Dummies Part 1 and TFS for Dummies Part 2. I did these steps: git clone microsoft/vcpkg (https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg.git) git checkout 2020.06 ./bootstrap-vcpkg.bat .\vcpkg integrate install vcpkg install boost-iostreams:x64-windows...
  9. S

    High CPU/RAM usage after 8h+

    Hello everyone! I'm facing a problem that I don't know how to solve by myself anymore. I'm running a Global TFS 1.2 server in a Xeon E-2286G 8vCPU 4Ghz/8GB RAM dedicated VPS and the server used to have just ~100 players. Since I've put it on Otservlist, we started to get ~200 players and since...
  10. R

    7.6 Ots

    Hello, from 8 years ago once I was able to start my own server and even surprisingly it played with 30 people on 7.6 .. then there was a break and I just edited the map, for today the engine of this otsa was Devland (Yours ots 0.9.4D, and I can not turn on because the console crashes charge. I...
  11. W

    compatible system and version?

    my last post, I've been asking for the help of someone who could help me correct the otx3 errors that i tried to add to the cast system! but no one replied, and I'm still the same, I would like to ask for a light from someone who has a 1.2+ tfs with cast, give me a light! let me know which...
  12. diakosz3456

    TFS 0.X Script teleport vip

    Hey, im looking for a script for tfs 0.4. There is a teleporter that will teleport to another city. But only those who use the runes obtained in the quest have access to this city. Something similar to the VIP system. And when player want enter to tp without acces the inscription is displayed...
  13. Jaki Maoh

    Forgotten Server Crashes after summoning creature

    Hello everyone! Recently I came back to the OTS life, and am following some tutorials about hosting my own server at home. I've followed @Don Daniello's quick guide on how to setup and host the latest TFS on a new machine. After the end of the instalations, the server is online, with minor...
  14. jo31

    TFS 1.X+ bless lose c++

    People lose lvl with blessing but I want the opposite of it. so players lose like 30% of exp without blessing and with the blessing they don't lose anything level/magic/skills. in config I use -1 I tried so many diffrent combo in that section it says the line loss, but last time i changed the...
  15. diakosz3456

    TFS 1.2 Zombie Event fix

    Hey, i have script for Zombie Event tfs 1.2 from @Printer . Lobby works, arena works but monsters don't spawn on arena.. i have this problem data/zombieEvent.lua:113: attempt to call local 'random' (a number value) 1587537806 Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from...
  16. Ascuas Funkeln

    Fix/Patch Distance Attack/Potion Use - Fix for TFS 1.x

    Hello, this is my fix of this problem, its not super pro, but should be fine for use. When i test this problem i noticed that in TFS "ranged weapons" when attack are used like an "action". Before source edit, check if config.lua edit is enough (by Lessaire) Change this: To this: Change this...
  17. W

    TFS 1.3 or 1.2

    hello everybody! my question is https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/994/files this files for tfs 1.2 on 8.6 is compatible? i have use tfs 8.6 from Roxor ots this is a nice release for ots 8.6? and this source from roxor are the best? i never used tfs 1.+ only tfs 0.4 I'm reading and...
  18. W

    Cpu High %

    hello everyone, i have been watching my otx recently and strangely it is consuming the cpu way too much, with 246 players online it consumed 90% of the cpu media, so i removed all the bodies that were not disappearing, i reduced the time they stay in the chao, I expected to decrease consumption...
  19. Sunset

    TFS 1.X+ Items.xml value not working in TFS 1.X - Please read post, TL;DR at the end

    I have been customizing OTs since I was a little child, but for years I have abandoned this beautiful hobby. A few days back, however, me along with my best friend (who is now a programmer) decided to give OTs another try now that we're older and better prepared. We went for the lastest version...
  20. F

    Difference between TFS and Notepadd++

    Guys... i need to know the difference because i saw a post about making a new habilit in tibia and the guy that made the post (2014) used TFS in the file const.h and later in the same post he used the Notepadd++ for edit other line in the code. why don't use only notepadd++ i can't understand...