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[10.98] Nutopia V3 New Release - Original Map - Completed Full Release


Australia OT Mapper
Apr 1, 2009
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Over the years i have taken alot from the community, this map project was a way for me to give something back. I have been working on this map for 6 years on and off. You can see the progress of my releases with the two links at the bottom of the post, each release has been about 3 years apart. Its interesting for myself just looking at those links and looking at the progress my map has made over the years. Nutopia v2 suffered from alot of issues, map flow, alot of glitched lower areas and so forth. I spent about 4 months updating my map to Nutopia V3. I used Map generating seeds for the foundation of the map shape and made my own assets and used freely available assets out in the community to create something unique. This map has been played tested in my home country of Australia with some friends and other community members. When doing version 3 i made sure the map flowed properly, the spawns get more difficult as you leave towns and the lower levels have been full fleshed out with quests. I personally would credit every person whos assets i used and maps i took assets from but its been 6 years and its hard to keep track of, if you see some of your own assets used please credit yourself and ill add to the post.

This map is 100% original by that i mean i started with a black canvas and just added map extracts from other free available maps with a large amount being done myself. I would credit every person who contributed but its almost impossible to keep track of. Over the years i have collected maps for something like this. I converted all of my collected free maps and began mix and matching until something decent came out of it.

I am going to say with confidence that this is one of the most complete and tested full map releases of a custom map in years. I dont claim it to be the best or most detailed but its a solid custom map that has not been seen on any server to this date. Its fully fleshed with quests, houses are added and completed and all spawns are in the game. I developed this map with "boss islands" added to the north of the map, they are accessed by portals hidden across the map. Ill add the scripts below that i used when developing this map. The purple square on the islands is the way point script, the chests ID's are the addon quest by click and reward chest scripts. The below scripts arent required but compliment the map design if used. If you have missing NPC's or monsters search these forums for data packs with them.

If you use the map please credit and if you host a server with the map let me know i would interested to check it out. I have seen my old maps posted on other forums with people taking credit, if you post my map on another forum please credit. Thanks i and i hope you all enjoy the release.

Map Info:

4 Major Towns
18 MB Map
Version 10.98

Old releases- Take a look its interesting viewing the progress


wow man thats perfect, love your work. i map too and this is amazing , whata lot of work, thanks for share, i will use on my new project
Thanks for sharing the map!

I imported it, but most of the monsters does not exist