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[7.6] - Nostalgic old Tibia 7.6 OTS Backups

Hi everyone, I had a deep dive on some of my old hard drives this week, and discovered many old data packs for 7.6 maps that as far as I am aware have been lost to time. I'm not sure if this is interesting to anyone else but please enjoy them if you remember them! If anyone else has any other old maps they would like to share feel free to.

Among this list I have:
Loozik OTS 3
Mazurski Paczka
Lubelski OTS
Tibia Fun
DeadTouch 1.9
Fibula Server
Neverland 4.2
Tibia Fun (tf.com.pl)

I tried to attach them all however I am only allowed to attach 5. I have put the rest in a Google Drive:
link broke
Can you reupload the files please?