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  1. B

    YurOts Blood removing borders and working machete problem.

    I want bring memories and also show my younger friend legendary 7.6 YurOTS map, so i download 0.9.4f version. When i was checking all things on map i find out that machete and scythe doesnt work, later on i find out blood and other pools problem. Most i want fix that pool problem bcs is so...
  2. G

    Lua 7.6 How to make a NPC who changes outfits for Players?

    Hello I have a problem with a Script. GM/Admins can change outfits by the command /outfit. Example: /outfit Name, 2 (Orc Warlord) Now I wanted to add a NPC who changes outfits with this command. The problem is that when the npc says this command, the server crashs. With Admin or GM it works...
  3. alessyasdream


    Hello again! As some of you might know, we've presented a new version of Alessya's Dream almost 1 year ago and here we are again to present a new season. In case you don't know us, please, let us describe it: Alessya's Dream (ADream) was born in 2006 based on a 7.6 version of OTS (yourots)...
  4. zDeluxe

    [7.6] - Nostalgic old Tibia 7.6 OTS Backups

    Hi everyone, I had a deep dive on some of my old hard drives this week, and discovered many old data packs for 7.6 maps that as far as I am aware have been lost to time. I'm not sure if this is interesting to anyone else but please enjoy them if you remember them! If anyone else has any other...
  5. H

    [HELP] [VPS] + [GOOGLE CLOUD] + [UBUNTU 20.04] + [Compile and Run Otserver]

    Hello guys from [OTLAND] First I would like to ask if my post is wrong to move to the right area ... After 10 long years I went back to playing with "Tibia and Otserver" and I saw that a lot has changed ... I followed several tutorials on how to compile the otserver in linux ... run the server...
  6. Silba

    [France][7.6] Bygone Illusion - Authentic old-school illusion 7.6 server

    Website: www.bygone.ml Client: Custom client Hosted in France on a dedicated server. This is an original 7.6 Illusion running the same files that were used 13+ years ago, vital for it to feel and play just like it did 13 years ago but with some important changes: Custom client so the client...
  7. B

    TFS 7.6 - 7.72 by Nekiro... Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed! Error?

    I was able to build Nekiro's TFS downgrade to make my 7.6 OT servers, but after opening the server and trying to connect the following warning comes up: "Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed!" Any ideas on why this is happening and how can I fix it? I'm pretty sure I cloned nekiro's TFS...
  8. A

    [France] [7.6 / Custom] Ramonia - An Innovative Old-School | 18th of December, 18:00 CET | First 100 Accounts Get Premium!

    Brief Description: Ramonia is a long-term project with ambition to become unique server amongst old-school projects. We are ready to open this fascinating world with blank paper to well-informed players as same as the newcomers seeking for emotions. For the past almost 3 years we are constantly...
  9. Silba

    Exodus 7.6 map converted to 8.6

    Hello, I would like to share a very nostalgic map that I took the time to upgrade from 7.6 to 8.6. The map is 99% unchanged, the only changes are some borders and invalid IDs of things that no longer exist in 8.6. Everything else was a 1:1 conversion and is as it was originally. I don't have...
  10. W

    TFS 0.X How Make runes 7.6 in 8.6 with charges function

    Hello everyone! I've been researching how to make the 8.6 runes look like the 7.4 and 7.6 runes, but I got it partially! as? = editing the .dat .spr and item.otb but the error is as follows! the charging system does not work! does not appear and in the item the number of loads he has! and when...
  11. M

    scripter coder c++/lua OTHire

    Hey i need a person who know code engine OTHire and want help me fix some bugs in the code for $$
  12. M

    7.72 RPG project by [Zagan Square] - Discussion Thread.

    Zagan Square is a server that has been around for 13 years. It has a unique map with RPG climates. Until now, the server was running on a very outdated game engine, and had many errors that could not be corrected. Here comes the best time for the server, i.e. its rebirth. The server has been...
  13. A

    [France][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia RPG | PvP Enforced | 15 AUGUST 15:00 CEST

    Brief Description: Ramonia is a long-term project with ambition to become unique amongst old-school servers. Our journey starts with enormously changed content with real part of tibia and a custom map. With all this together, newcomers will embarks on a long journey to face the most dreadful...
  14. alessyasdream

    [USA] [CUSTOM 7.6] ALESSYA'S DREAM - Opening 06/07/2020 (17:00 GMT+1)

    adream.wtf (It is important to join our discord, as any new changes will be noticed from there) Brave adventurer! Are you ready to start a journey you'll ever remember? It's time to re-visit the game of your childhood with a complete new revamp adapting it to the modern times we live in. Think...
  15. potinho

    Mana Rune with no Charges

    Hello guys, Im included in my server a Mana Rune, but when i sell or create this item, he came with no charges like other runes (sd, uh). Here spells.xml <rune name="Mana Rune" id="2281" allowfaruse="1" charges="1" maglv="4" exhaustion="800" aggressive="0" needtarget="1" blocktype="solid"...
  16. R

    7.6 Ots

    Hello, from 8 years ago once I was able to start my own server and even surprisingly it played with 30 people on 7.6 .. then there was a break and I just edited the map, for today the engine of this otsa was Devland (Yours ots 0.9.4D, and I can not turn on because the console crashes charge. I...
  17. A

    [Germany][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia RPG | 9 MAY 16:00 CEST

    Brief Description: Ramonia is custom-made project with its ups and downs but always with head held high. Our goal is to create server where world is adopted to newest reality while respecting old-school mechanism and RPG style itself. Our journey starts again with enormously changed content with...
  18. potinho

    Add Attribute to item

    Hello guys, Im hosting a 7.6 server and wand to add a attribute to item, example: I have a shield and want to add 10% magical defense on it. How can i do it?
  19. S

    Item editor for 7-6-7.72

    Hello, im in need of a item editor for client 7.6-7.72 anyone who got a link? 1585759334 im using this server: [7.60-7.72] Latest forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport. (https://otland.net/threads/7-60-7-72-latest-forgottenserver-1-3-clean-downport.268508/)
  20. Acrum

    [France][7.6] Retrone Online - RL Map Multi-World RPG (29th Mar - 6pm CET)

    7.6 REAL MAP MULTI-WORLD RPG STARTING 29TH MARCH 2020 (SUNDAY) - 18:00 CET Retrone Online is a real map based, old school gaming server, mainly created for those who love the atmosphere and gameplay of the past, yet still nostalgic and fascinating version 7.6. On March 28th at 7:00pm (CEST)...