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[8.6] ModernOts - Evo

this server have 2 source folders, which I use to compile in ubuntu?
the first source folder have a lot of bugs when compiling, the second doesn't bugs but appers a lot of bugs when is running
Well, im kind of a noob...
First of all, i downloaded the pack from here, then i found no .EXE file, so i downloaded cryingdamson 0.3.6 (8.60) V8.2.
I extracted that one into the folder with the other files, but i didnt overwrite anything.
After this i configured the LUA file, and i runned the .EXE file.
Server goes up, i can login and all but i get a heck load of errors in console :D

Soooo... what should i do to make this work properly?

First Source should be the main one the other one I was testing something I will do small update in few days and make auto complainer for linux :)

Plantonsns can you paste your Errors I'm not Wizard :)

Best Regards
im on my phone right now, i'll post later today!
Thanks for the reply!

Auto Complainer?
You mean Auto Compiler?
Could you make one for Win 64bit to?
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I will only do it for linux I don't support Windows anymore as it sucks.
Soon Update :)

If anyone want request anything tell me and I will add it Dev Server is modernots.eu to look at my current work
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When You Will Upload The NeW Ot?
When I will finish all Updates and Fixed Bugs.
so far done
Fixed /r Command
Fixed New Record Players
Fixed libs
Fixed Some Monsters
Fixed Some Map Errors
Fixed Login Support

Added Mysql Vip for Box
Removed Bugged Group Owner

Can't rember what else I did but some edit in Source

So I hope all will be done soon
Soon In New Update Autmoated Floor Change in Temple
Sure Im making with SQL this time I will add games like Run Event , Zombie Event , Rain Event etc