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  1. SeeingBlue

    Real Tibia Map 10.98 for TFS 1.3

    I found this data pack from this thread: [10.98] Requested Real Map Datapack (https://otland.net/threads/10-98-requested-real-map-datapack.262491/) It was outdated and didn't run without errors in TFS 1.3. So I spent most of the day fixing errors in the console and finally have it error free...
  2. Joriku

    [10.98] Requested Real Map Datapack

    Hello, A like and a comment is always appreciated OBS: I do not take any credits for this except for what I've done myself. Can't remember from where i found this, a lot of bugs are fixed This datapack is connected with this --> 10.98 Real Map (https://otland.net/threads/10-98-real-map.262438/)...
  3. Joriku

    10.98 Real Map

    Hello, I just went thru my files and found an old project of mine, one of them contained a real map 10.98 which i've thought i lost over time. The map contains an custom made island which i made back in the days, i also fixed alot of issues on this map and a datapack is avalible and can be...
  4. 2Rec

    [7.6] Jungle Map - unfinished

    Some cool-ass jungle map for 7.6. Couple tunnels and cliffs, good for a Hydra spawn i guess. As title says you'll have to complete it yourself. If you're unsure about your mapping skills, but want to keep a style of this piece, it might be good idea to slice some of already finished tunnels into...
  5. Snavy

    Layout Archive: Dark and Modern Layout

    I was bored so decided to make a repo on github and upload new layouts from time to time. You can use them for free if you'd like to. Repository: idontreallywolf/ots_layouts Preview - Modern Layout Preview - Dark Layout
  6. ClassicTiba

    [GESIOR] - Oldschool Layout

    [1] - Create Account (only accepts up to 8 numbers) [2] - Ticket system [3] - CastSystem [4] - Trade Off [5] Guild Wars (with Shield) [6] - Top Fragger (With Outfits) [7] - Spells / Runes (Page) [8] - Buy Points (Paypal) [9] - Report Bugs [10] - Top Level Box (With Outfits) [11] - No Samples...
  7. undead mage

    Object Builder 11.8X, Item Editor 11.8X, client & items.otb working with 10.97 & Remere's Map Editor

    Hello, I am here to try to regroup all the community together, and use newer monsters and items. Well, I am sharing this items.otb because I had a deal with Kito and since he wanted to screw me over by sharing my map (which I forbid and he did anyway) I am sharing his items.otb. I am...
  8. Under Influence

    [7.6] All premium account dungeons in Tibia mainland

    Tibia 7.6 MAP *Almost all premium dungeons in free account land, including dungeons from Port Hope, Liberty Bay and Svargrond *Edron is a city near Orc Fortress and Rookgaard is South of Thais *Most dungeons are connected underground, for good PKing *There are no boats and all Tibia quests are...
  9. namco

    [10.98] Frost Troll & his Puppy's cave

    Enjoy! <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  10. 2Rec

    [7.6] Heroes Lodge - spawn/quest

    Small/medium size spawn. Some rooms are yet to be filled, but it's finished in most part. Suit yourself. It's an old 7.6, so it should be easy to convert for newer versions if necessary. Have fun with this. --- --- ---
  11. Ascuas Funkeln


    Hello Otlanders xD Again i prepare some stuff for self help, and again no problem to share with you :D Anyway there can be little mistakes, but for me work great. Tested on 0.3.6 V8 and calculators is for this dev. Help for creating monsters, spells etc. Already contains: - Monster Melee...
  12. Joriku

    [11.49] Hovera Custom OT Map

    Here's a map project I've mapped for a while ago which won't be any useful to me anymore. Screens - Uploaded with Gayzo. Main Island Other islands witch you travel with boat to. Including Roshamuul With Fixed Things Inside --> Might Be Sometings Witch Have To Be Fixed.
  13. Neon

    [10.98] Pirate Island - By Neon

    Preview: Client: 10.98 Size: 280kb ~ Bugs: None (That I know of) Creator: Neon Style: Pirates/Island/Tropical _______________ If you wanna use this on your map, credits are alywas appreciated. Download Mega: Click to Download Enjoy...
  14. MaSny

    [8.6] Temple & Depot & NPC in one

    npc up and down depo right and left ; D
  15. MaSny

    TrainingRoom ByMaSny 8.6

    Welcome !
  16. Allesn

    OTX 3.10 - Reward, Prey, Imbue, Multi Protocol: 100%

    Because the Brazilian community does not help and be full of leechers, I'm tired, I'm releasing my distro with several 100% functional systems (it may have a bug or another, but it works normally as it should). If you have a problem or something missing (ONLY ABOUT THIS DISTRO), let me know...
  17. RokojoM

    Rookgaard by RkjM, Magnetico and Beto06

  18. C

    Core's Pokemon Map

    Imgur Gallery So I've been away the Open Tibia community for a while, and I've some projects I never finished so I decided to share them with you all. This is a Kanto Map, based on the OG Games.
  19. GODmaggot

    [8.60] BeastXHunter v0.01 ALPHA

    More screens: [Show Off] BeastxHunter ~ fb.com/beastxhunter Engine based on TFS 0.3.7/0.4: Distro (x32) + Dll's: https://github.com/Fir3element/binaries/raw/master/x32.rar Distro (x64) + Dll's: https://github.com/Fir3element/binaries/raw/master/x64.rar
  20. X

    [10.98] Mountain Farm

    Here is a 'Mountain Farm' I made for you. Size: 78 KB Version: 10.98 Rotworm spawn placed under the mountain. Screenshots: Enjoy!