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[8.60] Thais War with PvP bots

This server is so much fun. Took me hours to get lvl 90. Had to lure npcs to the edge of the map and 1v1 them with the help of fes :p
Hey, is there any way to make the bots speak?
Like when someones got red HP they randomly between chances say dieee!! or die on some other language etc. just anything random.
Or when someone starts shooting them they said hunted or noob etc.?
I recommend to not host it in windows. This server is for linux. I have it with all bots online (200+) and no crashes :D
i want this system bots for my server 8.6 tfs 0.4
I like the shop system u use there
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Gesior can you realese acc maker which will work with your server? I tested all of yours gesior's acc's, just everywhere error's =D im doing everything good so it's not my fault :p
when i upload sql after i try to enter in game i recve this messege character cant load !!

help me on this pls
Query: SELECT `id`, `name`, `world_id`, `group_id`, `account_id`, `level`, `vocation`, `health`, `healthmax`, `experience`, `lookbody`, `lookfeet`, `lookhead`, `looklegs`, `looktype`, `lookaddons`, `maglevel`, `mana`, `manamax`, `manaspent`, `soul`, `town_id`, `posx`, `posy`, `posz`, `conditions`, `cap`, `sex`, `lastlogin`, `lastip`, `save`, `skull`, `skulltime`, `rank_id`, `guildnick`, `lastlogout`, `blessings`, `balance`, `stamina`, `direction`, `loss_experience`, `loss_mana`, `loss_skills`, `loss_containers`, `loss_items`, `premend`, `online`, `marriage`, `promotion`, `deleted`, `description`, `create_ip`, `create_date`, `comment`, `hide_char`, `signature` FROM `players` WHERE `name` = 'sir tani'

any ideas why i get this error when i try to loging and i cant login in server i recive this error help!!!