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[Brazil] [12] Thaneris Global | Issavi | Cobra Bastion | Warzones | MOTA Extension

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May 24, 2009
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Hello friends and collaborators, we would like to start introducing ourselves, we are a dedicated team focused on bringing a great server, updated, without lag, with a balanced pvp and without corruption, that we have a wonderful year of 2020! May it be a sensational year of much learning and a lot of innovation for us and especially more people and many wars in the Thanerian lands.

Server information:

PvP configuration: Retro Open PvP

Client: 12+

Initial XP fee: 350

Loot Rate: 4x

ACC MAKER: Thaneris Global - Createaccount (https://thaneris.online/?subtopic=createaccount)

More information: Aqui

Some features of our server:

  • It is not necessary to pay a monthly fee. You have access to all content for free!
  • Best OT with host in Brazil, that is, low latency.
  • It is easier to obtain level and skills: the player receives item kits when starting his journey, as well as reward chests from level 20, protection against loss of items up to level 100 and gold reward up to level 90.
  • Rates of differentiated and unique skills.
  • Superior quality and gameplay.
  • Crown Tokens: Additional game currency. With it you can get outfits, mounts, at the NPC Veradin store.
  • Enhanced respawn and AI system.
  • Enhanced bosses.
  • Bestiary + Charms System | Global Quick Looting | Cults of Tibia | Feyrist | Elite skeletons | Falcon Bastion | Carnivora's Rock | Issavi | Cobra Bastion | Warzone 1 ~ 6 |
  • MOTA Extension | Expanded Asura Palace (Mirror) | Imbuement System (global) | Boosted Monsters (global) | Cast System and much more ...

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