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[Brazil][7.4] EMPIRE OT - [05/06/2021- 18H]

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Feb 2, 2011
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xp: Internships
Skills: 10x
Magic: 4x
Withdrawal: 2x

-Our server has version 7.72 with boats and mat without protection zone, spells, vocations and tibia formulas 7.4;
-We don't have fluid mana, only mana potion, stackavel;
-Stackable Runes System;
-War system;
-Cast System;
-Market system;
-In-Game Shop;
-Castle System (24 hours);
-He adds;
-Craft system
- Update system items
-New hunts, Rookgaard and Alva completely edited;
-We have Wands and Rods, however Burst Arrowns damage is still based on no user magic level;
-Shared party system. you can share the experience gained in party, with a bonus of 25%, just party and use the command / party enable; you can disable sharing part -by using the /part disable command;
-The conjuration of runes is being multiplied by 2, and it is not necessary soul or blank rune, to create the runes;
-Command to turn a loot message on or off (enable/disable loot!).


-NPCS don't sell runes, you will have to make them yourself, or buy other players;
-Eremo sells amulet of loss
- Avar Tar selling bless for 50k up to lvl 100 after 150k (No Quest needed);

Game features:

-Bank System;
-Auto-stack items;
-Full HP and MP when passing the level;
-Stone Skin Amulet will not be traded by any NPC, You need to drop from warlocks or hydras, or trade with other players,

Extra info:

-POI Quest;
-Inquisition Quest;
-Ferumbras Tower Quest;
-Automatic Raids;
- Opening hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
--Dedicated team, caring for a fun and lag-free server.