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[Brazil][7.4] Retronia Online

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Feb 28, 2020
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September 29th, 19h GMT -3
After 3 years since we started this project and also with very little time that we decided to expose ourselves in the Tibian community, we are finally encouraged to put our proposal into practice!
Retronia Online will not be just another server with sprites changed to look like 7.4. We focus on Longevity, WITHOUT RESETS, with 1x Rates, without Tasks, Hosting in Brazil and with the aim of offering a proxy for other locations in the near future!
Retronia Online is a Nostalgic server, having a lot of Reverse Engineering of CipSoft files, like version 7.4 was in the past for the replication of all Mechanics, Behaviors, Interactions, Monster AI , Damage Formulas and Every Detail of the 7.4 World Map, with every detail replicated, even the smallest details that players don't even want to remember or because they are used to play other "7.4", also, bringing its own content and systems to add to the 7.4 gameplay, making you live even more experiences and adventures!
Retronia Online will not tolerate the use of MC, Bots, Macros or any type of unofficial software to play.
OTLand Discussion Thread: Retronia Online | Reverse Engineering 7.4 | Brazilian Project Server
Join us on Discord: Retronia Online Discord
Website: Retronia Online
Server Info:
Location: BR São Paulo
Exp: 1x
Skills: 1x
Magic: 1x
Regen: 1x
Rarity Items Chance: Extremely Rare

Retronia Features:
OTClientV8 made pixel by pixel with a classic layout and custom stuffs
7.4 Map
New map content and new monsters
64x64 HD Sprites
HD Minimap
Quivers System
Training Dummy System
Rarity Items System
Loot Analyzer
NPC Trade Module
ToolTip and Linked Items on Chat
Differentiation between One and Two-handed melee weapons
Exp Share: No Bonus. Range to share is 2/3 highest player level
Shoot runes and ammunition more smoothly
Quick Drag
Custom Outfits and Addons
Ingame Store with Physical Coin Transfers and Deposits

Real map, no task, exp x1, will be boring :/
Let's think like this:
Boring is to have the progress you built on your character being lost every season =/
The 7.4 map is big enough for players to explore and rpg... The game is more than just "Rush Level" :)

Give Retronia a chance and come build your legacy together with us!
I hope to see you there
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if cavebot and macro is punished as it should be then im up for playing. See u then
We believe that with the 2 anti-cheat systems we have, we will be able to quickly make it difficult and punish those who use something!
We wand a clean Retronia gameplay!
Being hosted in Sau Paulo, how does connection for North American(Canada/USA) players look? It playable?
Whats the ping like? Anyone able to say how the ping is?
From past experiences, servers I've tried playing hosted in Brazil, its insanely laggy and unplayable for me.

Edit: Just seen on site, you plan on adding proxies in future for other locations.
My bad :p
What hours does it open? I don't understand that time they put on the site.

If they tell me they will see me there at the opening.
There will be maybe 20 ppl.
I don't think so. There is potential "from the description" but how it will be we will see. The server is geared towards Brazil so we have to wait until a late hour in Europe.