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tibia 7.4

  1. A

    [Brazil] [7.4] [Real Map] Medium Rate Tibia 7.4 - OlderaBR server [13 Jan 2024 17:00 CET]

    Guide Features Main Guide features in-game on Oldera. Have system for make runes and train magic level Ex:(!train exura,100). Yalahar City and a new city called Retro City. Non-Stackable Runes/Fluids. No runes from NPCs. Accurate 7.4 formulas. No wands/rods / Runes x2. Full 7.4 map...
  2. slaymymind

    [Germany] [7.4] Tibiantic BETA Starts 10.01.2024 18:00 (GMT+1)

    TIBIANTIC 7.4 BETA Official Website www.tibiantic.com Tibiantic is a realistic 7.4 server project. All items, map and game dynamics have been reverse engineered to version 7.4. We are planning a long-term gaming experience, not seasonal. There will be original experience and loot rate. There...
  3. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] [Real Map] Medium Rate Tibia 7.4 - 4FUN server [12 Jan 2024 17:00 CET]

    Hello everyone! I would like to announce the launch of my server. We start on January 12, 2024 - 17:00 CET Dead at the start, but fun until the end XD First of all, I would like to thank those who contributed with the help I asked for and tips on how to solve the problems I encountered while...
  4. PuszekLDZ

    Tibia 7.4 - 4fun serwer

    Witam witam :) Puściłem temat - Tibia 7.4 - 4fun server - discussion thread (https://otland.net/threads/tibia-7-4-4fun-server-discussion-thread.287378) Mam ciut mocy przerobowych w strefie czasu na administrację i sprzętowych, więc chcę wrzucić pomysł na czaso-umilacza w stylu 7.4 Stawiałem...
  5. PuszekLDZ

    Tibia 7.4 - 4fun server - discussion thread

    Hello to all of Ya.. I got some in mind, to make a another server, but this time I want to set up a close looklike 7.4 but in a "4fun mode". Earlier, I try to do a RealMap/Custom 7.7 server - and it was more than a year online before it dies. I got some familly troubles, and I didnt check on...
  6. W

    [BRA] [7.4] - OldTibia - Open Today 26/11/2023

    Server Grand Opening Today! -Embark on the ultimate journey in the best 7.4 Server ever. -Relive the most cherished moments of nostalgia in the finest version of Tibia. -Confront powerful monsters, challenging bosses, thrilling invasions, and much more... -Server 100% BOT-FREE... That's right...
  7. A

    Tibia 7.4 Bot Development

    Guys, I on way to develop my own bot for tibia client 7.4 since the actual bots are pretty expensive (like riftbot, for example). At this moment i can handle playerinfo like mana, health, cap, name and so but i'm pretty stucked on more complex things like how to handle Backpacks, use...
  8. Elarion

    [FRANCE][7.4] Elarion Online - Unlock the Past with Custom Content and Enriched Original Lore, Launching October 13, 2023 at 19:00 CEST

    🌟 Unveiling Elarion Online: Tibia 7.4 Server Reimagined! 🌟 Embark on a journey through time with Elarion Online, a Tibia 7.4 server that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of classic gameplay with innovative features for the modern adventurer. Join us and experience the thrill of rediscovery as we...
  9. luancmunhoz

    [Brazil][7.4] Retronia Online

    September 29th, 19h GMT -3 After 3 years since we started this project and also with very little time that we decided to expose ourselves in the Tibian community, we are finally encouraged to put our proposal into practice! Retronia Online will not be just another server with sprites changed to...
  10. H

    [USA][7.4] Classick starts today! [09/09/23] [RLMAP+Custom]

    Website: http://classick.sytes.net Classick 7.4: Is a mid-high rated real map server made to have fun, there are no pay to win items and there are fully smooth gameplay aswell with custom content. Server Features: Stackable Manafluids Stackable Runes Runes in NPC Market system Balanced...
  11. I

    Paid teacher needed - Tibia OT 7.4

    Dear Tibia lovers, I'm one of the old school players that can't forget the good old times on Tibia, I really loved the game. For me the Tibia game has been destroyed since the hotkeys were implemented with runes, I retired around 2010. Since then I couldn't get Tibia out of my head and i've...
  12. luancmunhoz

    Retronia Online | Reverse Engineering 7.4 | Brazilian Project Server

    First I'm going to talk about the development of the project and then I'm going to talk about the proposal for the players. Retronia Online is being developed by a dedicated team through Reverse Engineering the true 7.4 behavior mechanics and damage formulas! This server will not be just a...
  13. Y

    Cannot connect with TFS client on a server hosted on a VM

    Hi, I compiled TFS on Ubuntu on a VM, moved the custom client to my host system, edited the IP to match the VM's, logged in, even showed the characters list, but upon entering it says the server is offline, meanwhile, I can play normally on my VM. I did the same with the leaked server files...
  14. Y

    Tibia 7.7 replaced with 7.4 sprites

    Hi, I've been trying to manually replace Tibia 7.7 sprites with the 7.4, but it always goes wrong because the newest version has more sprites than the previous. I'm using ObjectBuilder, and the maximum I can do is export the 7.4 sprites and import them into the 7.7, but at a certain point...
  15. A

    [Germany] [7.4 / Custom] Ramonia | RPG / PvP-Enforced | START 17th of February 18:00 CET

    𝕭𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖋 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓: Ramonia - a custom-made, long-term project that aims to bring the classic Tibia experience into the modern age while preserving its beloved mechanics and RPG style. With a mix of both classic and updated content, our world offers a unique and immersive gaming experience...
  16. Y

    Bug War System

    Good morning, I have an ot 7.4 project and lately I face a small problem with the War System, for a guild to invite another, everything works fine, but when the other guild accepts the War the server crashes, I cannot see what error it is giving, because it closes the distro, can someone help me...
  17. brianmoreno1996

    the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids

    Could someone pass me the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids too, I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. brianmoreno1996

    the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids

    Could someone pass me the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids too, I would greatly appreciate it.
  19. iHidden

    [Brazil] [7.4] Fortera Old School - | FRIDAY, MARCH 04 | 7 Premium Days, and 20 Fortera Points, for new accounts until THE OPENING!

    Fortera is a non-profit MMORPG from version 7.1 and 7.4 of Tibia. And he will be hosted in Brazil! Features Missions Quests SOCIAL MIDIA: Discord Facebook SITE: http://Fortera.fun Facebook: Fortera - Old School 7.1 & 7.4 (https://www.facebook.com/Fortera.fun) Discord: Join the...
  20. Amoaz

    [France] [7.4] Faloria | Server started [11th Feb - 2022]

    Welcome to Faloria! Launching on February 11th at 20.00 GMT+1 Our website: https://faloria.online/ Our Discord: Faloria Discord Our discussion thread: Faloria discussion thread Account creation opens on February 6th We are a old-school Tibia community that still cant let go of what CipSoft...