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[Brazil][8.60] ClashOT - LowRate - Starts on 4/5-2022 at 19pm (GMT - 3)

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol


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Apr 15, 2022
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New server! Start on 04/05/2022 at 19 pm!

You can already create your character but server access will only be available in the above data.

Custom Client
We do not accept any type of bot, because of this, we have our own client to avoid using it.

Carlin, Venore, Ab'Dendriel, Kazoordon, Thais, Edron, Darashia, Svargrond,Yalahar

New houses in Thais! Enjoy the new balconies and houses near the DP.

Castle War (Guild battle for castle and premium respawn)
Rush War (Battle with random teams)
Weekend EXP (When server reach X players, exp increase)
Many other events coming soon

Global FULL Map (With ZAO)
Many quests, more than 100
Offline trainer disable (only monk trainer)
Protection from using other clients on the server.
Custom client with hotkeys and without bot
Vip cities coming soon
Grizzly Adams with many tasks and reworked
Grizzly Adams and Djins on Thais! (dont need the quest)
Small stone takes longer to destroy (for paladin monk trainer)
Knight with exori ico and exori gran ico
Sorcerer and druid gain 45 mana every minute on monk trainer
All blessings are sold at NPC Metis, in Thais.

Server Info
Exp: Stages (click here for more details)
Skills: 4x
MagicLvl: 3x
Spawn: 1x
Type: Hard

Come join the retro crowd and remember the golden years of tibia!

Website: https://clashot.top

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