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[CANADA] [8.54/Custom] [PokeSvkE] [Open beta test]

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Dec 14, 2013
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IP: pokesvke.com
Serve-Name: pokesvke
Port: 7171
Client: 8.54/custom
Uptime: 24/7-Beta
Hosted in: Canadá
Website: Pokémon online SVKE (http://pokesvke.com)
Exp rate: 1x
Map: Custom, old svke, Pokemon.
Loot rate: 1x
Server type: No-Pvp. Pokemon.
Online-beta: 1-moth
Good afternoon guys, I want to invite you to know a little about our project “Pokémon Online SVKE”, for those who don't remember or didn't get to know, the poke svke was the first Poketibia server and was very successful in 2010, he was closed and reopened a few months later as PokexGames, we are talking about 10 years of constant updates in the game, to distance itself more and more from its predecessor svke, for those who want to remember the old days, feel that adrenaline and nostalgia that over the years has been lost or want to know how was the first root poketibia that existed, so stay tuned that our goal is to bring as the deepest origins of svke, we have been working for some time to make everything as possible, so that every moment in play, be nostalgic for the player, if you were interested please stop by our website, and our social networks on Discord and Facebook. Come and bring that glorious past back and really enjoy it.

Pokémon online SVKE (http://www.pokesvke.com)
Discord: Join the Pokémon Online - SvkE Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8bsVGzb8jZ)
Facebook: Log into Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PokemonOnlineSVKE)
Instragram: Login • Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pokemonsvke)

How to play?
Pokémon online SVKE (http://www.pokesvke.com)
1.0 - How do I download the game? The game can be downloaded by clicking the download button on our website: Pokémon online SVKE (http://www.pokesvke.com)
1.1.1 - How to create an account? site: Pokémon online SVKE (http://www.pokesvke.com)

1.2- Is vip free? Yes, as long as we are in beta, the vip will be released for everyone to be able to use the maximum possible resources of the game.
1.3 - What is the Release date? No date has been announced, as soon as we decide on a date, we will post on our social networks, the forecast is that until 03/01/2020 we will have a defined date.
1.4 - If I go to Youtuber / Streamer, do I get anything? Content creators in general who actively participate in the beta, will win an exclusive outfit of Recorders, more information will be made available soon.
1.5 - Did beta players gain any benefits from the official? I wouldn't say it's a benefit, but as you are helping us a lot by uploading, testing, reporting bugs, we will present everyone with an exclusive beta outfit, which is still in development, and some VIP days according to your level in end of the beta, follow the table below:
top 1 = beta outfit + 30 days vip
top 2 = beta outfit + 25 days vip
top 3 = beta outfit + 20 days vip
top 4 = beta outfit + 15 days vip
top 5 = beta outfit + 15 days vip
top 6-10 = beta outfit + 10 days vip
top 11-20 = beta outfit + 5 days vip
top 21 ++ = beta outfit + 1 vip day

background client.png

More Features:
rock smach

-----------Patch 0.1 09/01/2021-----------
Correction in mountains.
Correction of bug in clothes shopping of Celadon.
Correction us initials boxes.
Disabled system of shiny.
Npc Mark fixed
Added o Mark em todas as cidades.
Added Npc Hugh in the shopping of celadon.
Added Npc Heather in the shopping of celadon.
Added all npcs of selling food in map.
Correction us Dps.
Added poke bags in mark.
Correction in npcs of selling food.
Correção in rate of balls.
Reconfigured potions.
Removed muks in sewers of cerulean city.

-----------Patch 0.2 10/01/2021-----------
Remake surf.
Correction potions.
Correction surf.
Correction foods.
Correction npcs Marley and Tabata.
Correction icon of attack of Slash.
Correction moves Bite and Scratch of ratata.
Correction in spawns.
Correction goback.
Removed passives of oddish.
Passive mega drain now is target and not in area.
Correction icon-movesBar of Invisible Ghost.

-----------Patch 0.3 11/01/2021-----------
Removed attack Stomp of Ponyta and adjusted of lvls of all moves.
Added Wing Attack in Spearow, and adjusted of lvls of all moves.
Updated level to use Spearrow, decreased of 10 for 5.
Replacement attack Gust for Whirlwind in Fearow.
Added attack Hypnosis in Gastly.
Correction on the edges of ice that were bugging the surf
Correction go/back.
Configured Kraby and Poliwag for be pokémons passives.
Configured distance of target the attack mega drain.

-----------Patch 0.4 12/01/2021-----------
sorted out, bug to allow of the ride in water Pokémon.
sorted out, is not more possible pass by the edges of ice.
Correction bug surf in pass edges of ice.
Correction bug speed ride in pokémons of water.
Removed Golbat of Beach in cerulean.
Correction on the buggy stairs in the city of safron.
Balancing Pokémon status.

-----------Patch 0.5 14-25/01/2021-----------
sorted out bug of pokemon that were passive not auto target when they were released and had already targeted a wild pokemon
sorted out bug of attack from magmar and electabuzz to crash the customer.
Balanced all Pokémon experiences individually
All loots have been adjusted
Correction of the cerulean quest.
Fixed some wrong stone drops
Added the NPC Flint that buys Stones in Pewter.
Corrections in the balance of all Pokémon, both wild and players
Added NPC Susy in Celadon
Improvements to some initial spawns
Fixed bug of getting off the fly in the water
Double elements removed
All the pokémons of both wild and players have been rebalanced
Rebalancing in Fishing.
Adjust levels to use some Pokémon.
Damage adjustment.

-----------Patch 0.6 26/01/2021-----------
Added the sale of Stone Orbs at the mark, and removed from Hugh.
Correction in the pokémon bug not returning to the ball.
Adjustments to the hps, levels and xp of the following Pokémon:
Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur of level 80 for 85;
Starmie of level 80 para 35;
Geodude of level 5 for level 12, 200 xp for 350;
Golem of level 80 para 65;
Mankey of level 10 para 15 e 115 de xp for 250;
Primeape of level 50 para 45 e 850 de xp for 1000;
Pikachu of level 50 para 20, Raichu de level 80 for 50;
Pinsir of level 100 for 45;
Ceterpie, Weedle 50 de xp for 25;
Metapod and Kakuna of level 10 for 15, 125 of xp for 100;
Beedril of level 30 for 25;
Pidgeot of level 80 for 65;
Raticate of level 30 for 25;
Raticate 700 of xp for 800;
Arbok of level 40 for 35;
Sandslash of level 70 for 65;
Poliwhirl of level 30 for 20;
Poliwrath of level 80 for 65;
Rapidash of level 100 for 55;
Dugtrio of level 40 for 35;
Meowth of level 20 for 15;
Persian of level 50 for 30;
Golduck of level 70 for 55;
Growlithe of level 30 for 25;
Arcanine of level 100 for 80, 2000 of xp for 2500;
Jynx of level 80 for 65, 1700 of xp for 1128;
Electabuzz, Magmar of level 100 for 80;
Scyther of level 100 for 75;
Mr.Mime of level 70 for 60;

-----------Patch 0.6.1 27/01/2021-----------
Adjustments to the hps, levels and xp of the following Pokémon:
Geodude move Rock Throw was changed from level 15 for12;
Golem, adjustments in levels moves of 70 for 65 and 75 for 60;
Jynx of level 65 for 75;
Scyther of level 75 for 80;
Clefairy of level 40 for 20;
Clefable of level 80 for 42;
Vulpix of level 20 for 15;
Nintales of level 80 for 70;
Jigglypuff of level 40 for 20;
Wigglytuff of level 80 for 45;
Golbat of level 40 for 30;
Nidoking and Nidoqueen of level 80 for 65;
Gloom of level 30 for 25;
Venonat of level 20 for 18;
Venomoth XP of 750 for 1000;
Kadabra of level 40 for 45;
Alakazam of level 100 for 80;
Machamp of level 80 for 65;
Bellsprout of level 5 for 10;
Weepinbell of level 30 for 25;
Victreebel of level 70 for 50;
Tentacool of level 10 for 15;
Tentacruel of level 80 for 75;
Slowpoke of level 10 for 15;
Slowbro of level 50 for 45;
Magnemite of level 10 for 15;
Magneton of level 80 for 40;
Farfetch'd of level 50 for 40;
Doduo de of 10 for 15;
Magneton of level 50 for 45;
Dewgong of level 60 for 65;
Grimmer of level 10 for 15;
Muk of level 80 for 35;
Hauter of level 40 for 45;
Gengar of level 100 for 80;
Drowzee of level 30 for 25;
Hypno of level 50 for 55;
Kingler XP of 700 for 1100;
Electrode of level 40 for 35;
Exeggutor of level 100 for 55
Marowak of level 50 for 55
Koffing of level 10 for 15
Weezing of level 50 for 35
Rhydon of level 80 for 65
Horsea of level 10 for 15
Seadra of level 40 for 45
Seaking of level 40 for 35
Staryu of level 20 for 15
Tauros of level 50 for 40
Magikarp of 26 de XP for 12
Gyarados of level 100 for 85
Lapras of level 100 for 80
Ditto of level 5 for 40
Flareon of level 80 for 55
Jolteon of level 80 for 55
Vaporeon of level 80 for 55
Snorlax of level 100 for 72
Dratini of level 30 for 20

-----------Patch 0.7 29/01/2021-----------
Added 10 new quests:
Churros Quest in Cinnabar: lv 8++.
Iron Bracelet Quest in Fuchia: lv 8++.
Pot of Lava Quest in Vermilion: lv 8++.
Bitten Apple Quest in Celadon: lv 8++.
Venom Quest in Lavender: lv 20/23++.
Bag of Pollem Quest in Viridian: lv 8++.
Alakazam Training Quest in Saffron: lv 8++.
Farfetch'd Stick's Quest in Fuchsia: lv 8++.
Meowth Quest in Fuchsia: lv 8++.
Microphones Quest in Vermilion: lv 8++.

-----------Patch 0.8 08-12/02/2021-----------
Correction in the price of some items that were wrong in the sales npcs on the server.
Added the auto updater on the client
Correction of the problem with dlls on the client has been solved, when you open the client a fix update will be downloaded.
Added a new updater on the client, with a possible correction of the problems that people are having a crash on the client after logging in a few pcs, we will need the feedback of those who are having problems to see if it was really corrected, just open the client of you that the update is downloaded automagically, for those who were able to log in normally, it will continue in the same way.
Update on some respawns.
Fixed some loots.
Added Delia Ketchum Quest. (Start of the boost machine and boxs).
Update on the client (1.3), improved interface on the movesbar.
Correction in npc Max, is now selling the items correctly.
Added the SS Anne in Vermilion, it is still inoperative, but you can get in there to talk to Captain Jones (In development.)
Update on the client (1.4) to add sprites for Npc Max items.
Loot fixes reported yesterday.
Fixed loot rate.
Vermilion boat access added.
Added the battle npcs on the boat, levels 20 to 30 can already beat them to train, they are part of the jones quest that is being completed.

-----------Patch 0.9 13-14/02/2021-----------
Added Jones Quest (Box1) LV 30 on the boat.
Added the mushroom to be sold at npc Hugh.
Removed information about jotho pokémons in pokédex evolutions.
Adjust the time of use of the String Shoot move from 10 seconds to 5.
Removed the id from the! Online command list.
Renamed "Antidote" to "Medicine".
Correction of XP loss when dying, players less than level 10 were not losing XP, now it has been adjusted to the minimum level which is 5, that is, players level 5 do not lose XP when they die because it is the minimum level to use Pokémon initials.
Correction in the initial items that could be thrown on the floor (Two new items were created, Initial Potion and Initial Pokeball.)
Adjust the amount of basic loot in Pokémon.
Added Rock Stone Quest (30 ++ Flint).
Added Water Stone Quest (40 ++ Helbert).
Correction to the Pot of Moss Bug Quest reward.
Correction of the level of Geodude's moves.
Correction in Sandslashe, Sandshrew and Dugtrio loot.
Correction in the effect of when launching the pokeball.
Correction in the appearance time of the Pokémon capture effect.
Geodude XP update from 350 to 325;
Update on the pidgeotto's xp from 375 to 390;
Update on geodude chance from 40 to 30;

-----------Patch 1.0 17/02/2021-----------
Creation of the account registration screen on the website;
Creation of the ranking screen on the website;
Creation of the contact screen on the website;
New command toponline and help on the bot;
Balancing all the characteristics of flying, riding and surfing; Increased play speed from 220 to 240;
Correction in the Venom quest of the npc Colin;
The capture of fossil Pokémon has been disabled;
Disabled use of potions, revives or remedies during battle with npcs;
Added an option to use Medicine in the player;
Removed the player's body when dying;
Correction in the bug that the player when paralyzed does not perform actions;
Correction in the loots of some pokémons that were wrong or missing.
Correction on buy Houses.
Balance in the loots of all pokémons according to the selling price in the npcs, below is a rarity of each item:
Items less than 1 dollar: Common;
Items from 1 to 19 dollars: Uncommon;
Items from 20 to 100 dollars: Semi Rare;
Items from $ 101 to $ 499: Rare;
Items from 500 to 999 dollars: Super Rare;
Items from 1k to 4999 dollars: Ultra Rare;
Items larger than $ 5k: Secret Rare;
Items that are Stones: Stone Rare;

-----------Patch 1.1 20-23/02/2021-----------
Correction of the use of medicine in players, is now curing the effects of Stun and Paralize;
Correction in Thunder Wave and Thunder, are now giving the effect of stoppage by discouraging.
Invisible Correction, was turning the Pokémon into a bulbasaur by avoiding being invisible.
Added Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent Quest.
Written the battle npcs of the rocket team in celadon.
Added a Rocket Quest (box2).
Written by npc Yumi in saffron, he locks the balls.
Correction in the quantity of Rocket Quest items.
Added saffari zone.
Added to Gary Oak Quest (Box2 and Boost).
Added Boost machines in gary's lab.
Fishing Balance.
Correction in the quantity of Rocket Quest items.
Correction in Scyther's Shredder Team move.
Correction to Scyther's Helix Counter passive.
Level correction to use Weezing's Mortal Gas.
Update on Client 1.5:
Added new sprites;
Correction in the dll for the error "Failed to open url."
Removal of the false positive virus that some antiviruses are reporting on the client.
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