1. Evil Puncker

    TFS 1.X+ SQL query option to former 'online' player column

    hi guys, we used to have a 'online' column in players table, now we got the player_id in the players_online table, how do I make this query work with the new table? instead of "where online = 1;" I need the SQL equivalent of "where player_id is present in the players_online table"
  2. P

    Znote Online error players help me

    . Which server or site do you use as a base? ACC Znote What is the reason for this topic? Help Presiso, Players Online does not work It does not count how many players online has 0 shows no error in the list online scripts ja test several until another base date. I think we need to put...
  3. miltonkenny

    Last Login

    Hi, i have a ot but is real older i think the thing is i want the last login when a player get online. but i dont know how to do that. i need help please. the ot version is 8.60. (Alissow Server 0.4.1 ) thanx. :) PD. sorry for my bad english.
  4. River KA

    [Canada] [Custom] Kingdom Age (Official release - 2019)

    OLD trailer We will be ONLINE on this SATURDAY! Access for the COUNTDOWN! Discord Images
  5. G

    Problem to post on OTservlist

    Hello, I have a server up and running, my friends can log in the server and also in the website. port 7171 But when I try to put the server in the otservlist, returns that my server has to be online to add to their list. "Your server has...
  6. J

    Making of Amino Online

    How may I put this among the other forum posts? Hello people from all areas of Cellus, how are you doing? I am doing well myself here in Sweden, which is my homeland. The sun is finally coming out from the gray area of clouds that usually surround us and the spring is on his way. As much as...
  7. Apollos

    Valor Online - Discussion Thread

    ONLINE NOW! [Server Information] Website: Distro: TFS 1.3 Client: 10.98 Location: NYC, New York Map: Customized RPG Evolutions Rates: Stages 1-7 70x 8-49 60x 50-79 50x 80-99 40x 100-129 30x 130-149 20x 150-Unlimited 10x Skills rate: 50x Magic rate: 25x Loot rate: 10x...
  8. Apollos

    Team Searching for mapper and community manager

    Searching for a fairly experienced mapper and cm to add to the team for Valor Online. The server is currently online and updating constantly so looking for someone who is pretty active. [Mapper]: The server is a 10.98 evolution based map, with a lot of modifications. You can expect to have a...
  9. Apollos

    [USA] Valor Online - 10.98 Custom RPG Evolutions

    TEMPORARILY OFFLINE. [Server Information] Website: Distro: TFS 1.3 Client: 10.98 Location: NYC, New York Map: Customized RPG Evolutions Rates: Stages 1-29 = 35x 30-49 = 30x 50-99 = 25x 100-149 = 20x 150-199 = 15x 200-249 = 10x 250-299 = 5x 300-Unlimited = 3x Skills...
  10. I

    Help with post my server online

    Hi guys!! I got the release 1.2 (forgotten) and I'm using this with orts (server and map). And I already finished my first version to put it online my server. My doubt is... I implemented everything in Windows... If I download it in my server on digitalOcean (linux (ubuntu)) it will work...
  11. kariera123

    Problem How to set OTS 8.6 online

    I have vps with WinServ2016 and i want to know how set up my ots online for now i have everything on localhost. if it matters i use xampp, tfs 0.4
  12. Zoolek

    Strona z kamerami

    Kiedyś widziałem stronę która umożliwiała oglądanie "publicznych" kamer. Zna ktoś?
  13. ECAl

    can't put my server online!

    hi, im trying to run mi ots and well.. im using a web page to create the characters, using "xampp" i created a ip forwarding in the page of "no-ip" i opened the ports 7171,7172,80 i checked it on a web page and it confirms that the ports are open the problem is, when i paste the ip i made in the...
  14. L

    Gaming Gods Origin Online Screenshots

    Gods Origin Online Screenshots
  15. ECAl

    HELP, cant get my server online

    hi, there must be a ton of forums of this al ready but i cant find one, s im asking for help. im trying to put my ots online but i just can't. im using "noip" to create a host and usiing it as the ip in the file "config.lua", and i can acces to it and play, but my friends cant get online, they...
  16. Stellow

    Garuna War | Capture the Flag Online Multiplayer Game | PC, Tablets, Mobile

    I will drop couple pictures here and later will enhance this topic with further information. The game is in progress to be deployed to mobile. The goal is to capture the flag in another base and come back to yours. You will be able to dodge bazooka grenades, interact with the map, avoid your...
  17. Dilera

    [CANADA] Dilera Online 7.72 | RL Map + Custom | OLD SCHOOL | Starts Today!

    Dilera Online is an old school server 7.72 Real Map + Custom Towns and spawns. 100% All Quests, Spawns, Houses and NPCs. Connection: IP: Dilera.Online Port: 7171 Client: 7.72 Website: Dilera.Online Exp Stages: 1-8 = 10x 9-20 = 30x 21-50 = 20x 51-80 = 15x 81-100 = 10x 101+ = 5x...
  18. DukeeH

    Lua Check highest level online.

    Hello, I'm trying to rewrite some old scripts and I need help as 1.x (1.3 on my case) doesn't have online column on table players. This is the code I used to have: function onThink(interval) local query = db.getResult("Select * FROM `players` WHERE `level` > 350 and `online`=1 ORDER BY `level`...
  19. River KA

    [Brazil][Custom] Kingdom Age Online - Open BETA

    BETA What do WE EXPECT from YOU on this BETA version period? WELCOME to the Kingdom Age Online BETA! If you still do not know the Features of the Game, if you want to see our Gallery, you have not Downloaded the Game yet, if you want to meet our Websites Communities or meet our Team of...
  20. simonstenberg

    How to make my ot come online?

    Hello i followed this tutorial "" and now i have a working otserv with website where you can create account etc. But how shall i do to publish my otserv online and my website? I used uniserv to make my website but i can only enter it when i write "localhost". i need help with how to publish my...